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What is ExpertEscort2018? Why stories from an ex-streetwalker ?

d797acc02436d3cb57afc0c145f381b3.jpgMission: Story-teller Caroleena, genius ex-streetwalker turned sex talker, recounts her journey from the elite ivy league to life as a low to mid level hooker on the grimy streets of downtown Honolulu in the early 21st century. Her first person account is told through interactive anecdotal sex industry history this is the first time someone who knows how to sell it and who is uniquely qualified to tell it, shares anecdotes for the good as posts in her blog. The author is not always politically correct while employing cringing honesty about hot button topics like unconventional sex practices, gender identity, race, and politics. Readers have unparalleled access to Caroleena who is available to respond to questions and write suggested topics. Caroleena uses the language of society’s elite to tell the stories of an outcast understandable to an audience who never thought to care about a streetwalker.  What’s in it for the reader who expands his horizons by enjoying the words of a pariah he had previously ignored?  Heretofore untold tales of intimacies show the reader that he is not alone in his secret desires, insecurities, and fetishes and he finds comforting answers to personal questions he never dared to ask. For the first time someone who knows how to sell it and who is uniquely qualified to tell it, breaks needless social customs that demand silence from certain people about certain issues. Read this sex industry history and find out why you’ll say “She’s a hooker, but she is me.”

I used to be a prostitute. I am also a graduate of an ivy league college. My purpose is to use my platform to give voice to people like me–people who are usually silent because they lack the skills, the opportunity, the desire, and most of all the nerve–to speak. When I heard the following statement I related the words to myself: I have been rich. I have been poor. Believe me, rich is better. I have had high social status–I have been somebody. I have been an outcast–I have been nobody. And believe me, being somebody is better. Best of all is the realization that the trappings of wealth and privilige do not make you more or less human. But these trappings make being human more enjoyable! I am a person who failed when she had every chance to succeed. I am someone who once judged certain groups as inferior to me until I became a member of that population and decided to face the truth. “Those people” are my people. Prostitute. Addict. Convicted felon. Unfit mother. Welfare recipient. Mentally ill. Ouch. Yet I am also a Magna cum laude graduate of an ivy league school. I have a graduate degree and could put letters behind my name. I am in Mensa. I am bipolar. I am all of these seemingly incompatible states at once, contrary to my belief that I was immune to everything society dismisses. I would have judged someone like me as having nothing worth hearing. But I knew that failure is an event not an identity and I have important words to contribute to the body if knowledge about what it is like to be someone like me in the early 21st century, in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America. I creatively share my point of view and the viewpoints of others, as “Caroleena”, the fictionalized ex-street walker turned sex talker. The feelings are true, the situations depicted are based on actual events.

Why should you care? Get answers to questions about sex you dare not ask. Find out how to fail and how to succeed from an expert in both extremes. Discover what I learned about secret sex lives and find out you are not so different from others–and take comfort in your normality. Finally, hear the embarrassingly honest truth about what it’s like to be the winningest loser I know. And the only author so uniquely qualified to both sell it and tell it. I know these stories, or “sexperiences,” will help anyone looking for a way out of isolating self condemnation because you will see that in some form or fashion you are not alone.

And if I fail to achieve this lofty goal, my words are one hell of a good read!

Expert Escort September, 2018

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