A Sex Worker Knows Not To Take Opinions of Her Looks Too Seriously

His Motives Might Be Hidden, even from him I wrote a post about having two clients in one night. The price for escort services that were listed in the Yellow Pages back then was $300/hr. The first guy gave me $300 and talked for an hour about how he couldn’t believe he was in theContinue reading “A Sex Worker Knows Not To Take Opinions of Her Looks Too Seriously”

True Words From a Predatory Working Girl About What She Does and Why

The actual words from an interview with a working girl who wanted to do unto others before they inevitably did unto her

Rejected by online sex Site for good cause: Tweet from Harvard X-Hooker in HI (@Expert_Escort)

Favorite throwback post about how and why I was banned from a discussion site, and my reevaluation of my role

Watch “1st Honolulu Street Sex Video Ever–Throwback” on YouTube

The YouTube link shows a world that’s two pbysicsl miles and two metaphorical light years away from he site of he cover picture. Yes, Hawaii s that beautiful and that seedy. This is the first video ever, from the heart of downtown Honolulu prostitution. Later today, I’ll go back downtown and get some interviews. ThenContinue reading “Watch “1st Honolulu Street Sex Video Ever–Throwback” on YouTube”

Popular Demand: https://expertescort2018.com/2019/05/28/i-was-a-poor-excuse-for-a-pimp/

Click on above link for one of the most popular posts.

An Exclusive Look at Reviews of the Clients Written by the Women–Finally!

providers review the clients in this exclusive view from the hooker’s perspective

How do I know if my escort/provider really likes me. Point 1

No “Honey” is not a prostitute’s inside joke bc it rhymes with money, but a catchall name for people she doesn’t need to know. Usually

2019 YouTube Video: Fighting Cocks and hookers doing “car dates” in this Honolulu park that’ll be repurposed in 2020

A YouTube video shows a Honolulu beach park full of fighting cocks that will be COVID-19 testing site Sunday April 19, 2020.

I Am Sorry, Beloved💋 Readers, Soon🔜 To Be Viewers

First I started this blog, soon to be a vlog with a stopover in audio taping myself as an introduction to me and Honolulu’s sex worker hot spots. Next post

Adult Services Provider Tells How She Put Ads Online and the Results

Here is a brief story about how the provider moved from the streets to finding clients online.

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