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People Cheer “Arrests” but there is a lot more to know before we know anything

HPD: 74 arrests made in Chinatown in last 6 weeks under crime prevention program

Downtown Honolulu’s Chinatown is in the midst of a much touted police “crackdown”

I have told you that downtown Honolulu has been one of Oahu’s epicenters for drugs. Years ago I walked those streets in the sincere belief that I could partake in the offtrack lifestyle and no one would be the wiser bc of my good taste in clothes. I am not bragging when I say I was the best looking homeless crack addict on the block in my youth. Please, hold your applause. I have shared with you that I enjoyed my experiences bc the drugs and the risks I took to obtain them were all consuming. Self pity was in the back burner and my orphan status did not cause me to stand out from my peers bc most were alienated from their families. None of this psychological relief would have been possible without a centralized location for all of the elements of this lifestyle. This is the reasoning of an adolescent. The community does not want to be sacrificed at the altar of my self worship. It really is for the best to get the crime off the street and force people to do what normal people do–pursue their behavioral deviations from the accepted norm behind closed doors. No one gets influenced to follow the examples of people smoking crack, ice, or heroin in public. People were once deeply disturbed by such displays, which were absolutely commonplace during 1990’s. These people can relax and focus on something other than cleaning up the streets–like promoting small business.

I understand why people Cheer Arrests, but my insider’s knowledge of “the system” causes me to worry

Yes, let us get the crime off the street. But we actually do need to consider where it goes. I have heard,”they don’t care where you go as long as you get up out of here.” People discover they need to see the follow through for the much touted arrests. According to the linked article lots of homeless have been arrested. Those are likely to be petty misdemeanor arrests meant to convey that the homeless will have a rough go of it in this hostile place. Loitering, littering, jaywalking, camping, lying on the sidewalk. When Rudolph Giuliani was mayor of NYC these nuisance crimes were aggressively pursued with the (reported) results that the little crimes were committed by big time criminals. Felons were rooted out, the community was safer. Yadda yadda yadda…

I do not know if that was true in NYC but in Honolulu nuisance crimes are committed by people who are more nuisances than criminals. They get arrested and released in the morning in a repetitious cycle that churns a lot of paperwork. It is a good thing there is a lot of paperwork to give the Honolulu Police Department work to justify all the COVID relief money they paid their members as excessive overtime. Some would call it fraud. Is this “crackdown” as nothing but a chance to say to the community:

Don’t think HPD is just lavishly spending relief money on all terrain vehicles officers ride on the sidewalk during their unjustifiable overtime. HPD is lavishly spending and making arrests that tax payers find comforting.

The author’s cynical interpretation of the big crime fighting initiative

Maybe I am wrong about the need for real change

As long as the public thinks it’s safety has improved that’s what really matters. No matter what anyone does, the interpretation of the actions is how people experience them. Did you read the linked article about how River Street is totally clear. It was home to mainly alcoholics for over 20 years. The street really looks different, that is true. Did the homeless go “away?” Yes, if “away” means a block toward Diamond Head. Now they bed down by Maunakea Marketplace, on Hotel Street. The only traffic on Hotel Street is the bus. The drivers who see River Street will be impressed by the enormous change –in that spot.

I almost forgot! I did notice a change in the homeless population due to this police initiative. There are more people wearng a jumpsuit made out of sturdy paper-like material. If a person is arrested without appropriate attire the officers in cellblock give him or her a paper suit. People with nothing stay in the paper suit days after their arrest because their belongings are often disposed of by the arresting officers. Yes, there is a new fashion by Maunakea Market. That’s what arrests profit society members who ask no questions about the criminal justice system if it does not touch them personally.

How to handle con artists

Video: street life hack–the liars motto revealed!

Street Life Hack: 1 thing to know about con artists.

Hopefully this video will work. In 2 minutes Caroleena gives you at least 5 nuggets of wisdom about con artists:

  • We want to believe the person is telling us the truth
  • The con artist knows we want to believe them
  • Never trust appearances when evaluating a person’s reliability
  • A person who intends to rob you always appears to be someone who intends to give you something
  • You can keep believe in the good of all people and stop lending money. Hard lessons need not leave you jaded. But you don’t have to let yourself be used to prove you are not bitter!

After I post this I will do the accompanying podcast to give you all audio content! You are on this journey with me my beloved readers.


Trump Impeached? The American Public is not virginal when it comes to public figures President Nixon, The Vietnam War and Other Scandals Have Jaded Us and the News Coverage of the Impeachment Proves Our Hardened Hearts

A California church is praying for the resurrection of one of it’s youngest members after the toddlers unexplained sudden death this week. I understand their logic. The Bible presents the example if the resurrection of Jesus and Lazarus. There you have it, 2 precedents. The Bible also tells us that we will do “greater works” than Jesus through our applied faith. No, I can’t give you a how-to guide on achieving said greater works.

To be A Christian One Must Believe Jesus is Divine, Not Just A Really Good Guy

I have read that many people gladly attribute spiritual goodness to Jesus, a man who talked about a lot of good stuff that they support. Live one another and the related teachings are in line with who they want to become. Most of these semi-believers can’t say they have definitive faith in his divinity. Thus, they aren’t Christians bc the Crux of the religion is defeating death, death being the wages of sin that we’ve all earned. Jesus paid our price. Then the penalty for the wages if sin, once paid, was eradicated by the resurrection (I hope I’m missing details bc as I reread my writing, the whole story sounds impossible.)

Example of an innocent Paying the Price for a sin

Kind of like my $130 jaywalking ticket. If someone paid it for me the I’d be off the hook, yet the penalty would be satisfied. As long as someone pays the ticket the state if Hawaii is happy. Any volunteers? I didn’t think so. Churches acknowledge that we don’t understand what Catholics call “mysteries” or why things are the way they are. We don’t know why Jesus’ death satisfies my spiritual debt just like a check from Jesus would pay the jaywalking fine (if only!). I suppose if we follow the illustration to its logical end, the money would e returned and no one would ever be charged again

We are to accept what’s held to be true, even if we can’t know why. Does the term “mystery” attempt to cover a weak point in the legend? I don’t know. But I do know that true believers accept everything. Hey, I accept the truth of gravity and that’s mostly a mystery to me, so my understanding is not necessary to keep the world turning.


There are semi believers who kind of believe in our government. Once, we had faith. We could be shocked, scandals held our attention. Does it seem odd to anyone that a story like this should be featured on this important day in history. I think I know why the impeachment is headlining but not monopolizing the news. No one cares about the impeachment to the exclusion of all else. When the debacle went down with President Clinton, his impeachment did monopolize the news and every channel. In the end it was anti-climactic.

Our president was impeached? Now what?”

  • Do we need a new president?
  • Is the vice president running things?
  • Is President Clinton going to prison? What about Monica Lewinsky?
  • Does President Clinton have to resign, like President Nixon?

We waited for some major consequence to come down the pike. As a member of society, recounting history for the youth, I would have to interpret the general mood as confused and irritated ultimately turning to indifference. To many, myself included, the Clinton situation was mine of the public’s business. Those issues were for the couple to work out. We were brought in on a bunch of foolishness which seemed more like personal attacks than concern for me and my fellow citizens. My beloved late friend, who’d been a medic in the Vietnam War said:

If the President of the greatest country in the world, the country I saw a lot of guys die for, if he can’t get no p****, ain’t no hope for the rest of us. Some of the guys who died [serving in Vietnam] were so young, they ain’t never had no p****. Crying for their mothers, blood running into the dirt. My president better be getting p***** or I don’t know why anyone would die for this country.

The words of My dear departed friend, A man who would have been devastated if the powerful office of POTUS didn’t include the benefit of sex with whomever, wherever, and however the leader of the Free world wanted

News Was Once Compelling

Now it’s Trump in the impeachment hot seat. Different details but same thing that got Nixon and Clinton–abuse of power. The Jaded Public is no longer shocked, not really too surprised either.

My understanding of how people experienced Nixon’s impeachment is this: That event rocked their worlds, dismantled the faith and trust people had in government. And like Humpty Dumpty, when that belief was shattered it couldn’t be put back together again. During that time, people said, “How could he?” They hoped it wasn’t true but overall the public didn’t fight Nixon’s departure. The media was trusted.

Today, “How could he?” is replaced by:

  • Of course he did!
  • What do you expect?
  • What’s the point of being in power of you can’t use the power for personal gain?
  • Maybe he did, but he’s still awesome.
  • He totally did, and I can live with it.
  • The Democrats have done and are doing way worse!
  • He’s innocent, it’s just partisan politics at our county’s expense
  • I don’t know what really happened but I doubt anyone’s telling the whole truth after three years of saying the same things. Nothing’s going to change so I don’t pay really close attention. (My stance)

Many agree with me that Trump’s issues have nothing to do with me, though politicians tell me I’m being attacked (whoever’s talking points the finger at the opposition; both sides have similar rhetoric). That’s why media outlets include stories like the one about grief stricken parents enlisting community help to perpetuate the fairy tale that they can get their dead child back if the whole church prays. You’d think that’s a story for a slow news day, not a historic day our descendants ill will study in school. When those future kids learn about today I hope they learn why we became so cynical. I guess, like my late friend who was a medic in Vietnam, we’ve all seen American boys young enough to still be virgins killed bc they couldn’t buy their way out of the draft by going to college. Their sin was poverty, the blood that flowed was from the poor, not the blood of Jesus. We’ve watched the rich and powerful maintain their status as Men Behaving Badly. They’re not punished at all or their punishments are laughable. Maybe Jesus died only for the rich, who get a free pass. If anything happens to Trump, I’m sure shoplifters will face steeper consequences. I will see what happens so I can talk about it when I’m old but I’ve got no skin in this game.

Be sure to alert me if that child is resurrected. My words are meant to show a sign of the times. I want to clearly express my sympathy for the family. I have had some experience with that pain of grief and loss. You worry the pain’ll kill you, but you’re more afraid that it won’t.

Escort Answers

Breasts and Beauty Accompany an Idea: Felony Murder–is this (sometimes) used as a tricky way to get cops off the hook for shooting someone

Felony Murder Defined

Felony Murder is not usually called that in the law, but is classified as a form of 1st Degree Murder, that is, murder that is premeditated or planned. Felony Murder occurs when someone commits a felony that is dangerous and someone gets killed during the commission of the felony. so If you are involved in doing something seriously illegal and dangerous and someone gets killed, you could be charged with murder. It does not matter if you meant to kill anyone or if you were the least involved in the activities our of a group committing a crime. For example, If you were the lookout during a bank robbery, and your partner in crime shoots the bank teller, you can be charged with felony murder.

Felony Murder Covers the Police

If you are involved in a crime and the police shoot and kill someone when they are called to the scene of the crime, you would be charged with the murder. It’s assumed that you should know that doing something this dangerous could result in a violent death and although murder was not on your mind, it really should have been. But in my cynical mind, I wonder if this charge is a way to get cops off the hook. Maybe an officer should not have taken the shot. As long as someone is charged with the murder and there is a notion that someone is held responsible for that death, maybe people don’t look too closely at the actions of the officer. Now I want to be clear that this post is not ripped from the headlines. I do not have a particular incident in mind. This is just a random thought that I want to record for all of posterity.

Beauty and Bare Breasts
Yes, I am Cynical, but I am not closed minded. Tell me what you think and I will take it into consideration.