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What is my purpose? Where do I see the site? My purpose is to define the sexual norm to simply “consenting adults” whiie creating a front to atteact more clients to my apartment at Kalakaua  Housing #1012. I Personally the same species” but that’s me! I would get rid of the words “instead of”: as in gay “instead of” straight (as if there is a recognized immutable standard identity.) I am not not quite advocating “if it feels good do it,” because everyone’s consensual feelings matter. I am advocating being at rest within your sexual self. Whether a person is enjoying active alone time or in a group situation, chances are I have experienced or at least heard of the same thing. How often people have said to me “You don’t understand, I am not like other people,” and then proceed to tell me something I have heard from a dozen others. But no one knows they are normal when they lack the privilege I enjoy of being able to make comparisons. Yes, I am a privileged pariah. My companionship occupation affords me an opportunity to see heterogeneous intimate natures. Most people will see only a few more than one while I have seen many more than some. My experiences taught me to sell it, my schooling enables me to tell it.

WHAT I DO: I share stories to bring peaceful self acceptance thereby igniting a heretofore unknown open discussion about sex.  And by the way I’m documenting everything with hidden camera which I plan to use the video and imagine to blackmail you or sell on the dark net

I am an informed outcast. I am the Expert Escort

Not Everyone Appreciated a Nerdy Hooker

The Expert Escort, also known as Honolulugirl, was a talkative person. She was also a gifted storyteller and joke teller, if one appreciated a dry sarcastic wit. No one was more surprised than HG by her inability to effectively talk dirty. Saying the words embarrassed her to no end even though she could do the deeds. What was the difference? She could not say, except to speculate that talking made her somehow more present and acting allowed her mind to fly away in dissociative release. “Tell me what we are going to do,” a regular client for over 10 years always asked. She hated it and tried to cover her discomfort by resting in her comfort zone:fancy vocabulary words. After referencing the lateral, posterior portion of his thoracolumbar region, and then indicating the role her hard palatte and oral cavity would play in the release of hormones from his hypothalamus, he asked her to please stop talking. There was no bigger downer than the desensitization of sexual anticipation. Who knew?


I promise I can shock you

The weirdest thing a client ever asked of an escort always shocks people. No one believes in the power to surprise the world weary reader. Yet even the most jaded or the most creative never predict the revelation. There was a client who appreciated the gifts possessed by the Expert Escort. He broke away from his vocation, locked himself in the side office with her and asked her to sit at the computer. He watched, breathless,as she applied herself to the task he set before her on the computer screen. At this client’s behest she worked on IQ tests. A sample question was “a is to 1, as c is to 3, as e is to…?” When the Expert answered correctly with “5” he finally took a breath and wonderingly whispered, “you’re so …so…smart”. At the completion of each exam he reviewed the results with a he Expert to see, he said, if her lifestyle had a deleterious effect on her cognition. He never found her declining. The expert suspected the 142 IQ score he gave her was padded because she never before scored over 137.
Just when you think you’ve heard it all you find something like this that shows there’s a lot to human sexuality that’s a mystery.

Helpless Rage

I guess not. Other than the risk of losing freedom and enduring bodily harm, the biggest detraction from a certain line of work is being looked down on. No one feels they need to be polite or honest. They just don’t show up. That’s why you can break your word and not feel any guilt because society says people in a certain position are throw aways. I’m figuring something else out

You Might Need a Wet Nurse, For Your Hubby 12/26/2017


This is the story of how I was too young to know about creative bedroom solutions. When I was a young woman I was married to a man over twenty years my senior. He believed his elder status made it appropriate and even necessary to dismiss my immature wishes. I also viewed him as the leader in our relationship as my husband and my elder. My spouse applied his monarchical rule to our sex life, which had not been a problem because I consented.
After I gave birth to my first born he was jealous of the attention I gave the infant. His reaction was not unexpected for I had read about such things. However, his desire then demand, that I nurse him came as a complete surprise. No, shock. I found the request appallingly disgusting and I refused to do as he commanded. Up until my refusal I thought I had a mentor not a master. My disobedience would ultimately bring the short union to an end. Maybe our separation was for the best but now, with maturity, I see another option besides my steady refusal of his steady demand. Over the years I have learned that there are many men who seek lactating providers. A “boutique” or “niche” or “fetish” provider could have done my (now ex) husband’s bidding without any fuss thus satisfying his desire to dictate terms. I could have been spared the relentless pressure to do something I did not want to do. Perhaps finding the provider myself would have shown my acceptance of who he was without rejection muddying the emotional waters. I was not against the idea of a grown man nursing–but my personal preference was to exclusively breastfeed my own infant. It is possible to accept a person without participating in an activity that forms a part of who he is. Participation in a sex act by proxy is less likely to cause a partner feelings of rejection. “I want to be with you, but I don’t want to do that. How can we both meet our needs?” Utilizing the services of a provider might create a bridge between people separated by sexual incompatibility in an area. Do I think a happy outcome is a guarantee? Reader, you must know I am not that foolish. I am advocating the introduction of other options in the sex lives of consenting adults of the same species (another personal preference). By the way, if you have never read an idea that is outside of the so-called box of standard solutions, you just did!

There is no need to decline your husband’s off beat sex request altogether. You don’t want to nurse him and the baby? A lactating working girl could do it for you. Thus the happy couple stays happy and a couple—if you can handle delegating sex without getting jealous bc you’re sure he won’t jump ship.

Legal Status Diversity 12/23/17


When I was growing up I did not like the word diversity, or, more specifically I did not like hearing that diversity was something an institution should seek. I thought it was code for affirmative action in its worst form–admission standards would be lowered to allow people who looked like me to be admitted to places that would have been beyond our capacity to attain. How wrong I was! When I attended my high status college I docovered that there is indeed another half, as privileged group whose existence I never truly grasped. Discovering how the other half lived was an education itself. In fact there are many other halves, people who differ from me in personal identification, race, gender, hometown. I propose acknowledgement of another type of diversity: people with different life experiences. I have been at one of the highest echelons of society as a top graduate of a prestigious university. I have occupied the lowest rung on the societal ladder when I was shackled to the next women, bring transported to jail pre-trial because I did not possess $1,100 in cash for bail and no one in my life had that kind of money. The people I met in both situations were fascinating. The lesson I learned, one of them, is that few people have had these experiences. As an educated Escort I had been around in such a way try hat made me unique. But I predict my singular status will change to that of a person who is prt of a group. The unprecedented opiate epidemic has cut a swath through populations that erroneously believed they were immune to something immoral like addiction. Now people should see the war on drugs is a war on US, not THEM. Addiction is bring repackaged as an illness, and not a badness. Yet society still utilizes the criminal justice system to deal we with drug addiction. A huge population cohort is emerging (I have no data but I am intuiting this claim) that will be locked out of the workforce due to felony convictions. Many more escorts will be educated as they head down the path toward a felony or after conviction. We are going to have to embrace a diversity of legal status in settings previously closed to ex offenders. Otherwise we will have a lot of disenfranchised people permanently stationed as a new underclass. The only “career” options will be minimum wage jobs or perhaps lateral moves to other stigmatized or perhaps illegal means of support, and sobriety won’t help United States get unstuck. What do we do, we who are without family money and who have screwed up too much to have attained independent wealth. The year 2017 draws to a close. You, my Reader you may not care on a personal level about the proliferation of felonies at the time of this writing. However, I am quite certain that before too much longer you, I mean we, will feel the impact

Even Me

You’re kidding!” exclaimed the client after I told him the name of my alma mater. I had gone to one of the most famous colleges in the world. There was no avoiding the inevitable next question: why are you doing this? No I did not begin or end my academic career with a plan to even meet an escort much less become one. But fifteen years ago the state I called home decided that possession of $10 of a certain narcotic was a felony. As a convicted felon, the best way to make a living is through self employment. The felony blocked access to every career path the prestigious name on my diploma would have virtually guaranteed. Sobriety does not negate a felony and only a few businesses open their doors to the penniless. I still want to survive even if I have had some problems. I never thought I would turn to socially stigmatized actions to get by but lo and behold, the once unimaginable is now routine. But the unexpected benefit of failure is that I received an answer to the question that failed my grudges: how could they have failed me? Today I say: I understand how a person could fall short. Escorting as a path to empathy. Who would have thought?

What Is Beauty? 12/21/17

I had back to back appointments one busy night there was a client who took one look at me and said, “Wow…You’re beautiful. I just want to look at you,” which is what he did from a chair six feet away for an uncomfortable hour. Ninety minutes later I met a client who took one look at me and said” Frankly I was expecting more,” and he did not even invite me in before firmly closing the front door. As I walked back to my waiting driver I really understood that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Never again did I judge my appearance unfavorably if I was happy with myself but someone else was not.

Love Between a Pro and Her Client?

Many obstacles hinder the formation of relationships. Society imposes restrictions against the mixing of individuals from different castes, for example, avoiding politician would be unlikely to publicly commit to someone who was a known drug addict and who presently engaged in drug using. Drug addiction is stigmatized. On an interpersonal level, people express disapproval. Perhaps society embraces a person but the potential in-laws do not like the person. A relationship may be killed before it has a chance to live life. Finally, within a person, shame can hinder the person from pursuing someone no one else objects to, but the individual is shamed of, I don’t know, dating someone so short (totally random adjective). Of course these categories overlap and combine to exert considerable separation pressure. But there is one thing that can overcome any obstacle to a relationship. In fact, without this element no relationship can happen. The element? Time. All time spent with another person is quality time. Enough time spent with another person, and it’s not only possible but probable, that people will forget that it is impossible to have feelings–and they will develop feelings. That’s why prisons, schools, hospitals, etc. need rules forbidding relationships no one on the outside believes can even form.  It is little wonder that most escorts develop complex relationships with people they see regularly. The plot of Pretty Woman plays out all the time, only the people are far less wealthy and attractive. Also, the happy ever after ending is not so pat in real life when a man dubiously contemplates introducing his favorite prostitute to his family. Nevertheless friendships develop and marriages persevere. Households remain peaceful as long as the spouses have a “don’t ask don’t Tell” agreement. Best to let him do what he will with friends and strangers without paying too much distressing attention. Does this idea sound like a caveman talking? Perhaps. But truth is truth, no matter how unpalatable. Hmm…I am assuming people will find my words distasteful…Let is ponder that notion in the days ahead.

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