Prostitution’s stigma hurts, and I’m not 100% positivity, but I live to blog again. Can you relate?

I sometimes feel sad and lonely as a former sex worker and I feel pressure not to say anything that’s not positive but truth is a form of positivity

American Culture Demands We Hide Shame. I guess that’s why I flee from the “L” word.

Someone expressed interest in me. Maybe, I thought. But then he said it was obvious that I was lonely. I felt like he knew I was a loser and was rubbing it in. I couldn’t bear to see him again. It may be true, but don’t say it and make it real.

5 Huge Surprises About Prostitution You’d NEVER guess!

I don’t have sex. All I ever do is talk. I know you have heard this but it is not really true. A common half truth told by working girls. The whole truths are related to the statement. The truth is they also talk, and the requirement to talk is another surprise because who knewContinue reading “5 Huge Surprises About Prostitution You’d NEVER guess!”

Diary of a Hooker–I Found This Journal Entry From Years Ago About How Drug Use Surprisingly Helps Lonliness

a real life journal entry shows how addiction gave me unexpected companionship that was hard to walk away from.

Thankfully I Now Know the First Signs of Being Blown Off

Today, people do not officially end relationships with a final conversation that is supposed to give closure, but just stop calling and texting with or without a cursory comment about being busy. It is called “ghosting.” I was just “ghosted” in spite of my hope in friendship but I am glad I know the trend and didn’t keep trying.

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