Mission Statement: Why I write, Why You Should Care

Mission:. I want to show you that you are not alone. Something in your life, perhaps your entire existence, is not as it “should” be. You failed when you should have succeeded. You present a false front to people because you don’t want them to know that under the cover of darkness you are depressed or a cross dresser or a drug user or an adulterer–you get the idea. Or as Bob Dylan said, you’ve got no secrets to conceal because the travesty you call your life is right out there for the world to see. And your shame is a burning prsence you  feel in your face when you avoid eye contact with someone you once knew. Guess? Me too!  I snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and went from magna cum laude ivy league college grad to drug addicted Honolulu streetwalker in the early 21st century. Let me tell you, I have some great stories to share with you. There was a movie, From Homeless to Harvard. I am going to tell you the reverse story and give you the benefit of all I learned and you won’t have to pay the heavy price tag. An opioid epidemic means there’s an incarceration epidemic, a foster care epidemic, a recidivism epidemic. These issues have always plagued “those” people. Now, that hooker on the corner,the one you once ignored, well, now you realize in some way “she is me.” That’s pretty horrifying if you stick to the stereotypes we  all learned about untouchables who apparently don’t wish to participate in the human race. The dregs of society deserve whatever tragedy befalls them. Assuming they haven’t done us the favor of disappearing and sparing taxpayers the cost of their upkeep because you know they’ll end up in jail. Those were my unapologetic thoughts about the unsavory people I used to cross the street to avoid. Things changed when I noticed a couple crossing the street to avoid passing me as I stood on the corner trying to make eye contact with men driving by. I wanted to say, “Don’t dismiss me! Let me explain what happened so you’ll see I am still a person. I have a story!” Now that I am off the street I am in a position to share my personal story as well as give you a working girl’s sex ed. I will engage in honesty so real and raw I can only do it safely behind a screen. You are welcome to ask intimate questions I am qualified to answer.  I hope you will relate when you discover lots of people are like you behind the scenes and under the sheets.  I want to give you a sense of belonging, even if you’d never choose to join this club in a perfect world. And above all, I aim to entertain. If you can find humor in the tale of me presenting my Harvard identification to the cops who arrest me for solicitation, you are in the right place!

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