The Fact That I Only Lost One Tooth Showed That As An Addict

I got lucky enough to apply my obsessive compulsive tendencies to oral hygiene even when I was homeless. I dodged meth mouth, the scoyrge of Hawaii ice addicts who faced a double whammy. There was the tooth depleting crystal meth addiction. And, welfare dental insurance and prison dentists only supported yanking, not saving, teeth. I will admit that I looked for ways to feel superior any way I could. In Hawaii many adults are entirely toothless by 30 and one hardly ever sees an adult with a full set of teeth. Dentures and tooth replacement remedies are not covered by welfare insurance so people have pumas (holes) in their smiles but no one stands out so there’s no shame in it. I never imagined losing any teeth. That changed to gloating inwardly about only losing one tooth. Well, one and a half. But the “half” is another story.

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I am so touched that you are reading my words right now. Not because you have to but because out of the trillion other things you could be viewing online at this moment you choose to be here with me. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be here with you when I consider that the odds are against us meeting.

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White Men’s Jealousy of Black Men’s…Could This Sexual Issue Be Hidden in the Racial Tensions

Has anyone noticed the recent racial tensions, what with the white policeman murdering black George Floyd fr in of cop witnesse? I thoufht sso. Have you noticed 5hat with a few 3xceptions, it is men fighting men. I know from my work on this site that for men everything is about sex directly or indirectly. I would feel stupid speculating about the impact of sex on police brutality had I not discovered that men, not women, obsess about a certain something, I won’t say what. In particular, black men are envied for this thing. I will note that out of all the stereotypes I have heard this is the only one that’s true. Are white men hostile to black men bc what black havemen men, not women, most value? If I don’t know what I’m talking about you won’t get it. But if you catch my meaning then this is well known and I am not putting ideas in anyone’s head.

X-Hooker Life Hack #13: Life Is a Good News Bad News Story. Let me Explain the mixed blessing of adaptability

X-Hooker Life Hacks: The World’s Newest Everyday Wisdom from the World’s Oldest Profession for Everyday People.

Life is a good news bad news story. Do you know the good news?

You can get used to anything.

Do you know the bad news?

You can get used to anything.

We see evidence of this mixed blessing of human adaptability in addiction. In the beginning, like the first few days, you see people desperate for drugs, doing unthinkable things for money to get dope. Not me, you told yourself. I remember noticing the missing teeth of a prostitute who was sharing her door with us. I felt bad taking it when I considered what she did to get it. I took it anyway. I had already crossed the line between the unimaginable and what you can barely bring yourself to do. Before too long what was inconceivable becomes routine, hum drum “Let me get this money real quick and I will be right there,” I have told people. I’d think of the prostitute with the missing teeth and console myself that I am different because I still have my teeth. Mostly. You can get used to anything.

Watch Updated”Racist Attack Caught on Film +Unpunished” on YouTube–yes the unseen Victim is a black woman. And there’s more!

Hawaii Culture And Fighting

I don’t know about tradition and the days before the missionaries oh, but today’s local culture has a lot of fist fighting in it. If I was someone’s mother or sister or any kind of family member, it would be practically mandatory for the family to show up and fight with someone. If not the old man then the son who is in his forties apparently. There is no way this sort of behavior would be accepted and let go. S9would have to happen. So the fact that there has been no retaliation shows the people in charge that the victim is alone and therefore they don’t have to move. I guess you are only an important person if other people think you are an important person and they enforce your importance. A person cannot simply be important just because she exists. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to be considered a non person?

People expect racism

Whenever anyone sees the video they asked me one question in one word and that is Chinese? When I say yes they nod their heads wisely and shrug as if to say “of course.” I have noticed in Hawaii that certain groups don’t like certain groups and it is considered acceptable and not really racist because that is just how things are. If you ask local residents they will tell you that there is not much racism in Hawaii. And they are speaking what they believe to be the truth. The fact that he is Chinese does not count as racism because what can you do?

Death threats and a call to action

I had the video translated. My translator told me that the man is speaking in both Mandarin and Cantonese and she only knows Cantonese. She told me that he said I am going to hit you until you die and he also gave the command: “Die!” It would be very helpful to me if I could get a second opinion from anyone who can speak Mandarin and/or Cantonese because I want to be certain of what I am hearing. I think the context is pretty clear, but I would like to be able to match up the words with what I think they mean. So please get in touch with me if you can help!

Men Pay Women Who Are willing to Have Sex and Don’t Demand Conversation. The YouTube link shows why the joke is on men like this.

Men Pay Women Who Are willing to Have Sex and Don’t Demand Conversation. The YouTube link shows why the joke is on men like this.

Men Aren’t Just Paying For Sex, They Are Paying For Sex Without Talking, Before, During, and After

In general people want what they want when they want it with a minimum of effort. For men, the thing they always want is sex. Right now. Having to court a woman, or convince her he cares about her now and will continue to care in the future, well, that can be an irritating delay. During the act, many hate losing focus when they have to listen to what she wants or doesn’t want. It is preferable to many to get the rules established upfront so as not to interrupt the action. But that’s kinda not too romantic and more than a little conniving. Men dislike having to convince women that they are not just after one thing. Telling this lie is yet another time waster. Finally, men often want to flee the scene as if they committed a crime. Even guys not under time pressure. They really don’t want to hang around with promises of phone calls–even if he plans to call!

Relationships are called negotiations, give and take. Not every guy acts on the desire to be a pure taker but every guy wants to be a sexual taker, which means they want to consider only their desires. Women are just as much takers but pleasing the man with the hope of bonding him to her is what female selfishness looks like. Ironically, men and women can both be selfish and it works bc they’re all about him. But that’s only during sex. Selfish men want to get in and out (pun intended) without concerning himself with her. So they pay. is true 1st Person stories of recent Harvard Grad living on the addiction driven back streets of Honolulu

Some taglines:

Ivy League on Honolulu’s Streets. Harvard➡Homeless➡Heroin➡Happiness. Harvard X-hooker in Hawaii. Respectable Witty New Wisdom from the World’s Oldest Profession that’s Relevant to You. Elite on the Street. Intellectually witty look at Honolulu’s Red Light District.

Coming Soon, the Dear Abby of Addicts

Caroleena has been an addict and loved an addict. If you are in either of these positions you need someone who understands. Write in with your questions and this addict will tell you no lies in her advice column. Coming soon!

And I will tell you how!

A Men’s Mag wrote about safe hiking trips: “Guys Remember: Bug Repellant Tastes Bad.” Men & Sex…Oh, I Get It Now

I was reading the men’s mag for the health news, silly me

There’s a women’s version of this periodical but the men’s version has more exercises. I never really read the articles before, but this time I slowed my page flipping. I came upon an article about being safe in the outdoors. I thought, with all the COVID-19 stuff, maybe there’s new info in print. I started reading the article and there was no mention about safety while outdoors. The entire article was about having sex on a hiking trip. What was significant was that the article was not ostensibly about sex, but about hiking. Was there some sort of bait and switch in topics? Then I got it. I understood that to men, everything is about sex to such a degree that it need not be said. If they are doing anything with anyone at any time then the act is either sex itself, or is paving the way for more and better sex in the future. A men’s magazine is by definition a magazine about sex.

Swamp Ass Will Not Deter Her

The article had a certain confident slant. Finding a partner is not an issue and consent is assumed. Why would a guy do anything with a woman if he wasn’t going to have sex. In fact, as a guy you are fighting ’em off. The one or two or however many chosen are the blessed ones. You don’t even have to be nice to her but you are a guy with higher standards and the article was showing you how you can really make her day. Not only does she get to have you nail her you get to show her how nice you can be. (She does not ever nail him. He always nails her.)

What can you do for the lucky lady who has to deal with heat, biting insects, lack of privacy, and your smelly butt? The magazine gives helpful tips. As a particularly thoughtful guy, you scented carry wipes to freshen up your not so fresh nether regions, a part of your body that is not better after hours of hiking. After wiping yourself you’ll make it easier for her to put her face down there. You are a good guy, after all. Or you can carry a new, especially lightweight, but protective, mini-mattress type ground cover thingy so the rocks just off the hiking trail aren’t digging into her back–or her knees. If you are spending the night, make sure you have a tent that allows you to pull down the zipper enough so she is not too hot, because you don’t want the whining about ruining the mood. However, you need enough of a barrier between you two and the outdoors so she won’t feel exposed, you know how picky women get about privacy. There was a little container featured you can use to store the used condom and sweat sodden wipes because you want to be fresh, safe, and environmentally conscious. And those wipes? You can set some aside for her use in “post coital clean up.” What about the nasty tasting bug repellent that would make things less pleasant for her when she ministers to you. The magazine recommends repellents made from essential oils. They taste better on your skin. She will appreciate all you have done for her. Her gratitude for the things she never asked for is another something that’s assumed.

Women’s Health Mags Are About Health

What’s really interesting is that the female version of this health magazine, and I am talking prominent magazines here, is actually about health. There is no mention of the many men who want you and the few you are willing to nail. Any hiking article would be about hiking. I flipped through the men’s magazine and sure enough, every subject was sex. Relationship section had an article about how some men get women to make the first move. There was no mention of maintaining an ongoing relationship. A guy explained men’s sex drive like this:

Picture life as a fitted sheet pulled firmly. A bowling ball represents your sex drive. If you put the bowling ball in the middle of the sheet pf life, it would pull everything from every corner toward it. That’s the effect our sex drive has on our lives.

A talkative male blog fan who noted that I was correct when I compared men’s sex drive not to a bowling ball but to a black hole that sucks everything into it.

I don’t think I need to tell you what the magazine suggests about swamp ass. I am not sure I understand what it is but I am quite certain I am not going to waste time researching it. Suffice it to say, you want to get get rid of swamp ass, to make things more pleasant for her, because even swamp ass wouldn’t stop her from letting you nail her.

If Your Man is Addicted, or Really Into, Porn, Try Tactics on This List

There is something addictive about the screen. I believe this bc I have experimented with showing guys pix of me while I am beside them and they get stuck on the screen with it’s pix of the live woman beside them. If you want a confidence boost ladies take some pix if yourselves or do a video and watch him get stuck on that.

Harvard X-Hookr in Hawaii in Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n Roll

Become His Porn Partner: X-Hooker Life Hack #52

Remember how I cautioned women to avoud yelling and lengthy diatribes? Here are alternatives to traditional arguing. I call it The Porn Partnership. If you can’t beat ’em you really will have to join ’em. Is he going to stop watching? I have yet to meet a man who wants to give up pornography. Not even the guy told me:

She’s totally hot. She’s right there. I want to do her, but I can’t get off of the video

Former client explaining how watching porn made him feel conflicted

Strategies for forming a porn partnership. For the woman who loves a man who loves porn

  • Watch with him and watch the way he watches. Comment on what he remarks about, find videos in his favorite porn genre. Generally emulate him.
  • Take it seriously. My friend told me I had ruined many…

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Not Much Hawaii GUN Violence, But a Prostitution Addict Should Know Theft Is Common: See Copy From Monger Site Below

They don’t carry guns much in Honolulu BUT–

Hawaii is the number one state for property crimes. Meaning, you are likely to have something stolen from you under any circumstance. Your stuff will be stolen in the beach when you go in the water, your purse will be snatched, your clothes stolen if you hang them outside to dry. If you are on the most popular Honolulu Monger discussion site you might get set up to be robbed as you will read below, but at least you won’t get shot. Does this risk stop guys from seeking new providers? Of course not but you can see why guys rely on trusted senior members to tell them what’s what

There is tension between mongers trying to do what comes naturally and police who would rather target women than dangerous men.

He is Addicted to Prostitution and He is Going To Talk To You About His Addiction

There’s more than one person’s slic of the dark side. That’s for those of us who hi bthe good side.

He is Addicted to Prostitution and He is Going To Talk To You About His Addiction

The Words of a Prostitution Addict–How it Felt to Be a Member of a Discussion Forum

I started off reading the comments the guys made on the internet discussion forum. I decided to post something so totally ridiculous that there’s no way anyone is going to believe a woman randomly got on the elevator with me and said “do you want to f###?” For free, at that. But no one challenged me. I could write whatever I wanted and I was that person as long as I was online

“I felt like I had another person inside of me. You know that guy who does the things you never thought you’d do but you really wanted to do? I was that guy. He was the kind of person who spent time with prostitutes and when he wasn’t with prostitutes he spent time planning future dates and reliving his most recent experience. And when he wasn’t thinking about it, he was posting about it thus eliciting the same stories from other guys As a senior member he had credibility with guys who looked to the site for real info about women and women-types he had met and they actually could meet. He was an actual teacher just like he was studying to be in his Ph.D. program in the other compartment of his life. The more he posted as that other guy the quicker it was to become a high status senior member. He had the clout to ask other site members their opinions of certain providers without first giving his opinions as an offering. He was in a position to make demands. ” After the phone got through its start up procedures and I started navigating to the site, I would feel nervous about the posts I had written it was like a pleasurable pain tm. How had the guys liked my stuff? What kind what kind of sex did they have bc of me. That’s how things started out as a senior site member. Before the trouble began.

Sex with Strangers–what mental state do you need?

My life’s difficulties would have annihilated many. My birth parents met in a mental hospital where they were both patients. My father was there for shooting his ex-girlfriend, but only in the arm,” according to my birth mother. My mother was there, she said, because she didn’t need to prove she was crazy to anyone. My birth mother was white and so wad the couple who had planned to adopt me before my birth. My mother, for whatever reason, did not tell them that my father might have been black. We didn’t have DNA testing in the 1970’s but one look at me on my birthday convinced the white couple that I was half black and simply would not do. Eventually I wad sent to live with a black family who had been influenced by society’s view of unwanted black children and I was regarded as a consolation prize not nearly as great as what you get when you win. Like going on a gane show and the winner gets the trip to Hawaii and the loser gets the toaster. I was the toaster. But I was sure when I reconnected with the foster parents of my early childhood my status as Harvard student would cause them to regret their earlier decision to send me away and I would be taken into the family forever. However, my relentless anger, endlessly expressed” caused them to cut all ties once I graduated and could be considered self sufficient and not in need if a place to go during school vacations. Through it all, when things were particularly hard, I actively applied disassociation and dropped out of the scene. My other side could handle things bc she could withstand all manner of insult and rejection. I think repression and denial are underrated. These coping skills allow you to live through painful events without ever fully experiencing them. How else can you have sex with strangers for dope? Maybe if I had been sane I never would have gone down that path. But if I lacked sanity better to put insanity to work for me.

Simple and Easy In Depth Soul Analysis. How to Get to Your Core W/Little Effort

Instructions: go to Google Search or whatever search engine you often use and type a letter, or two. You will receive records about your interests and thoughts over time in the form of auto-correct. It’s likely you’ll be astonished at the difference between what you do and what you think you do.

You will see a picture of yourself that will receive many views as others strive to follow your straightforward path to self discovery.

A Good Look At Yourself, That’s What We Are Advised To Do

One of the steps in A.A. tells followers to do an initial, comprehensive “searching and fearless moral inventory.” The program alsi suggests ongoing self assessment to make sure you’re still on track. The thing is, it’s a difficult and daunting undertaking. People are intimidated at the thought of a huge project. I have stumbled upon a way to find out where you are and where you’ve been with minimal effort and total reliability.

How To Know Where Your Head’s At

Go to a site, like WordPress, that asks you to lust the tags that interest you so appropriate post a and sites can be sent your way. You eI have done this and the process was a revelation of self discovery. I had only to type a single letter and the helpful program automatically resurrected words I had typed before. I would not have remembered certain things that interested me had the suggestions not reminded me. Interestingly, I was surprised to note how often I had typed certain things, and I would not have chosen those particular words as my tags. What did I know about myself? Not as much as the computer that documents my interest without bias , without the influence of preconceived notions about who I think I should be. Try it.

1e to spend time

A Honolulu Building, Century Center, Is Said To Be a Hotbed of Organized Prostitution. 2 Things People Who Care Need To Know: See Brief News Link

Hawaii Converts Health Lessons for Addicts in These Historic Documents

This is the coolest site and it draws you in by telling you all about your birthday and the cultural significance of the day around the world. I am never bored and you know why? Bored people are boring. Just like depressed people are depressing. One of the reasons I blog is to reach out to you for company and to be useful to you. One thing ai want to share is great sites I stmlebupon that you might also like. The next picture is kind of a conversion, like the linked site

Opinions, anyone?

I took this screenshot on my Pinterest Account. My Pinterest accounts where you may find much of my content without commercial interruptions are: Ivyleague Xstreetwalker and Harvard X-h****r in Hawaii. Put those terms in your browser and include a comma and then the term Pinterest and you’ll see many sexy attractive pix. In case you want additional stimulation to fight boredom.

White People Aren’t Showing Exceptional Racism but The Human Norm For Dealing w/ Tragedy BC Us vs Them is How all Humans Role and Bible shows it

The ‘us and them’ pandemic shows America is still impervious to black pain

“Blacks are Dying from Corona Virus and Whites Don’t Care”

If this was a headline it would be overly simplistic due to the all or nothing reasoning. The statement is too black and white (pun intended lol) to be totally accurate but it’s pretty close. The article I linked you to did tell me something I hadn’t considered; people began protesting the stay at home orders when the stats about race and the virus became widespread news. Pkus, the protesters are white and we’ll off. I didn’t know that. I also didn’t know there’s a new code word for black, like “urban” or “at-risk” or “inner city.” Whites talk about “demographics.” As in, “you look at the ‘demographics’ and you feel there’s nothing to worry about,” say whites in the article. And they say it with a shrug and a smirk. I imagine white people thinking: “Oh well. Sucks to be them. Anyway…” I felt angry until I realized an essential truth: the reaction is not a white reaction but a human one.

It is my firm belief that if white people are indifferent to black pain, as the writer posits, it is not necessarily a reflwction of extraordinarily bad race relations. Nor is said indifference proof that whites are particularly hard hearted. We are witnessing an altogether ordinary, not extraordinary way humans deal with threats to life and limb. What do survivors of tragedies always, not sometimes, but always say? They never thought it could happen to them. Other people, sure. Something you read about in the paper…but me? Us? Here? No way. The only way we can get through lives of powerlessness is to cling to the illusion of imperviousness. I wrote a post about surviving the jungles of Vietnam. Vets that made it back knew they could’ve been killed but believed they never would get shot. What else can you do so you don’t do stark raving mad.

If You Believe the Bible You Accept That Delight Bc Tragedy Happens to Others is to be celebrated🎁

One way of looking at the celebration of Passover is that it is Schadenfreude. The Jews enslaved in Egypt celebrated when the Angel of Death passed over their homes, with the doorframes anointed with the blood of the lamb, and took the first born sons from Egyptian families. That’s codified schadenfreude, or delight in another’s misfortune. Maybe the emphasis of the celebration is not happiness that others are suffering but happiness that we are not. It’s splitting hairs. For thousands of years we have understood that it’s human nature to turn a blind eye to the problems of others, especially when we escaped a similar fate.

Any scrap of evidence is used to support the confirmation bias we all have as humans that horrible things we are powerless to prevent, Sony happen to us. This innate confirmation bias is why whites are relieved to write off corona virus as a black thing. That’s a normal human reaction. There’s always some guilt when you discover that, for example, the firetrucks were rushing to a house near yours but not yours. We feel guilty we aren’t noble enough to wish upon ourselves a fair portion of suffering. We simply are not noble. Was it Paul who wrote “in this flesh dwells no good thing”?

If corona virus were seen as a white thing, you’d be hardpressed to find many in the black community sympathetic to the White man’s pain. The difference would be we wouldn’t feel any guilt for not clamoring on behalf of whites bc whites have everything they need and don’t need our community concern.

Maybe I sound like I don’t think much of humanity. One thing I don’t appear to be in this post, is wrong. Do thesr words ring true to anyone else?

A Honolulu Building, Century Center, Is Said To Be a Hotbed of Organized Prostitution. 2 Things People Who Care Need To Know: See Brief News Link

Two (2) Important Points

A List of Important Century Center Facts
  • Massage has nothing to do with prostitution. Hawaii has a great law that limits the use of the word “massage” to establishments staffed and supervised by licensed massage therapists. Hence the name “relaxation spa.” Yes, massage can be sexual. So can movies or any number of things I need not name bc you get the point. Massage therapists have worked hard to change the totally wrong idea that massage therapy is not only prostitution but is also unskilled, a con job, a RIP off, and utterly lacking in therapeutic value. Massage therapists are educated professionals who are licensed by the state of Hawaii. Licensed massage therapists take a state licensing exam that tests anatomy, massage technique and law. They must acquire over 600 training hours. No massage establishment was raided this weekend. I know there isn’t a relaxation establishment using the word massage in its name. The media should follow suit.
    • Social worker service providers accompany the police during the raid so they will be on hand? What services do they provide to the trafficked? Those establishments are often staffed by Asian immigrants who don’t speak English and use the translator phone app to communicate with clients. I know bc I have asked guys what those places are like. I never worked in one because they are strictly for Asians. The long ago times I went to inquire about work someone told me later everyone there thought I was an undercover cop. Funny! But I had advantages since I speak English and I wouldn’t have needed to live there, like their workers usually do. Close those places and you add to the homeless population that Honolulu officials seem to dislike enormously. Those establishments don’t want trouble so they are good neighbors. Guys arriving and departing do NOT want to draw attention to themselves. People are bothered by the idea of activities they can only assume are taking place when these common establishments (unfortunately nicknamed amp’s for Asian massage parlors) do no actual harm to complaining neighbors. Now what will those women do? With luck, they’ll find housing in a new relaxation parlor bc I doubt the service providers can replace the entire way of life they snatched from society’s most desperate. Am I in favor of exploitation? No. I’m in favor of a real alternative. Social workers on hand to help victims during the police raid…yeah, right

In conclusion

Massage Therapists are not Hookers

Brothels are not Massage Establishments

Police Raids Create Different Problems that effect the same people. Problems are shifted not solved but we probably need that to keep cerain parts if society from growing uncontrollably. Like a yin and yang balance thing.

For God’s Sake Don’t Mention You’ve Been To Prison! You’re Not Habilitat! – Sexy, Funny Video/Verse unmasks forbidden intimate taboos in Honolulu

For God’s Sake Don’t Mention You’ve Been To Prison! You’re Not Habilitat!

Using Mugshots for Your Headshot

There’s a well known drug treatment program here in Honolulu named Habilitat. It was founded by someone who, like me, was a Native New Yorker. Bonnie Marino was a charismatic leader. The programs strength seemed to be the magnetism of his personality, although he could certainly be quite rude. Habilitat operated on the principle that there is therapeutic value in humiliation, both public and private. I can’t believe I lasted six months in a place where you were stood in front if the 200+ member family and called any name as long as it wasn’t racial and didn’t constitute a threat of violence. I protested to Habilitat staffers that “bitch” and “whore” were not healing words, but an extension and perpetuation of the rampant misogyny among addicts. No one cared what I thought. Nothing is perfect. There were beneficial aspects if the Habilitat program and if anyone is interested I can tell you some stories. The most intriguing part of the program was that Vinnie Marino, and all of the other top staffers, had their mugshots enlarged to poster size. Lists of all the criminal charges they had accumulated in their drug days were placed under one mug shot. I don’t know how they picked the best mug shot out to represent each one of them. Past and present directors were shown, like pictures of the presidents of the United States one sees in federal buildings, except the presidential pictures don’t have any captions other than date of tenure. The Habilitat program is a fixture in Hawaii. Many prominent, wealthy donors have always supported Habilitat. People come from all over the country to join the 2.5 year program and pay tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege. Vinnie Marino left fruit that still remains and he used his criminal history as a selling point. Could I do the same? Use my criminal past a selling point for my blog and my as yet to be discovered products?

No talk of prison!

No, people don’t understand. No, people will not accept you for who you are. At first. You can’t lead with the prison thing. Vinnie Marino probably didn’t lead with ‘Im an ex-con, let me tell you about Habilitat.’ He probably drew people bc of his success, and then told them who he was. No one’s perfect and everyone knows that. But you have to have enough sense not to put your weaknesses on your resume and not to tell your deep dark secrets on a first date. Get your readers first. Then tell them about prison.

A long time blog fan giving me much sought after good advice that I just didn’t take. Isn’t it ironic?
It is too late to unring the bell and hide my past. I can’t put my best foot forward so I just offer you my foot (lol). If you’re a reader you probably know already I am an alum of two very different institutions–college and corrections. Moreover, you are aware that my life now is not like most of the people who grad from Harvard or the Women’s Community Correctional Center (Double U Triple C, WCCC). My unique, honest personal story is I have tales of addiction driven street sex and related issues, and I use the skills my elite education gave me to artfully tell you all about being a hooker. Do I appeal to a narrow niche? You betcha. Still, I’m delighted to have a niche at all and someone other than spell check for a reader.
What’s most important is not to be imprisoned by thoughts that make me tell myself I can never make it work. I won’t be my own warden.

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