A Working Girl named “Heaven” has more to say about a little known aspect of “working”

You met Heaven in a previous post about my unpopularity with people just like I was. I am going to let you get to know this thin, white addicted woman below. See if you can spot a contradiction within Heaven's verbatim text to me. hint: She is proud of not having to do something that … Continue reading A Working Girl named “Heaven” has more to say about a little known aspect of “working”

Hooker Life Hack #8: A safety tip for women

If a group of men is drinking and you are the only female in an enclosed area, it is best to exit the scene. Alcohol and machismo can be a dangerous combo that produces sexual violence behind closed doors. By Expert Escort The world's newest wisdom from the world's oldest profession for the good of … Continue reading Hooker Life Hack #8: A safety tip for women

10 Most Common Traits of Successful People

I want to give my dear readers positivity and there’s a lot more positivity than I alone can orovude

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” The best way a mentor can prepare another leader is to expose him or her to great people.”

-John C. Maxwell

The greats are the ones who have role-models and mentors to inspire them.

Do you?

I know sometimes that there are people who don’t have good influences in their lives, including me but …

We have the Internet.

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There are many successful people in the world who put their stuff out there for people to see on the internet, and we all should be modeling the traits that make them great.

Luckily, I’ve been studying some successful people, and I’ve found 10 of the most common traits almost all successful people have.

Here we go…


1. Never Ending Improvement


” The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. “


What do you…

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I Choose Real Enemies Over Fake Friends

I have never been good at making friends. No, untrue. I have never been good at keeping friends. People like me and I like them, at first. But then, it has always been my perception that they wrong me and I find it necessary to retaliate to show them that God might not have my … Continue reading I Choose Real Enemies Over Fake Friends

Christmas on the Ho Stroll

Using my legs to make an impression earned me the nickname "Tina." I appreciated Honolulu weather. The streets were pretty empty of cars and foot traffic Christmas day though the emptiest day of the year was Superbowl Sunday. Nevertheless, hi there's always business. Over the several years I was out there on Christmas day a … Continue reading Christmas on the Ho Stroll

What it’s like to get the college alumni magazine in prison? Part II

I will never know how Harvard's alumni association got ahold of my address at the women's prison on Oahu. They faithfully rushed a copy of the periodical to this graduate ('95), only to have it languish in the mailtoom. As far as WCCC (Pronounced "W Triple C") was concerned this inmate could damn we'll wait. A delicious irony.