Anime and 1 Line of Commentary: Anorexia vs. Drug Addiction

Two Compulsions,vtwo different sympathies. Anorexia vs. drug addiction…I have no problem believing anorexia is a compulsion rooted in disease but I still ponder if drug addiction is a compulsion that’s more of a choice, than an illness, and I imagine others also feel more compassion for the former over the latter.

The Homeless Gentleman Said to Tell All the Beloved Readers…Anime with 1 Line of Commentary

You think you see a bum like that’s all I am but I went to college on a wrestling scholarship and owned a business until everyone in my life died and I have to stay high to keep from losing it.

Homeless People Have Cell Phones For These 6️⃣ Reasons📲


Phones,📳 Really?

Do the homeless have cellphones? Yes…but… Yes, if they are homeless bc I’d addiction, they need cellphones to reach out to the people they need to make street life work.6️⃣Reasons

1. They call or are called by “tricks” (a colloquialism for clients who pay another for the person’s time, almost always, but not exclusively, for sex)

2. They communicate with who “put in orders” or request that a specific item be stolen from a store (costs as much as 50% of retail which is exorbitant for “boosted” goods).

3. They need to reach other drug involved people to buy or sell dope.

4. If they have family members who speak to them they need to keep in touch out if sentiment or to hit them up for money.

5. Homeless couples seem particularly prone to obsessive jealousy and phones are used to track one another using various anti-privacy apps. Some couples are the go-to people for info about the newest tracking apps.

6. Homeless need to reach professionals such as case managers who are helping with housing acquisition or doctors who prescribe meds that have street value. (Xanax, Valium, methadone, morphine.)

BONUS: 7. Last night I did an impromptu interview on my way to a permitted destination, a laundromat, and the homeless gentleman said he was trying to text his trusted friend who stayed with him under the freeway to give instructions about caring for his pit bull while he did their laundry. It’s not unusual to see homeless people with dogs, cats, or tropical birds. Next post I will discuss pets on the street.

How Are Vital Phones Lost?

This is where the “but” comes in. Yes homeless have cellphones but they are often phone-less. There are rare instances of cooperation, as #7 showed but usually people are embittered by hardship and want their peers to fail. Hence, homeless are most at risk among each other. Other homeless people pose as friends who “watch your stuff so you can sleep,” and when you wake up–you know how that sentence ends. Phones are confiscated when the police clear encampments and throw out everyone’s belongings. Couples, enraged every other hour, break each other’s phones if the call log is displeasing. Phones are lost in the chaos of street life, like fleeing from an angry trick/cop/storeowner minus phone and shoes. Relapse clues: Look out for new phone numbers that change every week. Or loss of phone service every month bc there’s no money for dop and phone service. If your call goes to voicemail after one ring, possibly a phone thief has blocked all contacts from calling.

How did an escort get to be so mean in such a people oriented profession?

That link is to an earlier posts written off the top of my head that attempts to address the apparent contradiction if a misanthrope as a sex worker

Honolulu’s Historic COVID-19 Proclamation Posted in Hawaii Federally Funded Housing. A Must See Sign of the Times

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Elite pariah in paradise tells all about the decidedly non-tourist side of Honolulu

50 Guys vs. 50 Times, On point Twitter Link: Tweet from Food For Thought (@prophesic)

Food For Thought (@prophesic) Tweeted: It’s strange that guys think a vagina is loose from being with 50 different men but wouldn’t get looser from fucking the same man 50 times.

50 guys vs. 50 times with one guy. It’s the volume of partners that understandably freaks people out to such an extent that me adding “x” in front of the word “hooker” did not stop editors from kicking me off sites like Reddit bc of my “inappropriate content.”

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Thank you for being beloved readers. No one means this more than I do!

Read link about functioning heroin addicts and notice something NOT mentioned as a downside of heroin use: “Inside the secret lives of functioning heroin addicts – CNN”

One Line: The article never mentions the deleterious effects heroin has on work performance because the problems with heroin are due to its forbidden status in society, not on mentality.

Anime and Hating Women. Image w/1 Line of Commentary: Pioneering Rappers Ought To Set Record Straight…

Pioneering Rappers Owe Women an Apology

Anime+Tampons, Image w/one line of commentary: “The first time I bought tampons for my girlfriend…”

“…I was proud to show anyone watching that I obviously had a woman and I was ruling her private area,” said my late army medic friend, with a possessive mindset.

Hawaii’s Secret Hostility–Follow link and See One line comment: Visitors who took advantage of cheap airfare attacked in Waikiki amid growing virus fears

Hawaii can be somewhat unwelcoming to outsiders if they are not seen in the context of money spending tourists

Herding the Homeless to Aloha Stadium? COVID in Honolulu , 20:00 Hrs. March 27, 2020

My friend and I were eating pizza in the parking lot of Papa John’s, using the trunk of his car as a table since there’s no indoor seating. He saw a homeless friend of his, and he called him over to share pizza. The homeless friend had a young, effeminate, hungry homeless friend with him. Much to my friend’s annoyance I gave my portion to the ladyboy (as he proudly called himself). To change the subject I asked the other homeless guy if the cops were bothering them since it was dark. That’s when he told us that either tonight or tomorrow the cops were taking people in if they answered “The street is my home,” the way they replied to the irritated police who rousted them last night. So much for sheltering in place. I will let you know after I interview some people.

Read this link to my colleague’s blog and below you’ll find my story about adventures in Dirty Talk! How to Dirty Talk for Beginners — Phicklephilly

As straightforward as it sounds, dirty talking in bed can be intimidating. It’s a great way to spice up your sex life and turn on your partner, but knowing what to say and actually saying it are two very different things. It’s best to start simple before venturing into something really kinky, so if you’re […]

How to Dirty Talk for Beginners — Phicklephilly
Looking good, sometimes I got it right, but sounding good--always a problem and dirty talk was no easier for me than any other conversation
Dirty Talk Makes Me Feel Uncomfortable, terribly. I have never known what to say! Whenever people are under stress they revert to what is most comfortable and natural to them. Of course, lifelong nerd that I am, I am most comfortable in an academic setting. Once, I was in an encounter with another person who kept insisting that I say something so in desperation, I fell back on what I knew–correct anatomical terms. I said something about the hard palette and the peripheral nervous system. Just when I was finding my rhythm, and before I had a chance to share the truly inspired comment I had about somatic nerves, the person burst out, in disgust, “Just stop! Only you could ruin dirty talk.”

Watch “Waikiki Ghost Town During COVID 3/27/20” on YouTube

Check out this brief, historic view of Central Waikiki during this virus outbreak. Ten years ago this street was a hotspot for street drug dealing and relatively pricy streetwalking (street level prostitution where guys in cars picked up slowly strolling women in glassine heels.) Last week this spot was teeming with tourists. Now, it’s kind of spooky.

Sexy pix, no ads–if the enclosed link works. Try it!

Sexy pix and no ads? This Pocket link to might be the way. We shall see if it works!

Caroleena, looking out for her readers

Early Thoughts About Saying Yes to crack

I want to give you some if my thinking in the early days of the blog. In a nutshell, I went to crack bc I had done everything I was supposed to do to be successful and happy yet I still felt empty. I met some new people. I was desperate to stop feeling all the hurt and emptiness and no action seemed like self pity.

Quarantine>>24/7 Sex. If Constant Sex is a Blessing Know it and Show it

Men I have met always want sex

I admit I have known a lot of pervy men. Yes, I have interacted with more males than your average female and these men are not randomly chosen from a diverse group. Perhaps oversexed men were over represented in my group of acquaintances. I issue this disclaimer: The men I have known are men who participate in the off track way of life, have participated, or are intrigued enough by red light lifestyle to want to know more. Obviously I can’t speak for every man. So let me reiterate, if your men are like the men I have known than they want sex, always and often, first and foremost. Have you ever heard men answer the hypothetical question about a desert island? They always want something or someone that will enable them to have the super sex they want. This quarantine is the closest thing to being on a desert island most of us will experience. My guess concerning the people I am not in contact with, is that men are constantly encouraging, hounding, pressuring, begging…you pick the word once you get the idea. If you are in sync with your man’s sexual appetite than have at it, and count your blessings for living your best life 24/7. Great, compatible sex with a man you love in a way he appreciates, and who loves you the way you want to be loved–it doesn’t get any better than that. Let me think about that statement…Hmmm….I stand by what I said, it does not get any better than that. You remember the children’s song, “If You’re Happy and You Know it, Clap Your Hands”? Those are wise words. Let’s not complain now then look back on these days and reminisce about how this was the best time of our lives. Let’s be happy and know it. Show it. Clap your hands. Or move your body in whatever way best indicates your gratitude. Just don’t miss it. Fornicate joyfully and dedicate your union to those less fortunate.

Drug Areas During COVID Quarantine–Rumors from Players

I talked to someone with a hand in an out of state drug trade. He told me that the dealers aren’t going to shut down, they’ll be out there. The users will come for their dope and go straight home. My associate is a big Trump supporter and according to him Trump is encouraging the police to lay off the drug hotspots and leave the homeless alone. Police are reportedly using their discretion to mess with people. In areas of the country outside of Hawaii people up the ante by shooting at abusive police. I visited one downtown homeless area that was virtually deserted and was told that the police came through and said “get out or get arrested.” I offer no opinion, just reporting what I’ve heard.

How Can the Spread of COVID-19 Lead to More Sex?

Unintended Consequences of Quarantine

Unintended consequences are one of the most fascinating aspects of life. The spread of this virus has lead to predictable, perhaps, consequences–the fear, hoarding, loss of work, quarantine, curfews. We can look back at measures taken during World War II to get some insight into what the powers that be might do if it is ever seemed necessary to try to have everyone doing the same thing at the same time. Would I ever see a society wide breakdown or at least an all encompassing change of that type? What wad the experience like? I will tell you how this feels. Totally unreal. I was surprised to feel such a sense of loss not to have my part time job to go to. My job was one of my main sources of social interaction. I am surely not the only one. I am lonely. Consider the social distancing mandate that has led to the closure of many other places where we would interact with people on a casual level. Now I am particularly lonely. I always imagined that if the world was ending, I wouldn’t be single. There’s an urge to widen my inner circle, the people I will be around no matter what. I bet others feel the urge to pull people to them. We certainly do have a lot of free time. A lot of free time with intimates … there’ll be a lot of sex. Sex with new and different people. Sex that we devote more time to, in the absence of structured activities. I predict what began with social distancing will end with a baby boom.

prediction: what began with social distancing will end with a baby boom.

Assuming we beat the virus, of course.

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