“Manterruption” vs “No Means No”. See linked Tweet

twitter.com/studentofdra/status/1314697278024712198 Manterruption is a term I just learned. The definition I’ve linked explains in more detail than I am going to, but to summarize, it’s men interrupting women bc they automatically feel there’s nothing a woman says they are bound to respect or even wait out. Am reminded of why I hate the phrase “noContinue reading ““Manterruption” vs “No Means No”. See linked Tweet”

Women are supposed to know a guy wants sex, but there’s another unasked question

Are women sexual wish grantors for men as their primary reason for being? Some say yes, some say no, but everyone still falls into one way of thinking–male desires are the standard we accept or reject.

The scary side of sexuality that gives women a reason to hope when they hear “she was asking for it”

there’s a sad and frightening truth about rape that I have never heard anyone talk about, ever. You need to know.

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