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My Embarrassing Beauty Secrets: What it takes to be beautiful today

In order to appear to be beautiful in pictures I have to look as little like my true self as possible and still have people associate me with the photo.

Shocking Reasons Everyday People End Up On The Street–By Choice!

I do not know how to win friends and influence people. I can’t figure out how I lose friends and alienate people, but I do. Lol.

X-HOOKER LIFE HACKS: the world’s newest everyday wisdom from the world’s oldest profession

Hooker life hack#88 life is a good news bad news story as the once unimaginable actions become old hat

Smoking Crack, A Respectable Analysis of the Beginning

Let me tell you about smoking crack As you probably could have guessed I never would have done it if I had known that I was actually smoking crack.  I wouldn’t have wanted to embrace the stigma, even secretly The people who introduced me to drugs told me I was freebasing cocaine. I asked themContinue reading “Smoking Crack, A Respectable Analysis of the Beginning”

“Harvard”Hooker? At the 25th annual reunion?

My lack of success embarrasses me. If I were spiritually well developed it wouldn’t. But I am not. I need a get rich quick plan. Or if not quick, pretty soon.


Pursuing Your Addiction is a Surefire Way to Meet People I thought I was lonely and friendless bc of some internal flaw. Maybe. But maybe not. My research shows that in today’s world we spend our time in meaningless sub-social (my word) interactions mediated by a screen. Texting instead of calling. Facebooking people we willContinue reading “HOW ADDICTION EASES LONELINESS”

Meaningful original sex, prostitution, and addiction talk that you NEED to read

College to Crack

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