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Easy Access to the Best: Links to Criminality + Sex Insights, Top 14 Posts Out of 400+

Simple Links To Top 14 out of 400 posts on criminality and sex based on reader reviews and stats

A Reader asked me: why don’t you offer a solution to addiction? I am correcting the oversight

I never offered a solution because I never thought it was my place. But I receive the constructive criticism to offer a moral to every story I tell so you have a purpose in reading my work

SEE LINK ILLUSTRATING THE FOLLY OF REWRITING HISTORY WITH A BIG ERASER AND NO PENCIL: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/planned-parenthood-to-rename-health-center-due-to-margaret-sanger-s-racist-legacy/ar-BB171bdM?ocid=msedgdhp

If we are going to name buildings after the perfect only I have to ask who is judging the people as perfect, and who is giving out the failing grades. If we remove names from the past how will we ever hear about these people and those issues. Who among you looked up the word “eugenics” when you had no reason to do so until Margaret Sanger’s name came up. Funny, six months ago, people were ok with her name on a building. What do we do when the wind shifts again?

Guys say “No Strings Attached” is better for them than prostitution

If you’re going to use someone at least be decent enough to let them know

Thwarting Facial Recognition Software: X-Hookr Life Hack #76

There is a little known way to thwart facial recognition software that I stumbled upon when trying to get creative with my own images and this simple trick will preserve your privacy while allowing you to keep posting your picture online.

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