Fake Pix for sex sites–why?

Bloopers using online dating sites

I always considered myself street smart, although my detractors would readily retort that I have no common sense. Alright, I admit that I am not up on slang. I need the urban dictionary to navigate my way through conversations with people who are more informed than I am. I am just grateful that at leastContinue reading “Bloopers using online dating sites”


Why would a blog about the red light side of Hawaii life deal with COVID? That’s a question easily answered. Anything that impacts or is thought to impact those who are or were part of the underclass are embraced here in this blog. For them–us–this blog rolls out the red carpet for everyone rejected everywhereContinue reading “U.S. stats on COVID & INCARCERATION”

Why do older men allow themselves to be “used”?

It used to amaze me when I watched people, older men, allow themselves to be “used.” I have seen men put up with working girls who stole from them, without even trying to hide their actions. Or maybe they lived with the older man but could not resist the call of downtown Honolulu (locals callContinue reading “Why do older men allow themselves to be “used”?”

Black Women’s Surprising Suicide Stats

It’s nice to have done good news. Every time I hear about a social problem, I don’t know…low educational achievement or whatever…black women always seem to be having the hardest time. Rates of disease, teen pregnancy, property ownership, anything you can imagine. Imagine my surprise to discover that out of everyone measured (no I don’tContinue reading “Black Women’s Surprising Suicide Stats”

A sex site can show you how to get the sex you want

Do you want to know what guys are thinking about when they are hunting for sex or want to brag about there conquests? I like seeing how the other half lives. I found discussion sites that are divided into regions so that local men can talk about their hometown experiences with sex workers. As aContinue reading “A sex site can show you how to get the sex you want”

Sexual Safety for High School + College Women

There is one thing about sexual Safety every woman needs to know and here it is so take notes: If you are the only woman among a group of guys who are drinking alcohol GET OUT NOW! Whenever I hear stories about a young woman hanging out with the football team, or at a fraternityContinue reading “Sexual Safety for High School + College Women”

Hookers have something people envy

The common perception about prostitution is that men pay women they find attractive for sex, possibly because these men are such losers the only way women will have sex with them is with a financial incentive. A less common, but still persistent belief is that the women are so incredible anyone would have to sweetenContinue reading “Hookers have something people envy”

Dead Woman Walking

KoHttp://ExpertEscort2018.com From The Ivy League to Honolulu’s Streets: Stories+Pix of The Red Light Life    Men Who Take Pleasure In A Dead Woman Walking ___ By Caroleena, the author with a point of view like no other Saturday, January 16, 2021, 17:42 hours Honolulu. Hawaii INTRODUCTION “Dead man walking!” is a phrase I learned inContinue reading “Dead Woman Walking”

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