Do Dolphins wonder if humans are intelligent life forms?

Dolphins must puzzle over humans who self destruct.

The Fear of Rejection Is a Motivating Factor for both sex worker and client. (Inspiration Post: Fear of Rejection: 3 Simple Tips to Overcome)

Street prostitution looks like a superficial exchange for both provider and client but it might be meeting a deep need to be free of terror

Harem Anime–Is There Happiness in Group Intimacy, Like Threesome’s?

A harem is more complex than fun for him

I am special if he sees me as a sex object—right?

I was wrong I thought I was special if a man wanted to have sex with me. I thought men were choosy. Men are indeed choosy but not in the way I thought. Men are quite often willing to have sex with anyone, and if no one is going to find out that group expandsContinue reading “I am special if he sees me as a sex object—right?”

Original Happiness Lessons From One Who Seldom Hears Anything New

I am a knowledgeable person with some unique how to be happy lessons to share

God’s Wry Sense of Humor

How does the recommendation that we get more sleep to add more time to our lives reveal God’s wry sense of humor?

How to actively apply the Bible to Get What You Want and Much More

Yes visualize your success, then leave the method of visualization in the dust to get what you want and then some.

Here’s how to go from spending time to time well spent

How do you go from spending time to time well spent–by sharing the memories that create your life with people who can give you a new point of view and hence a new life.

From Harvard to Homeless to Homey to Hooker

I went from Harvard graduate, Magna cum Laude (with high honors) to being homeless and turning to sex work to support myself and my drug habit, and being out there as a survivor was shameful and surprisingly thrilling.

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