Wanna know the WRONG Assumption I made about Crossdressers?

There’s one wrong assumption I made about mahus, Hawaii Crossdressers who self identify as female and have sex with men.

If you are brainwashed into believing it is ok to sexualize little girls, this next sentence will shock you

Remember the little girl who was murdered in Colorado? The child beauty queen? If I change one element of the little girl as beauty queen scenario I can show you you may be as brainwashed about gender roles as I am.


Ivy League X-Streetwalker in Honolulu Transgender–Me? Part I Inquiring Minds Want to Know Trans-What? When I was young, I don’t remember knowing the word transgender. Now the word is a part of public life. Transgender is a word that has become a part of my personal life, and I couldn’t be more surprised. I HaveContinue reading “TRANSGENDER–ME? AN UNEXPECTEDLY CONSTANT ISSUE FOR ME ON THE STREET”

What is the difference between mahus in Honolulu and transgender women in the mainland United States? *Again, my unsupported opinion with lots of generalizations

In Hawaii, men dressed as women aren’t men trying to pass for women nor do they necessarily want to be women. They are in their own gender category. Colloquially called “mahus,” addiction leads them to mingle with the female hookers in downtown Honolulu’s street sex work scene. This is where straight men secretly select them for taboo sex.

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