Street Prayer I Said Every Time I Turned to the Street to Get in a Strangers Car for $

I had a street prayer that will never rival the Our Father but I hoped it’d keep me safe when I went with strangers for money

Viewers say “yes” to murder but “no” to nipples. The Accidental Display of Topless Pic on Site Shows Incredible Irony

How can we accept watching a live murder for half a century yet lose our minds over the sight of a nipple?

I hated affirmative action bc of how Its description made me feel

I hated affirmative action. It was a tool to undermine confidence bc it was presented as systemic lowering if standards to allow college admission to a handful of blacks who might graduate, but never would’ve been noticed had they been white, or Asian. There were only like 100 of us my year. Something like aContinue reading “I hated affirmative action bc of how Its description made me feel”

Here’s why a person will lend a helping hand with other people’s kids while being an absentee parent with her own

Other people’s kids can be much more rewarding company than one’s own kids, especially if you have been gone from your kids’ lives for a long time, ironically.

X-Hooker Life Hack #9: Beware of the Truth

The truth can set you free or get you 20. It’s best not to tell all you know. It is so much better taking this advice than giving this advice to your cellmates. How do you know things will work out badly if you’re entirely honest? If you have any hesitancy about saying anything, errContinue reading “X-Hooker Life Hack #9: Beware of the Truth”

Hooker Life Hack #9: Beware of the Truth — Sexy, Funny Video/Verse unmasks forbidden intimate taboos in Honolulu

the truth can set you free or get you 20. find out more by turning to this x-hooker life hack, the world’s newest everyday wisdom from the world’s oldest profession for regular people.