R. Kelly’s Conviction for Sexual Abuse is Comparable to Martin Luther King, but not in the Self Serving Way His Attorneys Want. See linked article

I was thunderstruck when I discovered MLK was a womanizer

I had no idea that MLK was similar to so very many men with power who use their power to have access to people’s bodies that would have been out of reach if they did not possess that thing outside of themselves that they claimed as their own. You have seen the allegations of promiscuity all the way to rape against famous men, a couple of president, a prominent college football coaching assistant. I have seen the same abuses when men have something desperate people on the street want–drugs primarily, but also money, or a place to stay. If a man has total possession of a much coveted something, be it tangible or intangible like status, that man will first and foremost reward himself through sex and more sex. I have been told by a former crack dealer that he wanted to give newbies to the drug enough information that he felt he had fairly warned them not to try the crack he was offering. If he offered it with one hand and shook a warning finger with the other, he would not have to feel guilty when they went off the cliff of addiction , as they inevitably would. Once they were over the cliff he knew they would trade sexual favors for his seemingly limitless supply of crack. He wanted to feel like a good person, so prior to giving them their first hit, which required him to hold the glass pipe to their mouths and hold the lighter to the end of the pipe for them, he would give a stern warning.

They call this glass tube that works as the [crack] pipe the devil’s d***. I once saw a girl suck a dog’s d*** for this drug. It is that powerful. You really should not do what I do.

This was the warning someone I will call Long Haired Mike from Waikiki gave young women as he let them watch him take a hit off the pipe. Later, I would learn that people who warn you about being involved with them issue warnings as a way to absolve themselves of all responsibility for hurting you. Hey, weren’t you told he wasn’t a very good friend? Weren’t you told that this drug will drive you to bestiality under the duress of addiction desperation. It is your own fault for not listening to his honesty. Later still, I found out that Long Haired Mike was actually the one who told the woman in his warning to perform the sex act on the dog .

Fame and Power Have the Lure of Drugs

A man does not have to be a drug dealer, or a famous singer. He might have had little money, but world wide fame as a civil rights leader, and he could use that to be very popular with the ladies. I did not know MLK was unfaithful to his wife until I was in charge of the First Annual Martin Luther King Day Celebration at the Women’s Prison In Kailua, the Windward side of the island of Oahu, the main island where Honolulu, the state capital is located. I was the logical choice since I was one of ten black women in the population of about 300 women and I was the second most educated inmate (one woman was an attorney and had a Ph.D. and I believed her because in 45 seconds she taught me legal theory that I use to this day in my pro se lawsuits). As leader of this amorphous celebration I wrote a play, choose songs for the many talented dancers in the prison population, and I had a large selection of documentaries that I choose to show in 3 minute segments. It was during this documentary survey that I learned for the first time that Martin Luther King had women, many women. I did not hear anything about rape, but then again, this was the first time I had heard anything unflattering about him.

I think that was the last time I was disillusioned about a person. Learning that about MLK took the last of my innocence. Even him? Was no man above the base instinct to act upon ever present lust? Indulging in sexual lust is how MLK is similar to R. Kelly. Not because the former was wrongly persecuted as he fought for the good of mankind, because in that way I think he is dissimilar to R. Kelly. As far as I know R. Kelly did not look past his own desires but who knows. I did not know MLK was a womanizer, maybe I do not know about R. Kelly’s activism. It does not really matter because it is the lust of the flesh that disturbs me.

One female reader asks: As a woman do I have to be like a mid 20th century wife and look the other way as long as my husband comes home to me and I have the title of wife? My answer is–maybe so. But that simply means he does not let you know anything he does when he is out of sight, and by the way, you do him the same favor. If it turns out he is an abuser, a sadist, a child pornographer and sex trafficker, well, that you want to acknowledge and take steps to make him accountable through the legal system of through your own system.

More on R Kelly and the totally misunderstood idea that men rape because they “need” to, as in R. Kelly did not “need” to rape because he was rich and famous. I guess his attorney’s meant he could find someone to debase herself to no end and there is no way any woman could find humiliation from a man rich and famous enough to be in any way objectionable. I have to talk about that. And I also have to cover the complex notion of consent and choice. If a woman says “yes” is that yes all inclusive and the man can do whatever, however? Or in a closely related example, if a person chooses to use drugs, can it be said any overdose is “accidental”? We will explore need and consent. I hope you got something out of the R. Kelly, Martin Luther King comparison.

Addiction and Prostitution in Hawaii

No Means No, but a reluctant “I Guess So” is Good Enough for Lots Of Guys

Guys Don’t Mind Persistence

I would think, from my woman’s point of view, that if someone was not thrilled about having sex with me, that I wouldn’t want to do it. The very definition of “damning with faint praise” would be a weak “I guess so.” But guys don’t seem to mind if she is not thrilled at the prospect. Is that not off putting to a guy? I guess not. Is it good enough for him that he gets what he wants?

Fun is not always a team sport

One guy’s justification for pursuing his goals no matter what any one else wants
Escort Answers

Men who rape don’t do it bc they “have to,” and they will make sure to turn a yes into a no, bc the only thing they “have to” get is the no

“You Can’t Rape The Willing”

The only time I’ve heard this expression was when I overheard men laughing amongst themselves about getting rough with a woman. Remember the post I wrote about Matt, my short, overweight male associate who told me how guys talk about sex amongst themselves. According to Matt, he had told a friend of his that he “gave it to her real good.” He was probably unaware of the smirk on his face as he made quick downward punching motions with his clenched fist. The violent gesture represented how he used his member during his preferred type of intercourse. Don’t you just love how I cleaned that up for you, Valued Readers? I’m sure he edited his words for me. He probably said “I f****d her good and hard. Same simulated punches, same evil smirk.

Misogynistic Guys Like Matt Laugh When They Misunderstand Submission as Defeat Instead of Strategy

When guys like this say you can’t rape the willing they mean, submit, “when rape is inevitable lay back and enjoy it.” The shock of the truth is, when a we on a n says “yes” a rapist cannot perform. They can’t get aroused. A rapist can’t rape the willing, but not bc she has to give up her power, but bc she outwits him by depriving him of the reward he seeks.