Shocking Reasons Everyday People End Up On The Street–By Choice!

I do not know how to win friends and influence people. I can’t figure out how I lose friends and alienate people, but I do. Lol.


An x-streetwalker should be wiser. They say you can’t con a con. Turns out you can con this one.

I thought I could make my street experience useful by allowing people who are still out there a place to be. Wait! I wrote this intro before. Yet I am about to tell you how my place was searched top to bottom by someone I let in as I lay in bed, sick. Why do […]

Prostitution Helps the Lonely Hearts, and There are a Lot of Those

It is not just clients who seek to alleviate loneliness, but a certain sex worker had the same trouble. Is it possible that contrary to what many well meaning sdvicates say, prostitution might serve somewhat of a positive purpose in the provider’s life?