If you are brainwashed into believing it is ok to sexualize little girls, this next sentence will shock you

Remember the little girl who was murdered in Colorado? The child beauty queen? If I change one element of the little girl as beauty queen scenario I can show you you may be as brainwashed about gender roles as I am.

Sex Standards That Are Short and Sweet

YES My involvement is limited to : Consenting, Conscious, Adult, Homo Sapiens (humans). Anyone in this group is potentially suitable. NO Incest Significant others of friends No Real or Simulated Violence or Humiliation. No Bodily Waste. These standards apply to what I will and will not do with other people, who I will or willContinue reading “Sex Standards That Are Short and Sweet”

These Pharmaceutical Companies Are Making a Killing Off the Opioid Crisis | The Nation

https://www.thenation.com/article/these-pharmaceutical-companies-are-making-a-killing-off-the-opioid-crisis/ The Most Honest Language I Have Read About Race and Addiction The above link is from an internet article from a mainstream news organization. The words anger me, but that’s not all they do to me. Despite the fact that the white face of the opioid crisis tends to elicit the sort of publicContinue reading “These Pharmaceutical Companies Are Making a Killing Off the Opioid Crisis | The Nation”


Ivy League X-Streetwalker in Honolulu Transgender–Me? Part I Inquiring Minds Want to Know Trans-What? When I was young, I don’t remember knowing the word transgender. Now the word is a part of public life. Transgender is a word that has become a part of my personal life, and I couldn’t be more surprised. I HaveContinue reading “TRANSGENDER–ME? AN UNEXPECTEDLY CONSTANT ISSUE FOR ME ON THE STREET”

So the owner of the New England Patriots Might Have Wanted to Hire a Hooker… what’s the problem?

https://images.app.goo.gl/CA7korK1k8G32Fsv6 WHAT MEN WANT My beloved, late friend was a retired army medic who did two or three tours in Vietnam. I originally met him in a professional way, you now what mean, but the relationship evolved into something more, as all relationships do with extended contact. In this case the something more was realContinue reading “So the owner of the New England Patriots Might Have Wanted to Hire a Hooker… what’s the problem?”

I graduated at the top of my class in the top ivy league university. I journeyed from elite to outcast when I turned to prostitution to support my drug habit. I took notes as I went and I can telk the story of success to sex to failure and back again in a fascinating way that will speak to you.


  Clients confided in the Ivy League educated hooker–me. Why? I was smart enough to understand anything they shared. Equally important, my status as social outcast meant even if I told their secrets few would listen to me. Of those who listen, few of that small number would believe me.  Almost no one would careContinue reading “PURPOSE OF SITE”

What “bbc” Meant in My Career

The ideal sex partner. Women often describe this imaginary person in terms of personality traits as they imagine the doting partner. Men picture the person’s appearance. I have not said anything earth shattering and original so why are you reading the words of an author (moi) who offers well worn notions? Because I am sureContinue reading “What “bbc” Meant in My Career”