Submissive vs. Dominant–which character is more likely to show up for an appointment?

The Answer: Neither submissives nor dominants show up at the appointed hour, perhaps bc people who self-identify as such have personal issues that preclude reliability

Submissive vs. Dominant–which character is more likely to show up for an appointment?

Sexy Video and verse of hidden & forbidden Hawaii since 2001

Answer: No one who self identified as a submissive or a dominant person has ever kept an appointment. They all stood me up after texts/emails expressing a commitment to the plan. One person who called himself a submissive met me in a public area, but was scared to go anywhere with me because he thought the people might see him and immediately know what he was planning. Pointing out that there were many people around precisely bc he wanted to meet in a public area did not convince him to accompany me to the rendezvous spot. I have no interpretation.

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Submissive vs. Dominant–which character is more likely to show up for an appointment?

Answer: No one who self identified as a submissive or a dominant person has ever kept an appointment. They all stood me up after texts/emails expressing a commitment to the plan. One person who called himself a submissive met me in a public area, but was scared to go anywhere with me because he thought the people might see him and immediately know what he was planning. Pointing out that there were many people around precisely bc he wanted to meet in a public area did not convince him to accompany me to the rendezvous spot. I have no interpretation.

Shocking Court Development of Justice Denied in Honolulu

Follow the YouTube link to find out the totally unpredictable court outcome in the “Bleach Throwing Neighbor” incident (video available on YouTube)

I’m not going to tell you the unbelievable outcome of the situation with my bleach throwing neighbor. Follow the YouTube link and we will talk after you watch it. I will give you a hint: sometimes snitches don’t get stitches, sometimes they get special treatment. The original incident is available on YouTube, entitled “Bleach Throwing Neighbor” and it runs 3:42 recorded May 29, 2019

A product I learned about through tricks–that anyone can enjoy

Did you know men’s underwear can be designed to look like women’s panties, but made to fit a man’s anatomy? Including the easy access slit in the front

IMPROVED: My sex standards in pictures to show consenting and awake adult humans with no biological waste

Consenting–no rape fantasy, no humiliation vidoes, no causing pain, and if I say “no” to choking that “no” is respected and hands will be removed from around my neck.
Conscious and aware, not passed out, no roofies, and no stories about when you worked in the morgue and you were alone with dead people (yes this issue has come up before

Adult, no kids involved and I cannot find anyone a five year old, so don’t ask again.
Homo sapiens or Humans, in other words, no dogs, no stories about pony and a girl in Mexico

NO Biological Waste, bathroom door is closed when I go in , and closed when you go in and I don’t want company in there and I won’t keep you company while you are in there.

My sex standards: consenting and conscious adult humans and no involvement with biological waste.

No matter how kinky things get, this activity rarely happens with hookers and tricks

No matter how kinky things get, can you guess the activity seldom performed between hookers and tricks?
Seldom do we practice basic politeness. The word “please” is a rarity. No one gives 24 hour notice prior to cancellation. Providers are often unapologetically late. No one sends formal invitations or confirms plans in advance. Now that I think of it, I never received a single thank you note. Well, I never sent one, so what do I expect. They say “be the change you want to see in the world.” I have been rude. I think I am responding to situations but maybe I am creating the environment.

An Acceptable Provider Sex Avoidance Tactic

Do you enjoy it when the provider gives you a pre-rendezvous shower? Yes? Good! Less time for you to touch her. Everyone wins.

One Precaution for Guys who Date Transgender Providers–How not to get done in by the person you get naked with Part III

Today we live in a culture where everyone is so hypersensitive to insults. I don’t want anyone to be insulted by what I write. I do admit, in the interest of cringing honesty that I would love to get the attention a controversial post brings, sure, I admit it. I do not want anyone to have hurt feelings because my advice applies to precautions one needs to take with female providers but there is a certain twist I want to discuss about our transgender co-workers (totally lame pun intended)

I have never seen an article that notes an interesting fact. When guys pick up a transgender provider (trannie, colloquially, if that is not offensive), they want to kinda forget are in the company of a man. They want the excitement of the forbidden fruit, they want to indulge the homosexual inclinations that many of us have but suppress, yadda yadda yadda. Yet , people sometimes need to tell themselves, I am with a woman, and they push the awareness of the other person’s masculinity away from awareness. In Hawaii, society makes denial easy. If a person dresses as a woman, everyone refers to her as a “her” and in conversation you might not even know the person central to the discussion isn’t a biological woman unless someone mentions it, which usually happens.


Guys are very used to not feeling physically threatened by women and for good reason. I remember the first time I was hit by a man. I was 24 years old and married, and my soon to be ex-husband punched me squarely in the face. I still remember my overriding thought:

This is why men rule the world.

The strength in that first punch from a man was a whole other level, greater than anything I had ever experienced. I knew I had no chance to win by fighting back so I concentrated my efforts on getting away. To this day it astounds me that women can survive a lifetime of being beaten. Anyway, I understand why men do not think a woman can overpower them. For the most part, she cannot. But when she is not a biological woman, she has all the strength of a man. I know of several situations when transgender providers invited a co-worker to join the rendezvous. One person sits next to the trick in the passenger seat, the other person is in the back seat. The trick does not realize it, but he is outnumbered and out positioned, and soon, he is out of pocket when they rob him. I will speculate to say that once the male aggression kicks in, there is almost a competitiveness to really get the guy, especially if some secret grudge is simmering. These guys can be very vicious.


No matter what fantasy you as a client want to experience you must keep one foot planted in the reality that you are dealing with a man, or men. This person(s) could be bigger, younger, stronger, and very much at an economic disadvantage, especially if you go to Honolulu’s downtown area where people are working the streets to support addiction–their own and usually someone else’s as well. If you picked up a homeless guy in downtown Honolulu, you would have your guard up, you know you would, and you should. Do not fool yourself into thinking “she won’t or can’t hurt me.” Let us be really real–she could and possibly would hurt you to steal from you. When it really counts, money wise, she may just pull out her masculinity and use it to her advantage and your disadvantage. She is a he, no matter how much anyone wants it not to be so. The truth is just the truth.


Do I need to say I am not talking about everyone, that you can’t judge a group by the actions of a few? I don’t have to run those lines by my intelligent readers, right? Thank you.

What does a trick ask after he gets rough with you and only pays you half your fee?

Why don’t you women want to be more giving?

Why we should welcome vulgar remarks, according to the expert–me

People do not have to care what I think. Society dismisses me once they learn of my past. There’s no such thing as “I was a hooker long ago.” People look at me as if what ever negative I was, is. People do not feel the need to be nice to me if they’d rather not. They don’t try to impress me. They do not worry I might share their secrets because a.people are unlikely to believe me and b. no one cares what I say anyway. The unexpected benefit:

People feel totally free to be fearlessly genuine in front of someone who can inflict no judgment.

Caroleena, The Expert Escort

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Real pic from my life of Warning sign there’s a scammer in our midst

Providers, be wary of going forward with a new client if he is sexually vulgar or even just graphic from the get-go. You must wonder why a working girl should be concerned about sexual remarks. Isn’t sex the objective?

Counterintuitive as it may seem: If a woman is going to get with a guy for sex and he makes a sexual remark when they are working out the details, either by phone or in person, it is trouble. But why? If the encounter is going to be for sex? Men, if you will allow me to generalize without proof, pretty much always hope an encounter will lead to sex. Unless he is really distracted by life altering events, he has half a mind on sex. But the only time he will reveal the crude notions in his mind to a woman he does not know is if he does not respect her.

Men believe they are doing women a favor by lying to them about their true sexual natures. If they do not put on a polite front, then she is not worth lying to and that man is trouble for a woman, including a hooker who is going with a man to turn a date.

A man laughing at a woman he does not know well is a bad sign that they are not sharing the joke

If I received a text from a guy that’s crude, I know one or more of the following things are true:

  • He will stand me up
  • He will try to withhold payment
  • He will attempt to set me up to get me in trouble, whatever trouble looks like for me
  • He will take back the money

Check out below ⤵️the text I received yesterday from a blog follower. This message is a great example of someone who is not really planning to see me, or if we met, I would totally regret it. If you are wondering why I am not used to this sort of vulgarity given my past, I must point out that the vast majority of men do not text me in such a fashion no matter what they wanted. Surprising, isn’t it?

Experience has taught me to ignore this person bc he is just a thief of time. Men truly interested in meeting or talking are never vulgar, even if the basis of our contact is sexual.

How to not get scammed by your provider, Part I

Scammers are everywhere and they want you and me!

I don’t know how these people got my name and number but they seem to know me. For months I have received calls purportedly from the U.S. government warning me that if I did not do something about the illegal use of my social security number I could face a long prison term. I have asked around and I found that many other people have received this same call. None of the people I talk to are gullible enough to stay on the line to receive the solution from the caller so I cannot say they asked for money, but I am certain they would if I let them.

We are on the lookout for people who barge into our lives and try to get something for nothing, or worse, something at our expense. We expect this treatment from strangers because it is a cruel world. But what about the people we invite into our space? What do we do about the provider or the client who wants to take as much as possible and give as little as possible as a standard way of doing business? The extra treat for these people is to totally rip us off. I meet many people who show me their absolute worst selves. I think I have an insider’s view into the basest of humanity’s nature due to being identified as a sex worker. I belong to a class of people that society views as, at best, unimportant, most often, as expendable, and unfortunately, as low hanging fruit to be plucked, peeled, gutted, and then, once we are stripped down to almost nothing, tossed away. When something happens to a prostitute, the person viewing the news story (assuming a crime against a hooker is newsworthy) usually says “well, what did she expect?” and promptly forgets. I have learned from my forensic television educational programs that predators target people like me because they correctly assume law enforcement won’t care at all or won’t care as much as if we were real people. They get caught only when they accumulate numbers and there are just too many dead bodies left in public already. It is my unverifiable observation that when a man is caught for killing just one hooker that sex worker is always white. I can’t prove it but I believe I am right. [An interesting aside about my own biases, it would take proof for me to let go of a belief for which I lack proof. Hmmm, but enough about my confirmation bias.] Let’s focus on what I know: I know con artists, the up close and personal ones.

Interested in what a provider will do to rip you off? Are you a provider who wants to know the warning signs that a trick will turn ugly? I am going to share my observations. I have been called paranoid in the online discussion forum about providers for putting my screening methods in place to try to weed out the crazies after the phone call but before they reach me. Yet if something bad happened to me, people would say, “those are the only precautions she took before meeting up with strangers who want sex? That’s nuts.” Everyone’s a critic so when it comes to safety I do what I think is best, and I am well aware that by living in Oahu I am safe because this place is too damn small for anyone to get away with anything. On the mainland, i doubt I would still be here. Once I decided to ignore all my warning signs and meet up with guys who did not pass my test. The one meeting I had with a guy I would ordinarily have passed over ended with him wrenching his money out of my hands and daring me to do something about it. A more scientific study would have required me to ignore warning signs on multiple occasions for comparison purposes but I did not.

You are going to be privy to what I have learned about the people who will rob us through hard knocks, by deliberate experimentation, and from stories shared with me by self-congratulatory people who always assumed they were the smartest people in every room. I once heard if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room. I like to think I have a different mindset than the thieves and can see them objectively. Of course we know that is not true. If you think I know something about the criminals you get naked with, stay tuned for the first installment of that very series:


Don’t let the con artists get you–and here is a hint, they don’t look like this picture!

How do I know if my escort/provider really likes me. Point 1

She knows your name

Contrary to what I have read on an internet discussion blog, providers do not call men “Honey” because the word rhymes with money. They call every guy Honey because they do not learn the guys’ names. There really is no point in learning a guy’s name because she may never see him again. Or if she does see him again, it won’t be that often. Also she is well aware of how he speaks about her online, hiding behind one or more screen names. She is sure he is unlikely to speak highly of her when he hooks up with his friends in person. what’s most common is that he doesn’t speak of her at all, but she knows what he thinks of her, what society in general thinks of her. So she doesn’t put herself out there. But if she actually calls you by your name, whatever you wanted to be called, she has taken the unusual step of getting to know you as a person, and she actually remembers something you told her about yourself. She is letting her natural femininity peek through, instead of trying for the detached male approach to sex that demands anonymity. So if she calls you by your actual name– you’re in there!

YouTube Video: Yes, women are asking for it. Find out what “it” is in this post.

Cleavage interests men. The suggestion of a possibility of cleavage is enough to turn a man’s head. I think we women need to be realistic about what we can expect from men. No, a woman is never asking to be raped. Revealing clothes does not guarantee a consent to sex or even imply consent is possible. However, revealing clothes will draw attention. It is unfair of women to get angry, or say they are angry, when men look at their bodies. People always act like attention seeking is such a terrible sin. It’s alright to seek attention, everyone needs acknowledgment. Let’s be honest with ourselves when we are seeking attention. Let’s stop getting indignant over comments from strangers, because let us face it, men are going to say things and we can’t always expect a high standard of behavior from men when our breasts are highlighted. If our breasts are showcased, if the skirt is short, yes, we are asking for it—attention, that is. Not rape.

If you are brainwashed into believing it is ok to sexualize little girls, this next sentence will shock you


Instead beauty pageants that require little girls to parade one by one in bikinis and makeup (as if to appeal to hetero men), let’s take little boys and dress them in speedos (as if to appeal to homosexual men).

Are you shocked? Me too. We have been brainwashed.

The idea of little boys presenting their bodies to adult gay men appalled me but the idea of little girls presenting their bodies to adult straight men merely irked me. Why don’t I have the same gut response to little girls presenting themselves? I know we all remember the high profile murder of the child beauty queen in Colorado, so we have all been exposed to pictures of little beauty queens. I used to feel simple disapproval of pix of her dressed as a Vegas showgirl, for one example. But I wasn’t horrified. But a little boy dressed as a Chippendale dancer–no, the very thought is awful, unnatural. Is it because I have seen adult women presenting themselves like that all of my life? Sure!  No harm in women looking sexy. Not only did I accept women as one part sex object, I very much wanted to be objectified. Not all the time, not by everyone, but yes, I wanted to have moments when I was nothing but desirable. If I, a pretty intelligent woman, could embrace objectifying women or myself when I choose, how can I cry “foul”  as men choose to leer? We have all been taught that’s one appropriate way to look at a female.

My point is that sometimes women have a double standard. We expect men to reject that which we women don’t really find offensive, if we are truly honest. I don’t cut men slack about rape, no way. But expecting them not to look at what’s been on display all of our lives, that’s unreasonable. The only enlightened people would be those as horrified by little girls in bikinis as little boys in speedos. I doubt there are many people in that camp after a lifetime in American culture.

Who Deserves Shame?

From the most successful month in blog history, Nov 2018

Sexy Video and verse of hidden & forbidden Hawaii since 2001

I listen to people counsel victims of rape. And the one thing the counselors want to make clear above all else is that the victims have no reason to be ashamed. They have no reason to be ashamed because it was not their fault; they did not do anything to bring that tragedy upon themselves and therefore the shame is not upon them but upon the victimizer.

    As a child I followed current events, being the lifelong nerd that I am, and I remember the ideological campaign to take the phrase “she asked for it,” out of the minds and mouths of people when thinking or speaking of rape. I remember change in courts of law after judges stopped allowing defense attorneys to enter into evidence the rape victim’s sexual history or manner of dress to prove she “only got what she deserved,”  and thus she was not…

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YouTube Video: Feral Chickens near a parking lot used for turning tricks in 2000

Part II Secret Street Sex

The above YouTube Link further sets the scene in a place of contradicting elements: a feral chicken colony descended from fighting birds raised by gamblers, luxury accomodations, a parking lot great for working girls to turn tricks, great environmental beauty, and a homeless encampment.

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