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The Shocking Truth About The Danger of Getting What You’ve Always Wanted

You should be happy, the way you always imagined. But you do not feel the way you imagine is normal. The Quora link (above) explains the process partially behind the phenomenon of going from elite to the street, from Harvard to Handcuffs. The explanation for Caroleena’s inexplicable story.

Success is an event but also a journey from striving to arriving. This rite of passage is fraught with danger for the uninitiated but you will use these words to prepare for a successful trip that does not go off course into self destruction.

The road not taken is mostly deserted for a reason. Tread it by choice based on these words of wisdom and not bc you stumble blindly upon it and walk without thinking
Addiction and Prostitution downtown Honolulu Secret sex Street life

A real text message from an exhausted player on Honolulu’s streets

I wondered what had happened to the woman mi had planned to interview

I walked back to town from St. Francis Hospital all the way up Liliha Street. I didn’t forget we were supposed to meet. I wanted to see who was around and I still had stuff I bought with me. I ended up going with some guy but it’s harder to find a spot in the day so we had to go to a parking garage with no cameras or security. It took so long to get there in all the trafficI figured he must have money but he did not have much.

Then he was rushing me to get out bc he has lots of family who know his truck and I get all flustered when I’m rushed. Left the clothes I bought in the guy’s car so I pretty much worked for almost nothing when you subtract the price of the clothes from what he gave me. Walked aaallll the way back in the heat. To my surprise he was waiting for me on Kukui Street but Safeway where he picked me up. He was there to give me my stuff. Im glad I did not rob him after all. BC I was totally beating myself up as I walked back to town.Ā  I should have grabbed something out of the back seat. That’s what I was thinking walking on the freeway overpass by School Street. I guess It is good i didn’t. Then again he was obviously lying about not being able to go back to where we met. He just didn’t have any more use for me I don’t owe him for bringing back my stuff NC it is his fault I left it. We are even. I don’t care what he said about next time. Sorry I missed you. You know how it is.