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A Pimp and His “Stable,” An Intelligent Analysis

Women want forever, men want variety—forever In organized prostitution there’s a man, the pimp, who serves as the leader over a group of women who are the sex workers. All of the women turn all of their earnings over to the pimp who takes care of them—with their money. He provides food, clothing, shelter, andContinue reading “A Pimp and His “Stable,” An Intelligent Analysis”

Street Prostitution: a logical outcome in a way

Street Prostitution: a logical outcome in a way — Read on Follow the link for the explanation, the answer to a question you never asked but find interesting now that it’s come up.

Smart Enough? Sexy Enough? Can You Answer the Question that got Caroleena the sexy IQ Test Taker Gig

You Smart Enough to answer the following question that won Caroleena the gig as sexy IQ test taker, $50 a test. Answer will follow

Rape, Abuse, theft, abortion–we all know people who do the taboo

we either know people or we are people who have killed, stolen, and done societal taboos. Just bc no one talks about it doesn’t mean it’s not happening

Alcoholism –A New Lesson You’ve Never Heard that’ll Amaze You

alcoholism punished the people around the alcoholic in ways like no other drug

The Long Story: Birth Mother: Why a Lonely Kid Wanted to Find Her

If you understand the desperate isolation produced by my childhood with strangers you’ll know why I was compelled to find my birth mother

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