“On the internet nobody knows you’re a dog” or if you’re the Dear Abby of Addiction

Internet anonymity as illustrated by this popular satirical cartoon, makes it possible for me to be the Dear Abby of Addiction

White People Aren’t Showing Exceptional Racism but The Human Norm For Dealing w/ Tragedy BC Us vs Them is How all Humans Role and Bible shows it

Whites aren’t being extraordinarily racist but ordinarily human when the dismiss COVID-19 as a black thing.

The Real Life Offbeat Encounters That Influenced 9 Point Sex Standards List: #1 Adult

Experience has taught me that I only want to deal with adults. Someone asked me to get him someone who is 7, and I realize that seven is not going to be followed by the word “teen. ” The guy wanted a seven year old. That’s a no so definite I don’t have to sayContinue reading “The Real Life Offbeat Encounters That Influenced 9 Point Sex Standards List: #1 Adult”

Riddle: if you are honest about this one thing, no one will believe you about anything

Not everyone is what they do, but liars deserve to be known as such and do not waste time trying to get the truth

How prostitution taught me that there is a flaw in matchmaker services

People are free to be themselves around a former sreetwalker bc I am no one they need to impress and I get to see a lot of truth., truth that’s sometimes hidden from the speaker himself.

Lying for Practice–How to Become the da Vinci of Deception w/ YouTube clip

if you view lying as an art form then you would want to practice to become a master craftsman, the da vinci of liars, so to speak. here’s how one person mastered his art.

X-HOOKER LIFE HACKS: the world’s newest everyday wisdom from the world’s oldest profession

Hooker life hack#88 life is a good news bad news story as the once unimaginable actions become old hat