I am special if he sees me as a sex object—right?

I was wrong I thought I was special if a man wanted to have sex with me. I thought men were choosy. Men are indeed choosy but not in the way I thought. Men are quite often willing to have sex with anyone, and if no one is going to find out that group expandsContinue reading “I am special if he sees me as a sex object—right?”

3K Views for YouTube Honolulu Secret Street Sex Video

I wasn’t trying to promote this video, I just casually posted it. I thought it might interest you to see the unlikely places people hid to rendezvous

COVID, Sex Workers, Clients—in HIS words: https://wp.me/p8wemN-1gX

August 31, 2030 I am passionate about maintaining anonymity while giving you the unedited words of participants in the off track segment of society. This is a genuine message sent to me on Facebook by someone I do not know. It is so on topic I know you’ll want to know that your frustration isContinue reading “COVID, Sex Workers, Clients—in HIS words: https://wp.me/p8wemN-1gX”

An Ex-Sex Worker Says Put Your Age Out There and Don’t Lie About It

ex-sex Worker says don’t lie about your age

My Earliest Blogging Efforts to Record Details Life as Call Girl

November 19, 2017… get a call 📞 at 5:30 a.m. by someone who saw my number on the site that allows providers to post ads free. He wants to see me a short drive away in Waikiki. I have to work out bc a taut body is my best feature. So of course I amContinue reading “My Earliest Blogging Efforts to Record Details Life as Call Girl”

How Being Raised by Adults Who Spent Their Childhoods Being Poor and Black Effected my School Work

It’s hard to see how past racism has a present day impact so I will give you my real world example.

Advice From the World’s Oldest Living Man–Posthumous, Ironically

Advice on how to live long from a 100+ year old man does not square with my ways. Here’s what I need to change to be an old X-Hooker.

If Men Knew How They Looked Holding a Tiny Kitten…

How can men use cats to make themselves sexually appealing to women?

My Threesome (3Some) Error

Even though I was engaged in Non-traditional sex, I had to be on the lookout for biases, assumptions, and other forms of mental rigidity. Threesome participation does not guarantee an open mind.

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