Violence and Threats Did Not Come My Way for One Reason

When I was “out there” I was in the apartment of one if the guys who traded access to his space for drugs. No matter what you gave him or paid him he made relentless demands for sex. If a woman wanted to come in and she had no drugs or money then, yes, sexContinue reading “Violence and Threats Did Not Come My Way for One Reason”

Why do older men allow themselves to be “used”?

It used to amaze me when I watched people, older men, allow themselves to be “used.” I have seen men put up with working girls who stole from them, without even trying to hide their actions. Or maybe they lived with the older man but could not resist the call of downtown Honolulu (locals callContinue reading “Why do older men allow themselves to be “used”?”

Dead Woman Walking

KoHttp:// From The Ivy League to Honolulu’s Streets: Stories+Pix of The Red Light Life    Men Who Take Pleasure In A Dead Woman Walking ___ By Caroleena, the author with a point of view like no other Saturday, January 16, 2021, 17:42 hours Honolulu. Hawaii INTRODUCTION “Dead man walking!” is a phrase I learned inContinue reading “Dead Woman Walking”

A Profile of a Guy Who Pays For Sex

New post on Brainiac Honolulu Xhookr, Throwback from November 2018 Are Men Who Pay For Sex Sad Sacks or Sickos? by X-Streetwalker Turned Sex Talker Before I got involved with prostitution I had preconceived ideas about the type of men who paid for sex. I possessed no actual facts and so complete was my ignorance thatContinue reading “A Profile of a Guy Who Pays For Sex”

COVID, Sex Workers, Clients—in HIS words:

August 31, 2030 I am passionate about maintaining anonymity while giving you the unedited words of participants in the off track segment of society. This is a genuine message sent to me on Facebook by someone I do not know. It is so on topic I know you’ll want to know that your frustration isContinue reading “COVID, Sex Workers, Clients—in HIS words:”

People don’t always want to escape prostitution. Sometimes they visit

The surprising thing about homelessness is how much you miss the company

Fun in Addiction. There’s two sides to every story, including the opposite of the devastation.

Pursuing Your Addiction is a Surefire Way to Meet People

The Long Story: Birth Mother: Why a Lonely Kid Wanted to Find Her

If you understand the desperate isolation produced by my childhood with strangers you’ll know why I was compelled to find my birth mother

Shocking Reasons Everyday People End Up On The Street–By Choice!

I do not know how to win friends and influence people. I can’t figure out how I lose friends and alienate people, but I do. Lol.

An x-streetwalker should be wiser. They say you can’t con a con. Turns out you can con this one.

I thought I could make my street experience useful by allowing people who are still out there a place to be. Wait! I wrote this intro before. Yet I am about to tell you how my place was searched top to bottom by someone I let in as I lay in bed, sick. Why doContinue reading “An x-streetwalker should be wiser. They say you can’t con a con. Turns out you can con this one.”

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