If self help programs failed you, it is not your fault

My parents met while the were both patients in a mental hospital. Here’s one thing my past taught me that you NEED to read.

How To Handle The Addict You Love Who Steals From You: There’s Hope

How to deal with the addict you love who steals from you.

Original Happiness Lessons From One Who Seldom Hears Anything New

I am a knowledgeable person with some unique how to be happy lessons to share

God’s Wry Sense of Humor

How does the recommendation that we get more sleep to add more time to our lives reveal God’s wry sense of humor?

X-Hooker Life Hack #37: Never Take Opinions About Your Appearance As Total Truth

X-Hooker Life Hack:Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the beholder may be a pervert, do don’t trip out if he doesn’t find you attractive. This incident I experienced as an escort drives home the point that we need to divorce our self worth from what he says. It’s hard but you can and should develop independent self-esteem.

How to actively apply the Bible to Get What You Want and Much More

Yes visualize your success, then leave the method of visualization in the dust to get what you want and then some.

Jerry Springer Today–You won’t believe it, or perhaps you will

If Jerry Springer can overcome a history of moral turpitude and disgraceful ejection from public office to wearing a judge’s robe on tv today, what can’t I do? Nothing!

From Harvard to Homeless to Homey to Hooker

I went from Harvard graduate, Magna cum Laude (with high honors) to being homeless and turning to sex work to support myself and my drug habit, and being out there as a survivor was shameful and surprisingly thrilling.

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