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Sex Worker client speaks: In HIS Words

I am honored when people take time out of their lives to read this blog. I am even more thrilled when they are inspired to share their experience. Here is the anonymous contribution of a “hobbyist.”

In His Anonymous Words

I must really be screwed up in the head or my parents taught me well because I never saw escorts as lower class people. In fact the first time I saw an escort (20 years ago), she had to remind me to keep it on the down-low (“people don’t know me by that name here at my residence). Let me go 30 years back. In high school, my good friend was dating a stripper. I had never been to a strip bar and he invited me to join him at her place of employment. I accepted and when she came out for her number, I saw surprised! Pleasantly surprised! They eventually broke up. I never went back to that bar, but strip bars were more common place for me and I was comfortable going to them and not caring. I guess my point is that I really don’t care what you do as long as you are happy and enjoy what you are doing. I wish more people would see it that way.

Anonymous Hobbyist weighs in with his experience in the red light subculture

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Hatred for sex workers is accepted by polite society

When a working girl tries to re-enter or enter the regular workforce she is likely to face open hostility and mockery if her peers know or even suspect her past as a sex worker. For many women this public shaming is too much to bear and even if they want a different life, society puts barriers in their way. The barriers are socially acceptable because after all, “what does she expect?”

A Cruel and Unrepentant community leader

A great example is the woman who got out of jail and enrolled in a vocational training program. The case worker told her to be honest with the education staff about her past in order to anticipate her chances of receiving a state license in her chosen field–after completing a successful course of study. The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs told her that in her case she was not automatically excluded from licensure. Some professions exclude anyone with a criminal record but in her case there was hope. The professional board would have to vote yes or no to her license after she finished the coursework, obtained the practical hours and passed the state licensing exam. This woman began her studies BC she had faith in the maybe. On day 2, the head of the department, who also held the top spot in the state’s vocational board, came into the classroom and with no prefacing remarks announced to the class that certain people were unwelcome in the field. Murderers. Rapists. Prostitutes. The students agreed, though they were puzzled about why the instructor would have to proclaim the obvious. Murderers, rapists, prostitutes are not the same if you believe that the private acts of consenting adults that no one will discover is none if the governments business. What was worse for the former working girl than being likened to someone like Jeffrey Dahmer, was the understanding that this message was for her and the opposition emerged at the beginning if school. Thus instructor would become angrier, she would share info about the student with her peers to create a hostile environment. This woman probably would have said she believed in second chances but in actual practice she would rather let someone else provide the second chances while disassociating herself from the criminals, the losers, the outcasts. This prominent community leader never apologized, but sometimes people have to make a show if remorse.

Outcasts are often subject to public bullying. The bullying  forms an image of the person as no good. And “everyone” knows it! It is easy to guess what the group is thinking if people are saying the same thing about the same person, and there are no competing viewpoints. Now and then a person in authority will demand that the victim receive an apology from the bully. The aforementioned bully never had to apologize but it does happen. A public insult should be soothed by an equally public apology. People who have to apologize, for whatever reason, sometimes try to save face by using the pretext that apologies are private business, privately offered in a hushed tone. People with a history of being rejected can be manipulated by the inherent human desire to belong. The private gesture is a mere manipulation that’s meant to convey a special  exclusive communication with a new friend. The outcast craves belonging. The harsh truth is the person who must apologize has not changed their mind and does not want to lose face in front of anyone. And they want their original insult be “on the record,” so to speak. They do not want to sabotage their efforts to sabotage a non-person with the group. Even an insincere apology puts words in her mouth and in the air she would rather not express lest they show a different way to look at the pariah. Always insist on a public apology even if you know it’s not genuine, to put a different perspective about you into the public discourse. Maybe people will think about the automatic assumption that there are those who do not count and it’s ok to let them know it. Do not forget that someone in your position might come after you so try to do what you can to change paradigms for the next woman.

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Different, Unpopular opinions of Prostitution

A link to social media about prostitution

An unpopular opinion: engaging in prostitution makes some people feel attractive. It’s like receiving two thumbs up on your looks and no one is pretending to care about your personality

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A Sex Worker Knows Not To Take Opinions of Her Looks Too Seriously

His Motives Might Be Hidden, even from him

I wrote a post about having two clients in one night. The price for escort services that were listed in the Yellow Pages back then was $300/hr. The first guy gave me $300 and talked for an hour about how he couldn’t believe he was in the presence of such a beautiful woman.

An hour later, when I should still look beautiful, I met the next person. The second guy was an unsmiling man who gave me $3 when we met and asked me to go into 7-11 to get him a soda. As soon as I had shut the car door behind me, he peeled out of the parking lot, tires screeching. 🚘I called and demanded to know why he burned rubber in his haste to flee. I wanted an answer so I challenged his pride by saying, “if you’re any kind of man you will speak up.” He said when he saw me, all he could think was:

Frankly, I was expecting more. They want $300 from me and they sent you?

A disappointed customer

I recall the not so obvious reasons clients were attracted to me. There was a guy who wanted to call me by his grandmother’s first name. It is not uncommon for guys to dwell on the working girl’s perceived resemblance to a relative, usually but not always, a female relative. This resemblance is a point in her favor and not a deterrent. I found sister the most common relative mentioned. Incest fantasies abound.

The point is, every guy is looking for someone to fulfill his fantasy. It’s not about your appearance but about how closely you match the image in his head. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that I can confirm. That’s not only true for tricks but for everyone. If someone does not like your looks it says more about their opinions than your appearance.

What works for me is prioritizing my opinion of my appearance over everyone else’s🌺

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True Words From a Predatory Working Girl About What She Does and Why

Money and sex are inextricably connected in a variety of ways. Here’s what that connection looks like when a provider is out to get hers in a hostile world.


  I have never before been accused of being too nice, but that changed when long ago I shared some musings with a seasoned pro.  I was contemplating providing companionship that really uplifted people, something outside of the usual impersonal encounters. I wanted to be a supportive person in that one hour we spend together so a client could feel encouraged. There were times I felt I should do more to bring positivity, maybe by offering more of my real self. A 28 year old “relaxation” worker corrected me: 

You are not there to be nice. The guys are not thinking about how to be nicer to you. They are not worried about encouraging you. They already think you’re getting over on them if you get a little bit of money from them. So give them what they want.  The only thing you have to do in that hour is figure out how to waste most of the time without doing too much to him. Give him a shower. Massage his shoulders. You can waste a lot of time on the stiff neck.   I make at least $1000 a day. That’s not even having sex. I just give massages. Well, I don’t say “Massage” bc I don’t have a license. I just say “I’m an aspiring masseuse” and I give back rubs.”  For a lot of guys I don’t even have to do that. They give me thousands of dollars just to listen to them. They have a lot going on and they don’t have anyone to talk to.I can see why some of them want to take a shotgun and blow people easy. But that is not my problem as long as he doesn’t come at me with a gun. I try to figure out everything about him. What was he attracted to about the website? Then why did he pick me out of everyone on the site? I talk to him about making the session’s time something he can count as a tax write off. Then I can figure out his tax bracket and where I fit into that bracket. Maybe his job has given him a certain amount of money to spend and I want to make sure I get all of it. When I want to get some kind of business license or physical therapy license or whatever I’ll just buy it like everyone else does. No one really studies for those licensing exams. The point is this: get as much ad you can and give up as little ad you can. Its never about helping people. Its only about getting the money. Those same people you want to help by caring about what they say or making sure they get their money’s worth, or being fair to them…those are the same people who will throw you over for pennies. If you think about being nice you’ll be too hurt when you find out the not nice things they think about you.

     Do I need to kill human kindness to work with people in this companionship way, I wondered when I first began Given what society thinks of my profession I discovered that all the condemnation I received from the guys and from all the people who found out where I have been, all that judgement naturally kills any inclination to be overly nice. I settled on being fair, not robbing people. I was never as consciously conniving as the woman I interviewed but mostly bc I couldn’t be bothered and not bc I didn’t want to be like her.

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Rejected by online sex Site for good cause: Tweet from Harvard X-Hooker in HI (@Expert_Escort)

Harvard X-Hooker in HI (@Expert_Escort) Tweeted: Why the administrator of an adult services site was right to ban a provider’s posts” Part I via @Expert_Escort

The posts from this site go to Twitter in my modestly successful escort to utilize social media

In these days of online reviews, having an online presence that’s not video based was challenging for someone who relied on her looks.

Watch “1st Honolulu Street Sex Video Ever–Throwback” on YouTube

The YouTube link shows a world that’s two pbysicsl miles and two metaphorical light years away from he site of he cover picture. Yes, Hawaii s that beautiful and that seedy. This is the first video ever, from the heart of downtown Honolulu prostitution. Later today, I’ll go back downtown and get some interviews. Then we can compare videos


Popular Demand:

Click on above link for one of the most popular posts.

It was hard for me to know the unpleasantness I was arranging for women, even women who had requested I make the connection between them and generous gentlemen. I also struggled with the awareness of the thief/con artist, etc. I was sending to a decent guy. 25% finder’s fee eased my pain. April 06, 2020
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An Exclusive Look at Reviews of the Clients Written by the Women–Finally!

Quote from Working Girl

He is a sick lonely man. He will try and get u drunk so u forget about ur donation then he will turn on this red light that’s makes ur vision ducked up and then after he will try to take ur money back and let his dog out to attack u. He picked the wrong one this time! Be careful ladies.
–A Provider in New York, December 2019, Adultlook Site

Finally! Let the women speak! This Adult Site features reviews from all over the country. It’s not as useful for getting info about local guys bc when I tried to find a Honolulu thread, I couldn’t, but that failure could be due to personal ineptness. Sites are pretty resistant to giving providers a voice.


OMG–could I be any more clueless? It just occurred to me to offer space on this blog for any provider who wants to speak out while maintaining confidentiality of all parties.

Men seem to be committed to helping each other get laid. The site that began my online writing career,, is very popular with “hobbyists,” what men really into prostitution call themselves. The Honolulu threads have teams if archives, years and years of men telling other men about the working girls. Yet there’s no community of women, not that I can find. I’m not sure women would even think to look to other women for input.


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How do I know if my escort/provider really likes me. Point 1

She knows your name

Contrary to what I have read on an internet discussion blog, providers do not call men “Honey” because the word rhymes with money. They call every guy Honey because they do not learn the guys’ names. There really is no point in learning a guy’s name because she may never see him again. Or if she does see him again, it won’t be that often. Also she is well aware of how he speaks about her online, hiding behind one or more screen names. She is sure he is unlikely to speak highly of her when he hooks up with his friends in person. what’s most common is that he doesn’t speak of her at all, but she knows what he thinks of her, what society in general thinks of her. So she doesn’t put herself out there. But if she actually calls you by your name, whatever you wanted to be called, she has taken the unusual step of getting to know you as a person, and she actually remembers something you told her about yourself. She is letting her natural femininity peek through, instead of trying for the detached male approach to sex that demands anonymity. So if she calls you by your actual name– you’re in there!


2019 YouTube Video: Fighting Cocks and hookers doing “car dates” in this Honolulu park that’ll be repurposed in 2020

Part II Secret Street Sex–Kaka’ako Park, Honolulu, island of Oahu, Hawaii

The above YouTube Link shows addiction, prostitution, gambling, top dollar tourist attractions, and natural paradise if you know what you’re looking at. Caroleena narrates brief YouTube clip full of apparent contradicting elements: a feral chicken colony descended from fighting cocks turned wild that were raised then released by gamblers, luxury accomodations and eateries, a parking lot great for working girls to turn tricks in the same vehicles that picked them up (“car dating”), great environmental beauty in a beach popular with surfers and photographers, and one of Honolulu’s ever-present homeless encampments.

Fighting cocks, working girls and tricks, thieves, homeless people, surfers, tourists, photographers are usual Kaka’ako Park occupants. This Sunday 04/19/2020 medical professionals and sick people will temporarily join them for COVID-19 testing open to symptomatic people only.

I Am Sorry, Beloved💋 Readers, Soon🔜 To Be Viewers

I owe you, my beloved readers, an apology and an amends, amend as in mending or fixing what I am sorry about.  It’s ok to be wrong. To refuse to admit a mistake is like saying Jesus ✝️ is my closest peer, what with both of us being perfect. Yeah, right.  Here goes.

It’s June 24, 2019 and I am sorry that I failed to keep my word. I was looking over all of my posts, passing on the ones with the most views. There had been a lot of interest in my invitation to you all, to join me remotely in my Honolulu🌺 prostitution👠 retrospective.  I promised to give more of myself in 2019. I said I’d do videos, take you guys around Honolulu’s 🏪round the clock sex trade sites with my 📱phone camera. I planned one minute editorials, like Andy Rooney on “60 Minutes.”🎬

The year📅 is half over ⏳ and I have done nothing I promised. Why not? I chickened out. I worried about the condition of my skin. My skin, my nemesis for 30 years. Would my make up look clownish? Would my camera phone action come off as stupidly amateurish instead of simply genuine? Etcetera, ad nauseum. I feared mockery. Fear, my lifelong companion. Ridiculous bc I’m afraid of the non existent, but fear does not yield to logic. Fear laughs in logic’s face.


I’m going to cut myself some slack and ease into presenting myself to the world for mankind’s eternal record. I’m going to audiotape myself reading my posts to accompany the written work. (As I wrote that, the plan seemed a little redundant.) You can read my post and click on an icon to hear me read it? Yes, that’s the plan. It’s time to do something, anything, however silly is better than paralysis.  It’s time to gather my strength and take the plunge. Yes! In my next post. Promise. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. Next time.🔜

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Adult Services Provider Tells How She Put Ads Online and the Results

I will continue the story I began in the previous post. In 2013, i was at a low point in my financial life and due to incarceration circumstances I did not know how pervasive the internet had become in life. A client I met while working the streets of downtown Honolulu referred me to a nation wide site for “hobbyists/mongers” and “providers.” I could invent a user name (what I called my stage name), post non-identifying yet sexy pictures, an email address and guys would get in touch. He assured me that if I continued to exercise and maintain my “all-star” body I’d be beating ’em off with a stick. I was sure to be as successful as I was in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s when, according to my wristwatch, one or more drivers bearing cash pulled over for me in less than a minute after I hit the street. The online sex market had largely replaced the open air sex market on the street.

Later I found out that the same person who praised my figure and guided me along the way was working with several different user names. One of them was my advocate, but one of them hated me. The persona who hated me did not have complimentary things to say about my body at all, and did all he could to sabotage me by saying I was unattractive, unskilled, late, boring, crazy, you name it. The one guy who always made sure my contact information was current online did not have a positive voice about me that was anywhere near as adamant as the voice of hatred.

Why would someone play games like this? I figured it out when I recognized phrases he had said to me in our sessions written under the hateful screen name and the nice screen name. He demanded to know why I thought it was him, but he did not demand the same honesty of himself. When I posted a blog about what he did, he created a new screen name that had never appeared before and wrote about me in the “Rip Off section of the adult web site, as if being with me was such a bad experience it was akin to a rip off. Someone wrote and thanked him for his feedback and assured him that I would not see that person either. Now that I think of it maybe everyone who had opinions, maybe all the heated debates about providers, maybe all the interest–was just one or two people with nothing to do but create an imaginary world that was all about discussing providers

Or–maybe there were just that many people who had things to say about me. Sure this guy invented a few names but maybe everyone else was really out there. Mercilessly evaluating every step and misstep I took. I learned from reviews that if a guy says “that’s ok” he often doesn’t mean it and the thing that he reassured me about would be the very thing he blasted me for. Oh well. Comes with the territory.

I could say at least they are talking about me. However, I do not believe that all publicity is good publicity when it comes to internet customer reviews. Anyone have a different experience? As for my question about why someone would be an internet friend and also an internet troll–I never got an answer and I doubt someone like him can ever admit to lying. I don’t think I will ever know they reason why.

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So the owner of the New England Patriots Might Have Wanted to Hire a Hooker… what’s the problem?

What’s wrong with a wealthy man seeking some p****?


My beloved, late friend was a retired army medic who did two or three tours in Vietnam. I originally met him in a professional way, you now what mean, but the relationship evolved into something more, as all relationships do with extended contact. In this case the something more was real friendship. He was very accepting of me, I see that now, and of people in general. He didn’t judge people and their idiosyncrasies. Here is an example. He often spoke of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky:

The whole world laughed at our country for making s big deal out of that. If the president of the greatest country in the world can’t get no p**** in the Oval Office , there’s no hope for the rest of us.

My friend’s view was that men are dogs and there’s nothing that can be done to change nature. I’m sure he would have the same opinion of the latest so-called scandal involving the owner of this year’s Superbowl winner. Why in the world would anyone put prostitution on the same list as murder as we see in above cartoon? So the man wanted p****? After all, if he couldn’t get it there isn’t much hope for the rest of them, as my friend would have said.

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Can Men Expect Providers to Post Identifiable Pictures?

Some Providers Lie

Providers have to hide their faces in online ads.

Please don't identify me
Hidden identity

They don’t get in trouble with the law or shamed by society. Some providers use the need to be anonymous as a chance to post pix that are totally not real. Who can be sure, right? Wrong.

Unmask her!
Once she is unmasked, he will still go for it, whatever her appearance.


If you can get a guy in the door with the promise of guaranteed sex, he will more likely than not go through with the interaction. Men know they were tricked but lose the power to go against the sex drive. That’s thinking with the little head.


When the little head goes to sleep, and the big head resumes the thinking responsibilities, the men are angry about the deception. They vow never to return. They post bad reviews. So what? That’s what the provider thinks. Better one and done–than none.

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Genuine online provider review!

Are you reading this for an exclusive look into a secret world only a participant can offer?

Genuine Provider Review posted in the year 2000-something on internet forum for men around the United States to discuss providers. Reposted anonymously and verbatim (word or word without editing) with provider’s permission.

I don’t usually type reviews on here as much but I will say this provider is by far my all time favorite. I have to say she just clicks with you especially the positive vibe she gives off. 1). She easy to talk to and spiritual. 2). She has an amazing Body (Gurl can give your best version of Hallie Barry in her prime form or Jazmine Guy when she was in the 90’s in a Different World day’s) “cough” cough” I’m old school LOL. Anyways her session differs really but if you want full detail PM, But if you want a great causal, quiet, great sense of humor, very spiritual, understanding, amazing body, great choice in music picking gorgeous lady. Then she is DEFINITELY the provider you want to call.



Honolulu Sex &Prostitution: I Was Ashamed to Admit I Had a Trait in Common With Pimps

Adult web site Prostitution

Adult Online Companionship Ads in Hawaii–truly not prostitution

Honolulu, Hawaii – USA Adult Classifieds

The above link is an example of different adult services an interested person may access if he is inclined. Webcams, arrsngements, videography. A person can receive notification that a new post is up on the blockbuster blog http://www.ExpertEscort.2018–Ivy league meets the street.

Whenever I say providers are not selling sex but their time people roll their eyes and say something like “You are just speaking in code because you cannot be upfront about prostitution.” I can understand why people believe I am using slippery language since the adult sex scene can be altogether slippery (pun intended as a clumsy double entendre). Yet, I speak truth when I say sex is not for sale. Today’s internet makes it possible to have intimate contact through the barrier of a screen on a phone or a computer. Some guys find it titillating to get a provider on the phone and schedule an appointment they do not intend to keep. One millenial posted “I really talked to one of them!” as a Facebook milestone. Naturally people have the option of meeting and the additional option of meeting without the exchange of something of perceived value for a sex act. Not to say consenting adults cannot choose sex with online connections. Possibilities are endless. To summarize, simply because a person participates in an adult web site does not necessarily mean the person wants to pay for sex with a real person–although they might want that very thing. Openmindedness is necessary to fit seamlessly into interactive adult sites.

I just had a thought for the future of adult services–holograms! Virtual providers designed to specifications. Going on virtual dates from the privacy of the porn viewing closet. (Men, you know what I mean!) I deam of technological advances that allow the imaginary visions to reach out and touch flesh and blood clients. A world where clients step into porn movies like the kid’s book that told stories of charachters who stepped through a wardrobe into another world.

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Who Wants to Hear From a Whore?

woman dark eye spooky
Photo by Rene Asmussen on

I hope many people want to hear from this ex-streetwalker now sex talker. I learned how to sell it .my ivy league education has given me the ability to tell it. At first I was feeding a drug habit but even after I had the dope I kept working because I liked the money, so I can’t claim I was entirely motivated by that mental illness-or moral weakness, however you consider addiction .  Over the course of a fifteen year career I heard a lot of personal thoughts and desires that men would never on God’s green earth tell anyone .But they told me because they viewed me as smart enough to understand yet I lacked the social status to reveal information to others because no one would care what a hooker had to say. No one feared exposure and I truly loved the part of my job that entailed listening.  I noticed that many men had the same feelings but they did not know bc no one compares their deepest secrets and inner shame. But what if I could change this isolation by talking about what I learned so people could see they are not alone, not uniquely weird. I think of my beloved friend who lived his whole life unnecessarily feeling like an oddity bc he never knew that I had heard many others express similar desires. I want one person to take comfort in knowing she or he is not alone after reading my words and very soon, seeing my videos on YouTube.

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Secret Keeper/Secret Teller
I tell hidden personal truths while maintaining perfect confidentiality so you may see secrets you share!

Clients confided in the Ivy League educated hooker–me. Why? I was smart enough to understand anything they shared. Equally important, my status as social outcast meant even if I told their secrets few would listen to me. Of those who listen, few of that small number would believe me.  Almost no one would care what a woman of ill repute had to say. I understood their secrets and kept those precious gifts safe since I couldn’t tell on them even if I wanted to!  Of course, I did not want to unlock the vault and violate trust.  I said nothing and remembered what I heard.  learned that many men lived in shame BC of the erroneous belief that they were different than others. They did not know that their confessions had been echoed by others. I had a friend who lived his whole life never fully accepting himself BC he thought he was uniquely weird. He was wrong. His alienation was unnecessary pain. If he knew what I knew his life could have been happier. The only way I can form a community out of shared secrets, mostly sexual, but not entirely, is to tell the secrets while maintaining perfect confidentiality. My blog tells of my experiences with the emotions and musings of people in the sex industry now, and in my past (up to 15 years ago). The purpose of every post is to comfort to at least one person with the assurance that someone else felt/thought the same way. The feelings and thoughts are true, the people and events combine interviews, personal experience, and fiction. You cannot meet Caroleena bc she does not exist beyond this site. But she speaks truth. Sometimes your truth. You are not alone with your secrets. Come, let me show you.

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What “bbc” Meant in My Career

The ideal sex partner. Women often describe this imaginary person in terms of personality traits as they imagine the doting partner. Men picture the person’s appearance. I have not said anything earth shattering and original so why are you reading the words of an author (moi) who offers well worn notions? Because I am sure you will be as surprised as I am when I reveal to you what men really want, in their heart of hearts. I discovered the secret image of man’s ideal sex partner. I know what very many men want, not because of what men said to me, but because of what men asked of me. The question that I have heard over 100 times (literally not figuratively) was a question that shocked me because it was so unexpected.
“Are you a boy or a girl?”
If I thought the question was a shocker, the correct answer was even more surprising. When I was asked that question I almost always had the wrong answer. When I gave the answer more often than not I was given 20 much appreciated dollars for my time and let off at the next block along Kukui Street in downtown Honolulu. Why?
“I’m looking for bbc,” someone told me as he pulled over to the curb to get rid of me.
“What’s that?” I asked, since I was never up on slang.
“You don’t know what that is? Look it up.” So I looked it up. My research revealed that what men wanted was the face of a beautiful woman and a curvy body. Check and check. I thought I was good to go and so did many drivers when they first spotted me and their hearts filled with a hope they’d hardly ever say aloud.
I missed out on being the perfect sex object because I didn’t have a penis. No bbc here. A strap on was not acceptable because anyone could get that.
“If only you had a dick” lamented one disappointed would-be client.
If I could not offer bbc I could not be at the top level of desirability. True story.

Enter a caption