Fascinating inside view–Follow links to see banners on adult sites

<a href=”https://www.adultlook.com&#8221; title=”Escorts” border=”0″><img src=”https://www.adultlook.com/images/static/er-5.jpg&#8221; alt=”AdultLook”></a> <a href=”https://www.adultlook.com&#8221; title=”Escorts” border=”0″><img src=”https://www.adultlook.com/images/static/er-4.jpg&#8221; alt=”AdultLook”></a>   These links can be added to a provider’s advertising site–i think the links have to become part of the banner on the provider’s site. Then she gets a discount on the price of posting ads on this host adult site. Interesting, yes?Continue reading “Fascinating inside view–Follow links to see banners on adult sites”

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