Thousands Viewed this YouTubeStreet Sex Sites in Honolulu’s Tent Cities YouTub

  This low quality film was posted to YouTube as an afterthought. I had to Disguise the front of the cell phone from the anonymous residents of the diy tents haphazardly lining Honolulu’s Streets just 3 miles from what was once the 6th most lucrative commercial street in the world.  In post-COVID Hawaii, the goldContinue reading “Thousands Viewed this YouTubeStreet Sex Sites in Honolulu’s Tent Cities YouTub”

This Site is A Window Into A Different World

The purpose of this site is well written stories of sex and drugs and the consequences of an underworld lifestyle.

Ivy League Meets the Street: Who is the Expert Escort?

I wanted to prove my worth to myself bc all the people who told me I wasn’t worth adopting, was only an affirmative action token in college, they convinced me I had something to prove. I don’t have that offer if proof and this blog is about what street life taught me.

How to Get Your Money Back From a Thief

I can tell you how to get your money back from thieves if you play the players.

The Purpose of a Hooker’s story as told in as of today March 24, 2019

Find out the unique conditions in Honolulu that made for a long street life for the addiction motivated ex street walker and what she wants to do with her experiences.

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