Original Happiness Lessons From One Who Seldom Hears Anything New

I am a knowledgeable person with some unique how to be happy lessons to share

Viagra–What You Need To Know

there’s something about Viagra guys need to know

Bare Breasts+Beauty+Idea= How To Handle A Fool

Never Argue With a Fool Never argue with a fool– because the on lookers cannot tell the difference An argumentative fool sharing with me what he learned about how others judge you by the people with whom you associate.

Why Would You Even Say If There Is Anything I Can Do, Let Me Know, When You Know Damn Well What Needs Doing and a YouTube Video Link for Reader Participation

People do not want to help the grief stricken though they want credit for offering help. Not that I speak from experience because my relationship that ended in death was behind closed doors and the ironies are he was my only friend, just as I was his, yet he died and left me alone. Plus, I grieve for him more than he ever would for me. Feeling like a fool is no consolation. I’m lonely. Check out this YouTube video to see if you find him verbally abusive–potentially

How to Get Your Money Back From a Thief

I can tell you how to get your money back from thieves if you play the players.

I have a dream of internet fame for me and this site and it looks like this:

the first time a man punched me i knew THIS…

Men: How to Get a Woman to Desire Sex With You


Any Woman Who Does THIS deserves to be lied to by her man

If you ladies do THIS he will always lie to you and rightfully so, and this act of relationship sabotage is what most women do when they get the truth they demand. What is the action?

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