Arrest in Honolulu This link will take you to beauty shots that made me think of jail.. Don’t worry. I will explain. Secret Life Events Revealed It has been said that people will not want to read a blog written by and featuring anyone with past (in some cases ongoing!) legal issues. Surely readers interested in tabooContinue reading “Arrest in Honolulu”

I was targeted by a police undercover sting and got away

I was in 4 police stings when I was on the street. Twice I escaped, twice I got arrested. Here’s an escape An Arrest I Escaped Follow the link above to read my 2019 take on one of the biggest risks I faces on the street. Disclaimer: I never said my stories are true. IContinue reading “I was targeted by a police undercover sting and got away”

Snitches I Know Do Not Fit The Stereotype, Exactly

I am told it is the police and not the criminal who initiate the snitching

An Arrest I Escaped

Here’s how I got away with the second of four encounters with the Honolulu Police Department Prostitution Stings. Twice I got away and twice I didn’t. This is the story of the second time I got away.

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