Hawaii Converts Health Lessons for Addicts in These Historic Documents

COVID and Hawaii addicts

White People Aren’t Showing Exceptional Racism but The Human Norm For Dealing w/ Tragedy BC Us vs Them is How all Humans Role and Bible shows it

Whites aren’t being extraordinarily racist but ordinarily human when the dismiss COVID-19 as a black thing.

Modern Gambling Link–https://www.forbes. com/sites/sergeiklebnikov/2020/05/21/here-are-all-the-crazy-things-people-are-betting-on-without-live-sports/#5b607aa61e34

Supposedly illegal game rooms create a powerful in-person gambling experience in Honolulu that consumes people. I fear it, no matter how invulnerable to gambling I have been I know enough not to try it

AIDS Taught Lessons We Shouldn’t Forget in This Virus Age. Link to Gaurdian Article

Read the link and then I will tell you the beginning of the public story of AIDS