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A sex worker’s client emailed her for advice about contributing to Hookr Yelp during Covid

August 08, 2020

An associate of mine is contributing to the blog by sharing an anonymous email she received August 2020. In the study of history this email would be known as a primary document. You are not reading stuff written by people who study history. I’m giving you true history. Note the indicators of this point in time such as the use of dating sites, COVID, the option to leave an online review


Yesterday I had a session with a lady I’ve never met before. Her ad does not show her face and it seems like the pictures of her body were taken 10 years ago when she was much thinner. I met her at her place which was on a third floor apartment in a condominium. In order to meet her, I had to drive to a fish restaurant in [*** *******] and then call her whereupon she gave me directions to her location. When I finally got there all she wanted to do is talk. Apparently she researched me because when I called her, I guess my name appears on her caller ID. That spooked me because I don’t really like the idea of someone knowing my real name. Do you know my real name? Maybe I should get a separate phone under a fake name.
Unfortunately, she was not a sexy person in my opinion. She was a bit overweight and was not a very playful type of person. My *** did not jump to attention at the thought of having sex with her She did let me take a shower and was lying naked on the bed when I finished. Although I did [****deleted due to graphic nature of the sentence***] she had eschewed kissing during the COVID-19 pandemic. All-in-all I did not really enjoy my session all that much and will not go back to see her again.
At this point I am pondering what I should do? Should I post a negative review of her on [***] (its back up and running again). Should I write her a thank you note and tell here how I actually feel? Or, should I just move on and not do anything?

Given the options he presented, what should he do? What would you do? Something he never considered?

Thank you for spending part of your life here with me. I am honored and humbled by this generosity with your time!🌺🇺🇸

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Rejected by online sex Site for good cause: Tweet from Harvard X-Hooker in HI (@Expert_Escort)

Harvard X-Hooker in HI (@Expert_Escort) Tweeted: Why the administrator of an adult services site was right to ban a provider’s posts” Part I via @Expert_Escort

The posts from this site go to Twitter in my modestly successful escort to utilize social media

In these days of online reviews, having an online presence that’s not video based was challenging for someone who relied on her looks.
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An Exclusive Look at Reviews of the Clients Written by the Women–Finally!

Quote from Working Girl

He is a sick lonely man. He will try and get u drunk so u forget about ur donation then he will turn on this red light that’s makes ur vision ducked up and then after he will try to take ur money back and let his dog out to attack u. He picked the wrong one this time! Be careful ladies.
–A Provider in New York, December 2019, Adultlook Site

Finally! Let the women speak! This Adult Site features reviews from all over the country. It’s not as useful for getting info about local guys bc when I tried to find a Honolulu thread, I couldn’t, but that failure could be due to personal ineptness. Sites are pretty resistant to giving providers a voice.


OMG–could I be any more clueless? It just occurred to me to offer space on this blog for any provider who wants to speak out while maintaining confidentiality of all parties.

Men seem to be committed to helping each other get laid. The site that began my online writing career,, is very popular with “hobbyists,” what men really into prostitution call themselves. The Honolulu threads have teams if archives, years and years of men telling other men about the working girls. Yet there’s no community of women, not that I can find. I’m not sure women would even think to look to other women for input.


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One Guy, Several Screen Names, How A Guy With A Split Personality Taught Me a Lesson For You!

You can be many different people at once online. Very tricky! I think I am smart. That is a dumb assumption. I should have assumed I did not know what I need to know. I should have guessed people would lie to me and trick me. I should have figured that my inability to understand people would extend to the clients I saw. But no, I didn’t do anything right when it came to meeting guys online who would post reviews. I was used to running into guys on the street who never compared notes. Years ago I was young and beautiful, no, really. I thought it was enough for me to be pretty. I did not concern myself with even showing interest in the guy bc I was busy planning how to spend my money. I was surprised to find that guys were human even when sexually aroused. I had relegated them to the level of rutting beasts with one track minds. It never, not even once, occurred to me that s guy wanted me to show interest, to act like I enjoyed his company and to not be so obviously happy when the date was over. I didn’t know they thought of me as human which gave me permission to do to them what I THOUGHT was being done to me. I was shocked yo find out I hurt someone’s feelings as I eagerly ushered him out the door and his review wasn’t terrible, but he was respected enough that damning with faint praise was a reality. His lukewarm review killed my business and I began a difficult journey of trying to understand people. I had liked prostitution bc I thought I would not endure my lifelong difficulty getting along with others since the real “me” wasn’t even there. How ironic I’d that?

I started changing my ways but there was this one reviewer who seemed to despise me with a depth of feeling too intense for the provider client relationship. Worse yet, his hatred was ongoing. I thought I knew who he was and I diligently avoided 702 area codes. I didn’t understand why he was lying, saying I was late, or I had cancelled. I double checked with every number I had. Nope, he was not among even incidental contacts. Luckily I had my supporters, even someone who made certain he posted my contact info for newbies to the discussion site where I advertised before I was banned another long story).

Maybe you guessed the truth. My enemy, Astro Youth, was the same person as my advocate, Little Blue. I’d been lied to, for years. I figured it out while texting my advocate about my plans for this blog, which was still just a motion. After encouraging exchanges all of a sudden I received a sarcastic text. “So the blog will be all about you. That’s your usual. I’m sure it’ll be as boring ad you are.” What?! I only received messages like this from–gasp! “YOU’RE ASTRO YOUTH!” I wrote, in all caps. I could practically feel the evil sneer in the response, “You knew it all along! That’s why you’ve been blowing up my phone.” Quickly I blocked the number and reviewed the online forum. There were many “discussions” that involved one guy taking extreme stereotypical characteristics to simulate spirited discussion from different points of view. There was the kindly older man schooling the youngsters on how to enjoy the hobby and keep it professional. There was the malcontent who hated all these b******. He threatened suicide, elaborated on sexual practices involving biological waste, and was extremely angry that I had a former client turned…I don’t know what to call it. And there was a third character’s screen name who used the same words as the other two screen names. And more importantly, the same phrases, verbatim, as the 10 year regular who introduced me to the advertising/discussion site. No way! This third personality tried hard to be deep. “I looked into her eyes, no I won’t call her a whore, and is that..? Yes! I see a glimmer of a… soul! Could she and me make ‘we’?” Scintillating writing like that wasn’t what gave him away. My proof was when all three screen names made reference to me as a brilliant conversationalist who missed her calling as a talk show hostess. That regular client had said this countless times. When I met him for dates he wanted my views on current events and he openly marvelled that someone in my profession and my color could be brilliant. He wasn’t racist, he said, he was speaking of sociological facts that made my existence such a raretiy.

For years I gave my enemy ammunition to use against me by dating the guy I wanted to avoid at all costs. I did not, and do not, really understand why he played the love hate role with me and why he couldn’t admit it. Six weeks ago he became the one and only client to confront me in public. I saw him on the edge of the business district and he loudly demanded to know how I could believe such lies about him. I was amazed that he didn’t truly believe in my ability to remember words. I knew what he had said. The homeless were delighted as I found myself defending my position until I saw the futility of reasoning with a compulsive liar. I now understand that people act out of motives I can’t even begin to guess.

When you read reviews remember this may be an accurate recounting or a symptom of psychosis. That’s true of reviews and nowadays, perhaps media coverage. For the first time in history anyone can speak publicly, anonymously, in unedited tracts without accounting for accuracy or motives. Even a group consensus may be a guy with an obsession. You. Can. Never. Truly. Know.

Donald Trump was right about fake news, even among “trustworthy” sources. How long have we been lied to? When I think that the person who showed me the online world thereby changing my financial landscape was actually hell-bent on destroying me, I am thoroughly disillusioned with what I think I see. Too bad that disillusionment is for the best.

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Adult Services Provider Tells How She Put Ads Online and the Results

I will continue the story I began in the previous post. In 2013, i was at a low point in my financial life and due to incarceration circumstances I did not know how pervasive the internet had become in life. A client I met while working the streets of downtown Honolulu referred me to a nation wide site for “hobbyists/mongers” and “providers.” I could invent a user name (what I called my stage name), post non-identifying yet sexy pictures, an email address and guys would get in touch. He assured me that if I continued to exercise and maintain my “all-star” body I’d be beating ’em off with a stick. I was sure to be as successful as I was in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s when, according to my wristwatch, one or more drivers bearing cash pulled over for me in less than a minute after I hit the street. The online sex market had largely replaced the open air sex market on the street.

Later I found out that the same person who praised my figure and guided me along the way was working with several different user names. One of them was my advocate, but one of them hated me. The persona who hated me did not have complimentary things to say about my body at all, and did all he could to sabotage me by saying I was unattractive, unskilled, late, boring, crazy, you name it. The one guy who always made sure my contact information was current online did not have a positive voice about me that was anywhere near as adamant as the voice of hatred.

Why would someone play games like this? I figured it out when I recognized phrases he had said to me in our sessions written under the hateful screen name and the nice screen name. He demanded to know why I thought it was him, but he did not demand the same honesty of himself. When I posted a blog about what he did, he created a new screen name that had never appeared before and wrote about me in the “Rip Off section of the adult web site, as if being with me was such a bad experience it was akin to a rip off. Someone wrote and thanked him for his feedback and assured him that I would not see that person either. Now that I think of it maybe everyone who had opinions, maybe all the heated debates about providers, maybe all the interest–was just one or two people with nothing to do but create an imaginary world that was all about discussing providers

Or–maybe there were just that many people who had things to say about me. Sure this guy invented a few names but maybe everyone else was really out there. Mercilessly evaluating every step and misstep I took. I learned from reviews that if a guy says “that’s ok” he often doesn’t mean it and the thing that he reassured me about would be the very thing he blasted me for. Oh well. Comes with the territory.

I could say at least they are talking about me. However, I do not believe that all publicity is good publicity when it comes to internet customer reviews. Anyone have a different experience? As for my question about why someone would be an internet friend and also an internet troll–I never got an answer and I doubt someone like him can ever admit to lying. I don’t think I will ever know they reason why.

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Can Men Expect Providers to Post Identifiable Pictures?

Some Providers Lie

Providers have to hide their faces in online ads.

Please don't identify me
Hidden identity

They don’t get in trouble with the law or shamed by society. Some providers use the need to be anonymous as a chance to post pix that are totally not real. Who can be sure, right? Wrong.

Unmask her!
Once she is unmasked, he will still go for it, whatever her appearance.


If you can get a guy in the door with the promise of guaranteed sex, he will more likely than not go through with the interaction. Men know they were tricked but lose the power to go against the sex drive. That’s thinking with the little head.


When the little head goes to sleep, and the big head resumes the thinking responsibilities, the men are angry about the deception. They vow never to return. They post bad reviews. So what? That’s what the provider thinks. Better one and done–than none.

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Genuine online provider review!

Are you reading this for an exclusive look into a secret world only a participant can offer?

Genuine Provider Review posted in the year 2000-something on internet forum for men around the United States to discuss providers. Reposted anonymously and verbatim (word or word without editing) with provider’s permission.

I don’t usually type reviews on here as much but I will say this provider is by far my all time favorite. I have to say she just clicks with you especially the positive vibe she gives off. 1). She easy to talk to and spiritual. 2). She has an amazing Body (Gurl can give your best version of Hallie Barry in her prime form or Jazmine Guy when she was in the 90’s in a Different World day’s) “cough” cough” I’m old school LOL. Anyways her session differs really but if you want full detail PM, But if you want a great causal, quiet, great sense of humor, very spiritual, understanding, amazing body, great choice in music picking gorgeous lady. Then she is DEFINITELY the provider you want to call.


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Not Everyone Likes My WorkAccording to the words of a Self-described “Ho.” *Inappropriate Content below

I was inspired to write about jealousy yesterday and I think I know the source of the inspiration. I was probably subconsciously reminded of an acquaintance. She always described herself as “a ho” but I wonder about the truth of that because I have seen no evidence. She is another addict. She lives in her car. I’ve always been amazed at people who could keep cars–i never could! She gave me a ride three times, and declined payment. I once asked her to pick up a box of cat food. Now I will show you how she used those favors to establish a debt and justify the use of the language you are about to read. I apologize in advance for the words from someone who could feel a connection with me, but instead resents what I have. I confess I didn’t see the hatred in store for me from people like me. The money she refers to below is for cat food and egg nog (I love eggnog). I let her know that I can use her words on my blog to show what most people think of people like, well, me of course but also, like her. Ironic. 

“Half truths and from your poor pitiful me point of views and so many lies just to try and gain fake followers lmao and your so horrible at proper English and how to write a short blog and stay on topic that every one reading has got to be dying laughing at your pathetic bullshiet typical Mommy hated me I tried to go to school and be the best me but I always hated my self so I became a whore and got hooked on hard drugs  but I can work out. yeah these fake tits look super great even tho my hair and my skin will never recover from the stress of 20 years of drug use. I was stupid to have liked you from the start now I see the ugly belittling always has to be right never loved her self junky bum broke insane annoying bitch you are fuck was I thinking that your few good qualities would ever out way your bad leave me the fuck alone keep your money I don’t need shiet from you and leave me alone I will not be the reason your life has meaning online in blogs bitch YOU ARE IRRELEVANT keep it pushin nasty hoe”


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