Controversy Warning: Unity Among Men Not Women, others with minority status

Bro’s Before Ho’s is an expression that accurately reflects men’s tendency to be loyal to each other before they are loyal to females. Men, especially white men, stick together, and other successful groups do as well. If blacks and women defined success as being with each other instead of getting away from each other, we could more powerful, economically and otherwise. Controversial but true, in my opinion.

Criminal Christmas in Paradise–A Snapshot into Local Culture on the Other Side of the Tracks

Criminals celebrate Christmas 2019 together in Honolulu, Hawaii, local style.

My wish to understand the underclass was granted in the funniest way!

I wished to understand the underclass so I could represent them in a sympathetic way to people, like me, who had never walked in their shoes. I got my wish, and it was really funny how things turned out when I sought to learn about junkies and whores.

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