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Look at this… 👀. This is genius for the orphan turned addict

Look at this video… 👀

Genius cleaning tip, otherwise known inline as a “hack”

How do I connect being an orphan with an amazing cleaning method for a car’s interior with Elmer’s glue and baking soda!Easy! I never had anyone take an interest in teaching me maintenance life skills. I had a top flight vocabulary but was completely befuddled about how to separate light and dark colored clothes AND wash a white top with red stripes for one example. I have had to do online research for the knowledge and demos that I continually loop. A life of drugs and family life don’t mix. Naturally, the kids…don’t happen for us (more on this über difficult topic later). Addicted, troubled people like me never really had to learn and develop cleaning life skills in our solitary peripatetic wanderings. Responsible to no one, responsible for no one, not even ourselves, we kept possessions to a minimum. Well, our stuff was mostly stolen by similarly situated women repaying us for our thefts. When what we were wearing got too dirty to make turning it inside out an effective freshening up technique, we would steal something new from Ross’ Dress for Less on Hotel Street. You can understand why we were always so far behind our age group in all forms of development, from social to financial, to every day cleaning.

This life hack might have been interesting to you but to me it was vital. Can you imagine being in my situation?¡

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Do Men Really Expect Sex For Kindness?

She is sad, in need. Maybe she looks to him for help, maybe he notices without a word from her

He acts as her friend. He shows concern, gives small tokens of affection. She is hardened from the street but dares to hope that maybe she has a friend in him

Out of the blue, or so it seems to her, she has been running a tab with him. He has a list of every little kindness he gave her. He gave, but those were not gifts. EA he gesture had a price. Now she owes him money. But he would lime a…how shall it be said?…A physical currency, yes, that is how he would lime payment. She can settle up with her body.

Now she is hurt and alone. She is not opposed to deals, trades. That’s street life after all. However, for her, transactions are mutually agreed to, in the beginning, out in the open. Not one sided and secret. She us hurt by his accusation that she is selfish and worse, conniving. He says she knew all along there was a bill that would be due. Still, she took the occasional soda with no real intention if giving him her body out of gratitude for his thoughtfulness. Did anyone else care about her? Obviously not or she would not

…she would not be out there, sleeping by Pali Safeway off of Kukui Street in downtown Honolulu. Yes, he mentioned the lack of support knowing she is ashamed of her status.

When a 👩 woman is homeless there is an assumption she is unloved. Often this assumption is a painful truth

She points the finger back at him. He is a phony, a manipulator, a pervy. She handles hurt feelings the way she has always handled them: she layers hate and anger in slayer so thick no one knows how sad she was that is no longer has his companionship. If she suspected his ulterior motives before at least she could lie to herself and pretend he is her friend. The truth is out. The truth hurts. Truth is sometimes overrated.

Men Expect to Guilt Women Into Exchanging Sex For Kindness

A Shocking Text

I have a friend who is still in the street. She does not stay with me probably BC that’s just too much of me. But she hangs out with me when I am downtown. Last week she showed me a text from a guy who she thought was her friend. It turned out that any bit of kindness he showed her was entered into his records. It was clear he had given each kind action a sexual equivalent. Based upon his calculations he had done so much for her she should happily throw herself at him and let him have his way with her while she did his bidding. Of course he was quite vulgar in the wording of his expectations. I am putting an intellectual spin on his foul mouthed diatribe. And what were these acts of kindness? Asking her if she wanted a soda. Checking on her at the homeless camp near Safeway by the Pali Highway. Nothing like giving her a place to stay or taking her to the doctor. Nothing that would make a true difference in the life of a homeless, addicted woman. Nevertheless she had believed she had a friend. So all those times he checked on her by the homeless encampment…All those times he he brought her a can of soda…those were just manipulations in a long term plan? He cared nothing for her? I feel bad now that at the time she shared the text with me I was focussed on what scum I thought he was rather than her hurt feelings. I will try to make that up to her.

Some People Are Ungenerous

There are people who keep a running lists of everything they have ever done for a person. People who think of themselves as generous see no contradiction between their self image and their belief that people owe them for their good natures. I hate that. The people who adopted me were like that, the lady, really. She was always complaining that I was not grateful for food, clothing, doctor visits. My view was that I never asked to go there and that is the deal they signed up for. I had no say in the deal. I would never have consented. I got out of that house the first chance I got. I left with a lifelong aversion to sudden demands of gratitude for what was “freely” given. My friend situation was not unlike the one I had been adopted into. She did not know she had entered into a contract. I know she can be selfish but addicts typically are selfish about dope. I am sure she did not want to share dope. Who does? I concede the point that she might have been a taker, although I have no direct knowledge of this opinion, but owing sex is not something I buy into. Little did she know he had tabulated a sex…ledger. Disappointing but not surprising. He did what a lot of guys have done in my experience. Not only do they equate certain sex acts with, say, beverage offers, they laughingly try to make us jealous. They mention all the women who would happily do what they want. Please go find those women eager to disrobe and throw themselves, legs akimbo, at your feet. Save us the hassle!

Anyone who works at a job would be quite annoyed if a so-called friend tabulated favors and came up with the number of free hours we owe giving them the benefit of our professional expertise. Working girls hate to hear they have sex debts and they would just as soon the guys go elsewhere. Keep in mind he is not offering her anything but the chance to enter into sexual slavery until he is satisfied he has been compensated. It would be different if the guy had been upfront and approached with money and asked if she would. Hey, people on the street know how money is earned. But to feign friendship in order to turn affection into guilt and then demand sex, that he won’t pay for BC of her sex debt…that is just sneaky. Pervy. And far too common.. Maybe men and women cannot be friends. Maybe when a man is friends with a woman he thinks he is the one taking a loss. Is it possible that a man feels insulted when a woman calls him a friend? Maybe. I will ask around. I do know that people who fake affection and later reveal their true motives come off as traitors. We try not to have feelings, and we certainly do not want any feelings that we cannot quash to be hurt, but for people who strive for indifference, we women on the street are especially sensitive to rejection.

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Hygiene Advice for Homeless Women, adapted from fellow blogger’s Post: 10 Good Hygiene Habits you Should Teach your Kids

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Hygiene lessons are supposed to be taught to a child before he will be separated from his mother for hours and must cate fir himself with the help of a caregiver (pre-school/kindergarten teacher) who must split her attention between him and a small group of other children. Little kids are not solid yet with bathroom skills and hand washing but it is assumed, usually accurately, as they get older and acquire more skills a little kid will develop into an adult who can keep himself neat, clean, with no body odor or bad breath. The cleanliness standard is high in the United States where people must maintain themselves so that no one would guess that they sweat, use the bathroom, eat food, or get dirty in any way.

Challenges of Homelessness

In order to maintain yourself so well that no one would think you have to maintain yourself at all, you must have equipment. All of the equipment relies upon running fresh water that is constantly replenished. Homeless people can be dirty and smelly in part BC they do not have access to running water, sinks, toilets. In Honolulu people discovered that a public source of running water will draw the homeless. There are no outdoor sinks, drinking fountains (even before COVID caused places to close drinking fountains), or toilets. Businesses and restaurants that used to provide bathrooms to their customers do not do so anymore and there are reasons that this article wi address. Here is a list of what NOT to do when you are “out there.”

1. Lingering. If you find a bathroom that is open to the public do nit do one of these things people hate. A. Do not take up a lot of time by occupying the space longer than 5 minutes. Whatever you have to do, do it fast or rhe proprietors will deny access. I have known a few people who stayed in bathrooms at state parks for hours, like 3 -4 because they were using the sink to bathe and hand wash their clothes. Or they were in the bathroom getting high and did not want to leave a place where they can lick a door between themselves and the world. A public bathroom is nit for your leisure. It is nit a “rest” room. Get in and out abd do not make people knock on the door to hurry you along.

2. Leaving a disgusting mess. People might take a long time in their own bathrooms but I am sure that people who trash public areas would not treat their own space that way. Flush the toilet. Wipe up water on floor and sink. Moat public restrooms are not made for what people in Honolulu call “birdbaths” which is bathing by using the sink. Water splashed around does nit go anywhere until someone cleans it up and that someone needs to be you. I have been with people who are doing well in life and people in the street. No matter who U am with there’s always a woman who will leave used feminine products in plain sight. This form if nastiness appears to cross class lines. A homeless woman cannot afford to do this if she can find an open bathroom. And most importantly do not leave drug paraphernalia.. It is both disgusting and horrifying to find used needles.

3. Overdose. Several years ago I read an article about how places on the mainland that had since been 24 hour temporary sanctuaries for the public, like churches, and libraries, had to close at night or completely deny access to bathrooms because too many people were overdosing on heroin and dying. Some church officials were heartbroken to have to turn people away but finding one dead body is the stuff of nightmares. When you start talking more than one dead body, people will take swift and radical action to try to keep any hint of death out of their reality. If there’s one thing Americans do not want to see, talk about, or be aware of, it is death. Americans cannot even tolerate genuine expressions of grief; displays of strong emotion make us supremely uncomfortable. American culture demands that death not intrude upon life. I have heard other places are different..

It is really best nit to take risks that could result in people finding your body and that s what you’re doing if you do drugs although no one ever allows themselves to think about this truth. If you’re sneaking drugs into someone’s space do not over do it. Note: I am not advocating doing drugs in someone’s shower. I am addressing reality.

4. WASTING OPPORTUNITIES. I know of at least two programs that provide showers fir homeless people. You might have to wait in line and adjust your ways fir others. People will refuse to be seen going into one if those places out of pride. In truth, people know you are out there. You’re not fooling anyone the way you think you are. Your face is familiar and recognized as one of the area’s homeless. Accept any inconvenience to use facilities that allow you access. Same rules apply. Leave the place looking like you never entered.

5. CONTROVERSIAL OPINION. If someone else leaves behind syringes, for example, consider picking them up BC there will be no investigation for the perpetrator All homeless will be blamed. “See how they are,” is what will be said. The willingness to keep the facilities open will diminish with every incident until its the last straw. Besides, its nice to show gratitude to people who are helping you. Moreover by doing something nice they will never know about, you keep your spirit bright.

You have surely discovered that few if any people case about you. You may have adopted the attitude of indifference. When it comes to being clean while being homeless, it is worth your while to care about others.

Homeless Hygiene Tips

6. HOARDING. People who want to help the homeless often hand out supplies. Now and then a small group will come downtown and pass out sandwiches. If you have the chance to get soap, feminine hygiene products, by all means take them. But only take a few. Do-gooders feel taken advantage of when one person snatches a bunch of items. And they winder if they are not helping to perpetuate a mentality that promotes taking at the expense of others. Do-gooders need to feel they are doing something good. That’s their payoff. If you rob them if their payoff and they believe they have done more harm than good they will lose motivation.

7. DO NOT TELL ANYONE. If you find an out if the way bathroom tell no one. People wi ruin it. Sad but gruel. The proprietors would appreciate your silence.

8. CREATING POSSIBILITIES. You might get a date who takes you to his place. That occurrence is not unusual in Honolulu. Or, you might find yourself in someone’s apartment, usually another addict. Carry your shower stuff, always. Ask to take a quick shower no matter what you’re there to do, with your own soap and towel. Plus a plastic bag for your dirty clothes and wet towel. Five minutes–say it and mean it. Make sure you clean the tub. Ideally you’ll leave the bathroom better than you found it. Do not think you should not clean up if your host is messy. They tolerate their mess. Not yours. And they will notice your mess, even if they have a pile of dirty towels on the floor. The host will remain open to the person who comes after you. No matter how humble your circumstances you can do something to benefit another, s life affirming action.

Public Bathroom Summary

In short, a bathroom is supposed to look like no one uses it. People are grossed out by evidence that a bathroom is used, even if they also use that bathroom. Do not think other homeless people will be ok with a discarded needle on the floor or water everywhere. They won’t. They will be as disgusted as the people who cross the street to avoid a homeless person. The sad thing is that most homeless people do their best to keep areas clean. It is a case where one person can truly ruin it for everyone. Do not be that person.


Thousands Viewed this YouTubeStreet Sex Sites in Honolulu’s Tent Cities YouTub


This low quality film was posted to YouTube as an afterthought. I had to Disguise the front of the cell phone from the anonymous residents of the diy tents haphazardly lining Honolulu’s Streets just 3 miles from what was once the 6th most lucrative commercial street in the world.  In post-COVID Hawaii, the gold coast of Waikiki is a ghost town but as for the poor…in the Bible, Jesus said the poor will always be with you. It was true 2000 years ago and nothing has changed. You can join the thousands of YouTube fans in taking a look at the other side of the Honolulu tracks. I bet you can’t imagine paying one of the occupants $20 to use his tent to complete a transaction of sex for money, can you. It happens all the time. Even professional men find tent sex exhilarating but they’ll take that knowledge to the grave. You can, however, get the info from me!  The thrill of the down and dirty relieves the monotony of the successful life everyone said they’d like, but they find deadly full with too little anticipatory pleasure. The everyday workday is manageable when a guy knows he will be off on an adventure after work. The idea of giving up the thrill seeking inherent in picking up a woman on the street and finding a tent…no, it’s a void so densely empty it cannot be contemplated. Abstaining from being a “hobbyist” or “monger” would mean having nothing to look forward to, nothing to get excited about. In a way, other people’s homelessness makes life worth living when the have’s seek to acquire what the have-not’s possess–freedom to do whatever without the watchful condemning eyes of peers hoping you screw up do they can watch as the mighty fall. When you ain’t got nothing you got nothing to lose. Bob Dylan was right. And the bible. Bob Dylan and the bible can give you real insight to this video.


A real letter from victim to victimizer

A genuine letter fr
This is a letter from a 24 year old homeless woman to the man who, as he put it, “took here off the streets.” When he saw her pushing her possessions in a baby stroller, with her midriff baring halter top, he immediately approached her. He told her he had a place. She could hang out (meaning get high). Shower. All he asked was that she be nice to him. He never said how often she would have to be nice and how very long each session of niceness would last. He would end up being displeased bc inevitably she wants to stay for free. She can never pay off the rent. Don’t romanticize her. The entire time she’s stealing all she can and trying to snag his keys. Her letter is how she feels, what she ponders during the constant switching of victim and victimizer roles.


This Site is A Window Into A Different World

What is

Someone said this site is confusing so I figured I’d add a purpose section to explain what’s going on here with these words from a former sex worker who is also a graduate of an Ivy League University.

The Purpose

This site is for people who want to see what it is like to be part of a subculture that exists almost out of sight from the mainstream, and that is the world of the drug user. When a person starts using drugs he or she does not imagine drugs will take over. The take over will be so complete that people don’t use drugs as much as drugs use people. In the words of Narcotics Anonymous everyone’s focus becomes about getting drugs, using drugs, and finding ways and means to get more. The drugs are intoxicating but so is the feeling of being part of a secret world that a person never knew was there all along! The singleness of purpose has predictable results the new convert cannot imagine happening to him. Obviously many others don’t keep jobs and end up turning to theft or prostitution or selling drugs themselves. These activities inevitably result in arrest because no one can be perfect all the time and one mistake will get a person caught. The new recruit had always held certain beliefs about this kind of person, and like everyone else who is prejudiced against people she has never met, it’s extraordinary to find out that people differ from perceptions.

New People

There were people to meet that a person never would have given the time of day to before, but now! Conversations reveal that these people, who do this thing, they are very relatable. No family, no friends, abused, abandoned, perhaps once successful but now, homeless. The new user would never have spoken to a street person before, would never have imagined such a thing to be possible much less, desirable. But when you’re looking for drugs you come to a point where you do not care what you do or who you’re with. Even racism goes out the window if you need someone to get high. In an effort to find a safe place to use drugs you end up in places that were once unknown, like Single Room Occupancy (SRO) buildings, where each tenant has a tiny room and the entire floor shares a filthy bathroom in the hallway. The new recruit is not only excited but also appalled. The once inconceivable was becoming familiar and with a little more time, the once inconceivable becomes humdrum.

The Things You End Up Doing

It is understandable why sex and drugs would be paired together (I’m not sure about rock and roll). Sex and drugs are inextricably linked. Drugs make men , though not women, desire sex with strangers. Women, and men who take on the role of female in this context, use sex to get drugs. In spite of her best intentions to be different, addicted women do lose their jobs, their homes, and turn to the one resource they have to make money—their bodies. It does not take women long to learn that men who use drugs want sex and have no intention of sharing their dope. Sex with users to achieve a desired end is a waste of time. Women must branch out and ply their trade elsewhere.

Waikiki Working Girls

In the year 2000 in Honolulu there were two areas where men could find working girls right in the street like a farmers market. There was Waikiki, but not on the main drag with the most expensive hotels and shops, Kalakaua Avenue. In Waikiki the hookers were on the next street over from the beach, Kuhio Avenue, which ran parallel to Kalakaua. What a difference a block made. The hookers walked up and down in their glassine heels that were made to look like fish were swimming within the heels. These women were under the watchful eyes of pimps, who were black just like the stereotype. The pimps watched to make sure their girls worked from sun down to sun up and they were their to keep other pimps away from their girls. Most importantly, the pimps were waiting for their women to return with the $200 for each date, every penny. These women ordinarily did not do drugs besides weed. They had a reputation for giving rushed service because they had obligations to meet. Blacks and whites are both numerical minorities in Hawaii which is mostly Polynesian and Asian. But on Kuhio Avenue the women were black and white and only there for a few weeks before their group headed back to the mainland and another major metropolitan area with a public street serving as a “ho stroll.”

Downtown Hookers

The working girls downtown were very different. They were permanent residents and every one was addicted to ice, crack, heroin, or alcohol in some combination. They did not look nearly as good as the Waikiki girls but they were a whole lot less expensive. The minimum they needed to get dope was $20 and although they’d deny it if asked, they’d do $20 dates in the car. In downtown many of the “girls” are really boys dressed as girls but not trying to pass for women because there’s a huge demand for men who look like women but are obviously me. They are called “mahu’s” (pronounced MA-who) and I apologize if there’s a new PC term I don’t yet know. Anyway, if you let the sex workers get high they weren’t in a hurry to go anywhere. It was surprising how many men would bring the women home, but it was quite common. Some got off the street, some disappeared, some had been out there since the 90’’s. In Waikiki the men were mostly tourists. In downtown the men were residents from all over the island from rich to just rich enough to spare $20. Everyone’s a resident and long term friendships with “regulars” is standard.

These Stories Deserve Excellent Writing

If you’re like me you’ve noticed that if a site is about sex the quality of the writing is poor and they rely heavily on dirty words to maintain interest. Not this site. Caroleena, the author, was downtown in the year 200, before guys found women online and the street was where the money was made. As an Ivy League grad Caroleena has the skills to compile her stories and put them together in an organized, well written fashion. The readers are people interested in this alternative lifestyle without having to live it. As you scroll down the screen you will see stories and links to stories about the life. You will also find stories that include hidden recordings that feature the words of people who had also been there. There are also writings about current events, which today is October 2020, and these are events seen through the eyes of a scholar who’d been an addicted sex worker in 2000.

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Ivy League Meets the Street: Who is the Expert Escort?

Caroleena is an alum of premier institutions: of learning and lock up. She had planned to prove her foster parents wrong to call her unwanted. She intended to show the naysayers it wasn’t just affirmative action that put her in the ivy league. She wanted to send a message to the people who declined to adopt a hyperactive toddler. Most of all she wanted to console herself with her achievements but crashed and burned instead of setting the world on fire. She became everything she once condemned: addicted, homeless, criminal, achieving nothing, making no difference. Waiting to see what guy would take her away, for the day, then spending all she charged him on drugs. She’s not on the street, not now, but she’s not her idea of a winner. No, she never thought she’d measure success by having her own place and by how long it’s been since an emotional collapse led to what she calls a “destruction of property relapse.” She resides in the gap between who she thought she needed to be and who she is. This blog is the sexy, funny, raw view from this vantage point.
Escort Answers

How to Get Your Money Back From a Thief

You have more to worry about from the people you know than the strangers you are always trying to protect yourself against. It is the people you know, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, these people you regard as familiars that are most likely to assault you, rape you, and rob you. In this age of widespread communication and travel people usually don’t leave their zip code to commit crimes. Hawaii has one of the lowest rates of gun violence and the highest rate of property crime. In other words, if you live here, it is unlikely that you will be shot but you will most certainly have something stolen from you. The thieves are probably addicted to “ice,” or crystal meth, which has always been epidemic over here, although not quite as bad as the opioid epidemic appears to be on the mainland. One way we are like the mainland in our societal addiction is that you probably know a user that you don’t know is an undercover user. Contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to use addictive drugs recreationally, and there are non-addicts who use addictive drugs. I was as surprised to see the large number of professional men among my dates as I was to also notice that many of these professionals were drug users. Sometimes they maintain home and job, and they remain recreational users.

From Trusted Friend to Backstabber

Not every user avoids becoming an addict. When people you think you know go down the predictable path from user to addict they are just as desperate as the homeless you see on the street who you think exist in another universe. Separate and apart from you and your world. As hard as it is to believe, your world overlaps and intersects with the homeless at many different points with many different people. People become homeless and desperate before others are fully aware of their change in status. It is a fact that desperate people do desperate things and that is how you find yourself vulnerable to drug addicted thieves without even knowing the risk. It is an awful shock when someone you trust steals from you, but I discovered a way to get money back from even the most treacherous of low lifes. I have never found any other way to get thieves to voluntarily turn over their loot and I want you to know what I have learned the hard way, dear readers.

Tricking a Thief Requires Manipulation

I am talking about white lies. I don’t get caught up in what “counts” as a lie or what is a lie but is excusable so you need not consider yourself a liar. The fact is, life is a street fight, and all is fair in a street fight. Anything goes to defend yourself and sometimes to get through life you have to lie. The lie you must tell the thief, as soon as you notice your stuff is gone, is that you do not think the person is a thief. Never let a low life know you think he is a low life, even if you do. Most thefts are crimes of opportunity. The thief sees something and makes the grab. They are not usually prepared emotionally and are shaken by what they have done. This shakiness is not always guilt. It might just be fear of getting caught. You caught them, but if you give them a way out, in their despair they take it if they can tell themselves that you don’t think they are thieves and liars. Thieves and liars never want to be called thieves and liars and react with a great deal of hostility if you angrily confront them with the truth. In order to comfort a liar, you must lie, and when you lie, you will enable the liar to lie to himself–only then will you get to the truth that the person took something, you know it, and you want it back. Here’s your script:

Are you like me? I am always gathering everything together and tossing a bunch of stuff in my bag without knowing what I have. I just grabbed someone’s money by accident. Do you think maybe you did the same thing..? I do it all the time

My standard line when I see my money is missing and the guest is trying to figure out my complicated front door lock but finds himself stuck. Seems transparent, doesn’t it? Overly simplistic? Couldn’t possibly work? This strategy works like a charm.

There’s a bit of mystery to the confession

I have always wondered why people do not maintain the front of ignorance. It would be simple to do so, especially since my strategy requires that I not accuse the thief. Yet there is something within everyone who I have caught stealing from me that does not allow them to maintain the lie. Maybe they are just being practical. As I write this blog I had the realization that the strategy only works on someone who I know stole from me. If I don’t know the identity of the responsible party, I have never seen anyone volunteer information I didn’t already have.

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The Purpose of a Hooker’s story as told in as of today March 24, 2019

Caroleena used to be a drug addicted hooker on streets of downtown Honolulu in the early years of the 21st century. She was not the only learned streetwalker among the sex worker addicts. This group would have been a liberal college admissions officer’s dream of diversity seeing as how they represented such a wide range of ages, races, family types, locations of origin, education levels, and gender identities. The two constants were trauma and dependency. Everyone out there had experienced life altering trauma which spurred them to seek refuge in drugs. Addiction was the unexpected phenomenon that kept them stuck in the dope. This downtown area was different from other drug saturated areas of America in one important way. The U.S. is the most violent country in the world, but in this corner of the nation there were no street gangs, no gun violence. You wouldn’t get shot but you were probably going to be beaten up and robbed at some point. Interpersonal violence between intimate partners, friends, and family members was viewed as a natural part of being close to people. “Domestics” was something an individual brought upon herself or himself by causing problems in an interpersonal relationship. Caroleena, the perennial pariah even among society’s rejects, had no intimate associates who might harm her. Prostitution was not as risky on Oahu as it was most everywhere else because the island was just too small. Everyone was somehow connected to everyone else with only something like two degrees of separation. You commit a crime, someone will know who you are and someone else will know how to find you. Hookers rarely got killed. Honolulu’s relative safety allowed Caroleena over 10 years of street longevity until the scene ended when authorities started arresting men for allegedly soliciting undercover police for sex and posting their pictures on the evening news. tells Caroleena’s adventures during her decade of addiction and its consequences–homelessness, prostitution, drug dealing, incarceration, family destruction, the list goes on. Every story relates events Caroleena experienced, witnessed, or imagined. The tale of this outcast is skillfully and paradoxically told in the language of the elite. The wording of the posts is itself a testimony to the wide grip that addiction has on all levels of society, even impacting the privileged who were previously thought to be immune to the troubles of the lower class. During these days of opiate addiction maybe she can answer some questions and present applicable solutions. If not, you are still in for a hell of a good read.