Video of author reading a piece about self control

She Owes Sex in Honolulu!

Men who use guilt trips to wheedled sex from vulnerable women in Honolulu’s addicted streets.

Controversial YouTube Link A MUST SEE Defining Addiction

I have been saying this very thing but he says it better.  Addiction is a response to human suffering.  Not only does he dismiss the idea of addiction as a moral failure but he does not embrace the idea of addiction as a disease.  I wrote, within the last month I think, that every addictContinue reading “Controversial YouTube Link A MUST SEE Defining Addiction”

I AM A GOOD WORLD CITIZEN. Follow MUST SEE VIDEO Link to SENSIBLE COVID NEWS⤵️. What Is Causing the Spike in COVID-19 Cases?

This YouTube video has some new things to say about COVID-19, but what I like more is that my previously formed opinions are validated by an expert. Hear why these two statements are true➡️the virus is contagious and we should open the schools.

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