My Lips: Today’s Sexy, Yesterday’s Shame, The Future’s Hope

As a kid I was bullied by white kids over my full lips. Now look!

Transgender People Need To Embrace Truth So We Respect the Movement

If I say I am a bear, no one has to believe me, but if I say I am TG and I am a man people must accept my claim. I think this break with reality takes something away from people who want to find their truth and have others accept it.

Look at these models who show us that black really is beautiful, so is white and brown. My childhood as an ugly kid could have been different if pictures of these beauties had been the norm.

Models like the ones shown in this blog did not always look like this rainbow array of women. The lack of anyone who looked like me in the sources that declared themselves beauty experts told me and those around me, that I was ugly. But that was then. Times really do change.

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