My YouTube talk about Why I Don’t Support Black Lives Matter, Even Though I’m Black

My YouTube Video has the underlying question: is it ok to talk serious racial issues while showing cleavage? Yes

Watch “1st Honolulu Street Sex Video Ever–Throwback” on YouTube

The YouTube link shows a world that’s two pbysicsl miles and two metaphorical light years away from he site of he cover picture. Yes, Hawaii s that beautiful and that seedy. This is the first video ever, from the heart of downtown Honolulu prostitution. Later today, I’ll go back downtown and get some interviews. ThenContinue reading “Watch “1st Honolulu Street Sex Video Ever–Throwback” on YouTube”

My 4 Prostitution Arrests with YouTube Street Sex Link

I was involved in four undercover police stings where cops posed as potential dates and picked me up in their cars. Twice I got away, twice
I didn’t., Link to Shocking Live View on YouTube of Honolulu’s Street Sex Capital in 2005

This link to a YouTube video shows the location of the Capital of secret street sex in Honolulu. You won’t believe what you see!

YouTube Video Post Bus Accident

The only one hurt was the Acura that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the 10 minutes I recorded after we were allowed to get off the bus after it nearly took the door off of the Acura. In this film you will see remarkable racial diversity. You will get toContinue reading “YouTube Video Post Bus Accident”