Experienced Hookers Know There’s a Promise They Will Never Have to Keep

How Men Experience Sex Outside of a Relationship It is important to understand how guys behave when it comes to sex.  It is doubtful that all men are the same.  But it is certainly true that providers in Honolulu find that the men who choose to be with them all share certain characteristics.  This studyContinue reading “Experienced Hookers Know There’s a Promise They Will Never Have to Keep”

See Link: A Man Tells Women That Women Ask to be Mistreated by Doing THIS

Guys who don’t approach are not shy. What they are is uninterested. You can’t pique his interest by doing THIS. No, if has sex with you it does NOT mean he feels differently about you. Do not do THIS. This advice bears repeating

Look at this Tweet as a reminder to do at least a little for our health

just do a little to prevent COVID, realistically

An ex-sex worker knows criticism, this link gives advice: 5 Easy Steps to Accept Criticism

Written by Dr. Eric Perry, PhD “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain, but it takes character and self-control to be understanding and … 5 Easy Steps to Accept Criticism One Revelation Sometimes we think we know something but we really don’t get it. We “know” life’s unfair but we are still offended, even surprised,Continue reading “An ex-sex worker knows criticism, this link gives advice: 5 Easy Steps to Accept Criticism”

Is self condemnation the key 🔑 to progess

I disagree with the idea that you should be ashamed of where you’ve been. Certainly, it might be true that you’d be reasonable to cringe when remembering your recent stress. I am familiar with being embarrassed about where I have been. No one judges me more harshly than I do. However I want to tryContinue reading “Is self condemnation the key 🔑 to progess”

Watch “Sex Worker on a Submarine” on YouTube

Sex worker on a Submarine is a YouTube Video showing how one sex worker made the best of her situation as if she was a tourist

Advice From the World’s Oldest Living Man–Posthumous, Ironically

Advice on how to live long from a 100+ year old man does not square with my ways. Here’s what I need to change to be an old X-Hooker.

God’s Wry Sense of Humor

How does the recommendation that we get more sleep to add more time to our lives reveal God’s wry sense of humor?

X-Hooker Life Hack #37: Never Take Opinions About Your Appearance As Total Truth

X-Hooker Life Hack:Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the beholder may be a pervert, do don’t trip out if he doesn’t find you attractive. This incident I experienced as an escort drives home the point that we need to divorce our self worth from what he says. It’s hard but you can and should develop independent self-esteem.

Xhooker Life Hack #2: Ladies, the less you say the more he will hear

The less you say, Ladies, the more he will hear. This is why. Take it for m the experience of an xhooker who has the world’s newest wisdom from the world’s oldest profession

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