Lively Tour of Honolulu’s former XXX District, appropriate and educational Middle of the day, walking on Kukui Street in downtown Honolulu–you get to see what used to happen every minute when s chance encounter occurs while the camera rolls. Nothing inappropriate, only incredibly educational if you want a look at what was hidden in plain site.

Do Men Really Expect Sex For Kindness?

Overriding desire for sex trumps friendship, I guess

The Fear of Rejection Is a Motivating Factor for both sex worker and client. (Inspiration Post: Fear of Rejection: 3 Simple Tips to Overcome)

An insider shares the secret payoffs of prostitution for both provider and client

Hygiene Advice for Homeless Women, adapted from fellow blogger’s Post: 10 Good Hygiene Habits you Should Teach your Kids

You can keep yourself neat and clean if you are considerate of others

Honolulu has many judgemental drug dealers

The Fun of Condemning Others I have noticed that when people engage in behavior that’s not socially acceptable, they readily point out others who are, in their opinion, “worse.” They concede that their actions are not ok, but their behavior is not as bad as it could be. In truth, the very thing they sayContinue reading “Honolulu has many judgemental drug dealers”

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