I AM A GOOD WORLD CITIZEN. Follow MUST SEE VIDEO Link to SENSIBLE COVID NEWS⤵️. What Is Causing the Spike in COVID-19 Cases?

This YouTube video has some new things to say about COVID-19, but what I like more is that my previously formed opinions are validated by an expert. Hear why these two statements are true➡️the virus is contagious and we should open the schools.

My YouTube talk about Why I Don’t Support Black Lives Matter, Even Though I’m Black

My YouTube Video has the underlying question: is it ok to talk serious racial issues while showing cleavage? Yes

My YouTube Video Has Been popular Unbeknownst to me: Watch “Jealous Neighbors Get Crazier, Part I” on YouTube

Had I never fallen into addiction I never would have met this person unless I was a case manager. This video shows how addiction derails a person.

Sex Standard: No Animal Involvement. People try to mingle with animals in a myriad of ways that I learned to forbid

Sexually disappointed people can be very unpleasant so you learn to set firm and specific limits to prevent misunderstandings.

Watch Updated”Racist Attack Caught on Film +Unpunished” on YouTube–yes the unseen Victim is a black woman. And there’s more!

if you see anything on the news about someone matching my description, remember this video!

Men Pay Women Who Are willing to Have Sex and Don’t Demand Conversation. The YouTube link shows why the joke is on men like this.

This YouTube link shows the ironic result of men’s willingness not to pay for sex as much as to pay for silent sex.