XHookr Life Hack #25: a text shows if a person is broke and lying about it

Don’t get scammed with this expert advice about scammers

Xhookr Life Hack #20: All men look, with sex on their minds, all the time

Your man will look. Here’s how YOU control the situation

New (to many) Mask Advice, Summarized w/ Article Link, July 31, 2020

news.northeastern.edu/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/neu_m046jk67h-1.jpg Eye Opening Pointers 1. Layers of different materials, 2 or 3 layers 2. Cut Panthose for snugness for layer closest to mouth 3. Materials: flannel, terry cloth (bath robe material), lab coat material–like the material used for scrubs. Walmart carries all of this. 4. Scotch Guard the outer layer to repel moisture Main pointsContinue reading “New (to many) Mask Advice, Summarized w/ Article Link, July 31, 2020”

Beat the Breathalyzer, an alcoholic’s trick

You see the types of things people learn in prison that makes them better criminals in this lesson about beating breathalyzer

Simple and Easy In Depth Soul Analysis. How to Get to Your Core W/Little Effort

You can effortlessly use your browser to easily get to the core of who you are, what you care about, and how you spend your time

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