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DISCLAIMER: The stories combine the experiences of one or more persons to create one voice. That voice is Caroleena, the ex-provider who is the main character you will get to know, and love or hate. Caroleena is NOT a real person   Any resemblance to an actual person or fictitious literary figure is purely coincidental.

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  1. > The clarification of the critical situation in the world may help Your business. We don’t give advice on how to run it. We highlight key points from the flow of conflicting information for You to draw conclusions.
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    > Fact: pandemics;
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    > Thank You for the time of reading our unsolicited message! God bless You.
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    1. I couldn’t get to your web page. That annoying 404 error message flashed. I am always fascinated to know how people find this site by I kinda can’t imagine it reaching a broad audience unless it is on the daily intro page for one of the search engines. How much would it cost to get there? I am glad you are here. Share my words freely! Thank you for your time and attention. Yours, Caroleena Renee

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