An X-Hooker Looks at Republican Economic Policy, Reaganomics and Trumponomics (my word)


When I was a kid the president of the United States was Ronald Reagan. As I remember things, there was something called trickle down economics. And I’m just giving you what I remember, I’m not looking up actual facts because I want you to get it as I experienced it. Trickle down economics meant that tax cuts and other such benefits would go to the rich and eventually the rest of us would get the benefits “trickling down” to us. It wasn’t “flooding down” economics. We got to have a taste of goodness but not a whole meal. The idea was that you do stuff, like cut capital gains taxes, for the wealthy people bc their wellness shores up society’s fiscal soundness. Forget society’s we’ll bring, the rich make the rules and they made rules to benefit themselves. I guess to the victors go the spoils. And yes, I wish I was victorious. I admit, I am jealous. But my focus is not the policy as much as the language of the economics. What is interesting now is that with President Trump there is no such pretense that doing things for the rich will benefit the rest of us. It’s just doing things for the rich. There’s no talk of any wealth trickling down. I do hear a lot about present day wealth being concentrated in the hands of the very few, more so than at any other time including the middle ages. When you think about it, the term trickle down is pretty offensive. like we’re lucky if we just happen to feel a sprinkle. The language of “Reaganomics” evinced the divisions between classes. The 1980’s are hailed as a time of great prosperity. I believe the upper class was happy that the right people, their people, were prosperous. But now, I am worried that we don’t even rate a trickle. Evidently we are ineligible for economic left overs or hand-me-downs (my terminology). We, the other 99%, were not the principle beneficiaries of tax cuts in the ’80’s. We were an afterthought. But now, we aren’t even a thought. I am not an economist. I do not know the validity of the theory that supporting the people who hold most of the wealth best supports society. But I think it is interesting that us poor people don’t even get a mention anymore. No one is talking about us, or to us. The silence fills me with foreboding.


If it turns out I am wildly off base I can take comfort in the stats that show few readers care about my political views. Most people will want to read my upcoming post: “Lesbian Lovers–Not!”


Strippers and Hookers are very different

Strippers can be artistic and athletic. Now that I think about it, so can hookers. Yet strippers and Hookers are very different

People sometimes use the words interchangeably, as if there is no difference between a stripper and a hooker. Sexuality is involved in both professions along with face to face interactions. To assume that similarity equals equivalency is common. But that assumption could not be further from the truth. The fact is that we look at each other and we can’t imagine how the other one can do what she does for the money. As for hookers we do things that are potentially really unpleasant for very short periods of time for a lot more money. Very unpleasant. Strippers do things that are not unpleasant, and in fact could be very enjoyable, and in some cases their acts are downright artistic and athletic. But they have to work for a very long time for small amounts of money at a time. And neither of us can imagine doing what the other does because we could never put up with that!

Me Versus Bleach Throwing Neighbor–Video After her Arraignment and Plea July 1, 2019

I recorded this video immediately after I came from court. My bleach throwing neighbor had arraignment and Plea, that’s where the court tells the defendant the charge and s/he has a chance to ask questions about the charge. The defendant enters a day, seems like “not guilty” is mandatory, and the trial date is set. Defendant receives referral to the public defender’s office if need be. Now there is a new procedure that requires the judge to read a document detailing the possible risks that the charge could have to a person’s immigration status, even if the person is a legal immigrant. I have never heard this before. I guess this is President Trump’s work. it seems kind of unfair that a legal immigrant could get kicked out for jaywalking, but what do I know? another thing that seems unfair is that the nasty neighbor who threw bleach on me did not even get charged with a petty misdemeanor but got charged with a citation–a ticket! Not even a jailable offense. In Chicago, although the whole thing was a hoax, when the black gay actor said people threw bleach on him, that was a big deal. They were talking hate crime. but I don’t get that kind of consideration and the police saw the actual video. Do you know what the police officer actually said to me? One of them said “since your rent is so cheap just hang in there and wait for the guy who is going to come along and take you away from all of this.” How snide! Then he gave her a ticket. I’m certain I’d have been charged with assault and battery. Anyone disagree? This indifference towards my welfare is primarily because of my record. Racism might play a role, in fact I’m sure that it does. But the main thing that influences how people treat me is knowledge of my x-streetwalker status. That is one of the risks of having ex-hooker status. There is no such thing as an ex-hooker. Not even when you are the victim of a crime. You can see my reaction with absolutely no editing, that will be pretty obvious when you look at the brief snippet. This video clip is YouTube bound. You will get to see my progress as I become a regular Steven Spielberg from this phone video selfie starting point.

Instant Addict Friends–How addiction combats the isolation of cyber “friendships”

I thought I was lonely and friendless bc of some internal flaw. Maybe. But maybe not. My loneliness could be a product of the flaws in modern society. My informal research shows that in today’s world we spend our time in meaningless sub-social (my word) interactions mediated by a screen. Texting instead of calling. Facebooking people we will never see again or never meet in the first place, instead of putting in face to face time with a reach-out-and-touch human. Time wasted in meaningless chatter bc our souls feel lonely without constant contact with someone or someones. You can have a close relationship if you talk on the phone, and don’t see the person, but that is the maximum distance between two people if they are to be considered in a relationship. Remove the voices from interaction that is not face to face (as in texting instead of calling) and what we have is a bunch of pen pals. Friends on social media are nothing more than cyber pen pals. I still feel lonely after I look away from the screen. But, in an otherwise lonely life I have interactions. It is these face to face encounters that I need in my life. No wonder it’s hard to get clean. Let me explain ..

Addiction’s Plus Side

If you want to get high you have to interact with people. If you are not independently wealthy you will need a hustle. Theft. Prostitution. Drug dealing. There are sub categories. You could be a shoplifter (colloquially called “booster”). Or an identity thief. Under the prostitution category, you could work the streets or make it your mission to be the dealer’s girlfriend. Interactions. Boosters have to find people who will buy their loot. Interactions. Selling drugs involves others but you know what really brings people together? Seeking drugs. Someone’s got money but no connections. Someone else knows a guy to call. This other person has a car. What? He didn’t answer? Try calling this girl..? The group is off on a mission. And when two or more addicts are United in a common purpose, that purpose is realized. Maybe there is something to the Law of Attraction. One thing that’s a definite is that being an addict automatically places you within a group. Sure they’d Rob you blind and possibly leave you for dead if you overdose. But it’s still a group. You can find your people all over the country. Drop me in any metropolitan area and within hours I’ll be behind a locked door getting high with my new associates. And loving the adventure.

My Neighbors found out about my x-hooker status and accused me of contributing to a stranger’s suicide

In 2016, I discovered that my neighbors believed I had something to do with s non resident entering the building and jumping to his death from the 19th floor. He was not known to anyone in the building and was not visiting anyone. In response to this tragedy, management posted notices informing residents to be vigilant about people sneaking in behind residents when residents open the secured entrance door (called “tailgating”), residents and non-residents peeping into windows, strangers lurking in the building on the floors and stairwells, and hand to hand exchanges of money that might indicate drug trades in the building or parking lot. The notice instructed residents to call the police and inform management if they saw anything suspicious. In response to those instructions the neighbors beside me and beneath me went to management to complain about me. They had not seen me do anything listed on the flyer. But never know–I could start.

There were some people in the building who recognized me from my days downtown. Immediately I became a suspect in the situation. Clearly the man has committed suicide. But it was thought that my presence, in unspecified ways, encouraged undesirable people to enter the building and do terrible things. I was called into a preliminary eviction meeting with management in August of that year. I was repeatedly encouraged to share what I knew (nothing). I was told the neighbors complained about the sound of my shoes in the hallway, showering at any hour of the day, and having visitors they did not know. I pointed out those “violations” were not against any rules. I said I was being singled out. Management was unrepentant bc a group had approached which was significant to them. Now I understand how any criminal record makes people assume you are capable of every criminal deed. Frustrating. And yet, I am still here which makes me feel triumphant and powerful. Screw “em. That’s what you call looking on the bright side.

Illegal solicitations look like this (warning: adult language)

Even though I have always been very clear that I don’t trade money for sex I get messages like this!

I received this message today June 29, 2019 from an unknown number. When I call the number a computer generated female voice informs me that “the text mail subscriber is unavailable.” My blog contact info is easy to get bc I want to hear from fans. Ok, “fans” is a bit of an overstatement. I am not yet popular enough to have “fans”–as in “fanatics.” I do have people who read my posts on a regular basis and I’m delighted to hear from any of my small and enduring group.

When I was on the street, if someone had said this to me after I got into his car, and that someone had been an undercover police officer, I would’ve been arrested. Twice, I was arrested by saying “yes” to propositions like this. Coming up, I will share the stories of the four Honolulu Police Department organized stings I experienced, which resulted in two life changing arrests.

It was tempting to see what would’ve happened had I agreed to this morning’s texted solicitation, just to see how it would’ve played out. Would s seat team have descended upon me? Would I have met my biggest blog fan to date? Are undercovers conducting their stings in cyberspace? Posing as anonymous texters? I cannot say for sure. I don’t like the idea of trying to explain to the judge that I was on a fact finding mission wh I agreed to trade sex for miney–but only as experiment! I don’t have the right to use speech this way. The First Amendment right to freedom of speech does not cover illegal propositions or speech meant to defraud someone of money or whatever.

I sent my standardtext response to these not infrequent inappropriate, kind of disrespectful messages. I said the proposition is illegal and that’s not what I do. In today’s world meeting people online is what’s happening and I’m not opposed to making arrangements to meet and spend time, but that’s not an agreement to do a specific sex act for a specific payment. I received an apology and no further communication. Of all the people who sent blunt solicitations not one texter has ever responded favorably to my correction and subsequent offer to spend time. I guess they weren’t interested in getting to know me. Undercovers probably don’t think much of me or of my blog. I, on the other hand, have nothing but respect for law enforcement, if that’s who is texting. Yes, in my opinion time spent trying to ensnare me in a trap is time wasted. Still, they are just doing their jobs, a job I could never do. They have always come to my aid when I’ve called. Aside from sometimes treating me with disdain after they learn of my record, Honolulu police have never given me problems. FYI.