A Study in Weirdos, The No-Shows Who Find No Sex, Sexy

People who cannot commit are common non-sexual participants in the lives of providers who post online ads. Posting ads changes procedure for the provider. Instead of meeting men for the first time on the street when the guys stop to pick them up, women with ads first talk or text and then meet the guys. Or make plans to meet anyway. There’s always someone who simply wants to make contact, for reasons unbeknownst to me, but has no intention of meeting. I’ve never gotten into the car if a guy who stopped for me only to find he just wanted me to get in and nothing more. He sets up an appointment, he confirms, he texts that he’s on his way, then he texts again to say “Here!”. He might stop contact then and there by abruptly not answering texts and calls when he had been totally reliable. At this time his phone is going straight to voicemail. 📴So annoying!

Another variation on this stunt is the guy who shows up, but does not emerge. He lets you know he is there, he sees you, and he is watching you as you look for him at the rendezvous point, saying, for example, “I see you in your red dress. I’m right up here, look to your left. Just a little further…no wait! You walked past my car. Come back.” Feeling like a complete fool you follow his directions, hoping against hope for a payday, until you admit to yourself he is another game playing time waster⏳. Alas, there’s no money coming your way. Damn. Even more annoying than the guy who drops out of cell phone contact because you feel like you got closer to getting paid. An illusion–you weren’t getting money from either of these types, ever.

The final variation of the cancelling/no-show guy is the guy who calls and cancels often enough for you to see the pattern. I call him the official canceller. At first there’s no way to know he isn’t serious because he appears to have enough ourtesy to cancel instead of standing you up. You learn that this person will not follow through. The guy who cancels is different from the guy who wants to lure you to a spot and make it known he is watching you. The chronic canceller never shows, never gives you a reason to go somewhere he can spy on you. He just wants to make arrangements and then officialy cancel, always through a text. On subsequent occasions, you agree to the appointment bc once in a great while, one of the official cancellation types shows. And pays.

I have never been able to get an explanation from any one of those official cancellation guys. The ones who make you look for them never ever answer your call again. The official cancellers will answer your call but probably only to string you along. They admit nothing. They’ll be like, “I totally meant to show up but something happened and I had to go back home.” I don’t see the pleasure in this, but different strokes…

HarvardGrad➕ DrugAddiction⏩ StoriesYouWannaRead

Experimenting with Site Mission Statements

1. Harvard elite slides down to the scale to the Honolulu drug streets and smiles through the pain with 1st Person Stories of the lessons learned on the descent

2. The Fascinating Purpose of My Site expertescort2018.com: Harvard Grad’s amusing + intimate tales of life on Honolulu’s Addicted Streets.

3. Opinions? Suggestions? Maximize people’s interest with the fewest words. Not easy.

  • How did it feel?
  • What happened?
  • Causes?
  • Results?
  • Lessons Learned?
  • Related issues

I did research about successful web writing and I learned that you don’t ask your readers to think. Who are your readers? People who don’t know you or what they really want. Something caught their eye and you’ve got 3 seconds to show them the reward your site offers as if they are simple animals seeking a reward. The author said there are ways your great site is losing people. I’m getting them back by staying focussed on street sex. And related issues.

Threesomes are not always fun–A Throwback link to a popular post

The feeling of a threesome

These encounters can be a lot of no fun. Surprising when you consider that it’s so often a fantasy. I think the primary issue is the more people included in an activity the less likely everyone is to be on the same page. Level of agreement is inversely proportionate to the number of people involved. Then add the fact that the more intimate an association the more agreement is necessary to make sure everyone is comfortable and you’re kind of asking for trouble by forming a group of three rather than a stand.

The Limits of anatomy

Maybe we can look to our structure for guidance. We can only face one person at a time. That’s a potential hindrance. Do I know that you don’t always have to be face to face during sex? I’ve heard something like that. If you’re not comfortable in the situation and everyone in it you may not want to take your eyes of another person. Now more than ever you don’t want someone busy behind your back.


Guess What young guys call out to attractive mature women

  • This is what a boy who looked like he could have been in high school called out to me: Hey Mamí, do you want to be my Mommy? Yes it was absurd but you know me, a part of me didn’t mind.

Remember Mrs. Robinson? The first MILF when there was no such thing as a MILF…

Vietnam Vet Has a Lesson in Survival Mindset From the Battlefield

I believe in interviewing people when I know they’ve been in situations that are unusual, and unlikely to happen again and they’ve come out on the other side. My beloved late friend Swan, the medic in Vietnam, was someone who took in misfits, random women from diverse backgrounds, like me. Among the women. But as for his male friends, they were all veterans, usually black, but not always. Hawaii has one of the smallest permanent black populations in the U. S. And many of them are veterans. We took Hawaii for its military value and the military had a strong presence here. When I went to Swan’s I had a chance to ask guys who had been in combat and survived, what their mindset had been. One person said, “You’d be walking along in the jungle, and all of a sudden the guy next to you would drop straight down. Shot dead. Out of nowhere. You had to say, ‘it’s not going to be me.’ I heard this joke about guys waiting to board a plane. Two guys are standing in line in front of another guy. The two guys start talking about what would happen if the plane went down. Who’d give the wives a message? The third guy jumped in and said, ‘i’ll survive. I can take your wives the messages. They’ll be single so I will definitely do it.’ That’s the mindset you have to have. ‘Not me. Never me.'”

COVID-19 Survival mentality

That’s one way to survive. Measured disassociation from reality. Don’t require logical evidence. In fact, make an assumption that flies in the face of logic. Of course, take all necessary precautions. We are in a pandemic and they’re opening economies so I guess things are getting better. We shall see. Do what you can to take limited control. And while you do so maintain the absolute belief in your invulnerability. As you don your mask and maintain social distance, believe in your health. You are fine, always will be. You have to think something. Might as well think that.

There Are Men Who Enjoy the Look of Women and are Happy to Find it in Men

Getting Away From Women

It never occurred to me 5hat my friend pursued other men with the specific intention of not having women around. I only found that out after he died when I read messages he had written on Messenger using my tablet. He used my tablet for the bigger screen. All the better to watch porn. He had made plans to meet a gay couple he knew. The last message was, “I’m here,” then nothing. He never told me about that though I had encouraged him to tell the stories. I thought I’d get invited as a spectator to such an event. It never for one minute crossed my mind that men would congratulate each other on a female-free atmosphere.

The Preference for Transgender Hookers Explained

Whenever I worked downtown or walked around to see how things are, I would try to catch the eye of guys dropping off “mahus” or men dressed as women who may or may not be pursuing surgery, but always want to have sex with men. One guy had a bumper sticker that read “I live my wife.” Indeed. Of course I am a bit cynical bc I have a nature that sees the negative first, but I also have a good sense of humor which makes my presence tolerable. I know that the man may very well love his wife, but he yearns for someone who looks like a woman but is nit. One of the guys who’s girlfriend is a working girl explained what he sees. He waits for the girlfriend to go on dates and return with the money for them to buy drugs. I’ve never understood having a man like that but I didn’t understand the appeal of a mahu either. This guy said:

A lot of men aren’t comfortable around women. They don’t know what to say to them. If a mahu is really pretty then the guys don’t have to worry about dealing with a woman.

An observer of street life

The former friend I had, Mandy, who said all men are gay, she had a characteristically bitter view of the surprisingly common desire of regular married men to intermittently dabble in quasi-same sex delights:

Men want to show women they don’t need them for anything but procreation. If they could take women out of that, they would.

Mandy, 30 year working girl

I don’t know if discussmarried men this among themselves. It’s funny how people come to unanimous unspoken agreements but they do, and this “down low” indulgences definitely one of them. I suppose the difficulties arise when men want to pursue this full time and in public.

Totally Revolutionary Hand washing Video Link if you REALLY Want to Master the process

Black ink as a hand washing teaching tool? Yes! A must see

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Best Handwashing Video , in my humble opinion: Twitter Link

The use of black ink instead of soap is a teaching tools that is wonderfully clear, simple, convincing, easy to remember, quick to learn, strikingly different from other perfectly accurate videos. In fact, the motions are the same, the language isn’t English, yet the substitution of black ink makes the video a must see. The content is important, but as a teacher, it’s fascinating to see how someone figured out the potential problem of something that wasn’t broken, and fixed it by zeroing in on the vital lesson conveyed with the perfect tool (ink). Thus the saying, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” was soundly debunked
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