My Embarrassing Beauty Secrets: What it takes to be beautiful today

In order to appear to be beautiful in pictures I have to look as little like my true self as possible and still have people associate me with the photo.

Audio: “Sex Standards,” as Read by the Author

Tell me how this audio story plays. A few words read by the author about sex standards and what is and is not acceptable.

Over 400 taboo stories, only now do I realize I never gave access directions

This is from Pinterest. I’m logged in as Ivy League on HI Streets. But I think you can access the over 400 posts by going to pinterest and searching within the app for All the pix that come up have a story attached if you just click on the pic. I only now realizedContinue reading “Over 400 taboo stories, only now do I realize I never gave access directions”

Anime Images and Foot Fetish Fan Gives Details

“I’ve cruised every site imaginable and I know most guys have a type. I like soles. The more textured the better. I’m not a toe guy. I could care less about them. I also like them scented. Many don’t. There are many variations of type. [He was asked his opinion of pedicures and nail polish.]Continue reading “Anime Images and Foot Fetish Fan Gives Details”

Secret Street Sex or an indoor rendezvous?

Secret Street Sex or an indoor rendezvous? — Read on

Xhookr Life Hack #7: Use Your OWN Pix To Keep His Attention On You Not Porn

Given the choice of looking at pictures of the woman handing a guy a phone or looking at the woman standing right there, guys are drawn to the pictures. Once they start looking at pictures they almost ignore the woman in the room even when the pictures show that woman! Caroleena, the expert escort

Face Mask Mistakes—Public Service Announcement (source: WebMD)

Mask Mistakes explained in pictures

True Words, Secretly Recorded: A Childhood in the Drug World—An Anonymous Woman Talks about Childhood in Crime

You will never get a chance to hear what people in the life talk about the way you will by reading this blog because no one fears the judgment of the author so they speak freely

Secret Street Sex in homeless camps–shocking live video shows where your favorite Honolulu working girl may take you. A Live YouTube Video

click on the link to see where secret street sex happens in Honolulu. Don’t let the abject poverty shown in the video fool you, there’s money made here everyday.

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