American Culture Demands We Hide Shame. I guess that’s why I flee from the “L” word.

Someone expressed interest in me. Maybe, I thought. But then he said it was obvious that I was lonely. I felt like he knew I was a loser and was rubbing it in. I couldn’t bear to see him again. It may be true, but don’t say it and make it real.

“VSCO girl” is a style trend I had to learn about via Urban Dictionary, and here’s the opinion of x-streetwalker

I got my breasts enlarged to see how a new body would fell and now what must I do to discover fitting in, as if I were an VSCO girl.

Why we should welcome vulgar remarks, according to the expert–me

People do not have to care what I think. Society dismisses me once they learn of my past. There’s no such thing as “I was a hooker long ago.” People look at me as if what ever negative I was, is. People do not feel the need to be nice to me if they’d ratherContinue reading “Why we should welcome vulgar remarks, according to the expert–me”