Video: Streetwise Life Hack #22: Life is a Good News Bad News Story

Life is a good news bad news story in this video life hack.

Honolulu has many judgemental drug dealers

The Fun of Condemning Others I have noticed that when people engage in behavior that’s not socially acceptable, they readily point out others who are, in their opinion, “worse.” They concede that their actions are not ok, but their behavior is not as bad as it could be. In truth, the very thing they sayContinue reading “Honolulu has many judgemental drug dealers”

YouTube Secret Anonymous Recording : Penny Ante “Dealer” Speaks

anonymous secret recording about prostitution, Honolulu 2020

An ex-sex worker’s dream of helping people not feel alone with “weird” secrets via snuggling

Sex worker Clients have “weird” likes such as snuggling.

How does A Harvard grad Convince Herself She’s Not on the Street?

How To Handle The Addict You Love Who Steals From You: There’s Hope

How to deal with the addict you love who steals from you.

A Real Life List of Amazing Reasons Used by Straight Clients and/or TG Working Girls To Make Doing It Ok

Real life, genuine, list of statements I have actually heard, that TG working girls have said to convince a straight guy to engage in an encounter, and self talk straight guys tell themselves

American Culture Demands We Hide Shame. I guess that’s why I flee from the “L” word.

Someone expressed interest in me. Maybe, I thought. But then he said it was obvious that I was lonely. I felt like he knew I was a loser and was rubbing it in. I couldn’t bear to see him again. It may be true, but don’t say it and make it real.

Transgender People Need To Embrace Truth So We Respect the Movement

If I say I am a bear, no one has to believe me, but if I say I am TG and I am a man people must accept my claim. I think this break with reality takes something away from people who want to find their truth and have others accept it.

Knowing The pain of being deaf vs the comfort of being blind will help people who live addicts understand the abandonment

Addicts who avoid contact with loved ones are like deaf people trying to blind themselves.

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