Addiction and Prostitution in Hawaii

In-Cel, or Involuntary Celibate–Bitter Misogynistic Trolls

I never heard of the term In-Cel, pronounced like Intel. Tonight I watched a story about a young woman who had a social media presence. She sometimes met her fans whenever she could. She ended up getting killed by a “fan” who wanted her to be monogamous to him but she did not reciprocate the feelings.

The real story was that he filmed the stabbing and posted it in dark corners of the internet. From there the murder pix made it to mainstream so I’ll media. People sought members of the woman’s family to send them individually targeted murder pics. The pictures were accompanied by comments about how much she deserved to be killed for rejecting the guy.

Tv shows always call in experts. This show’s expert said the guys who loved the idea of an attractive woman being killed by a social loser were called in+cels, short for involuntary Celibate. I don’t think I could have labelled myself something that told everyone I was in the most undesirable position for a man. These guys present like they are rabidly misogynistic but really they want a woman more than anything.

To them I say, hire a sex worker. No one has to know how you met. There is a way to satisfy a need other than murder and sadism. Stop lashing out and start embracing the socially unacceptable. I have a feeling people would rather say they approve of murder than they “had” to hire companionship. Nevertheless, my idea is a good one. If you’ve read this blog enough you know relationships form. Loneliness us too hard. Do something different and keep it a secret if you must.

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Racism in Hawaii vs. Mainland United States

Black People are Hated in Both Places

People say there’s no racism in Hawaii. Untrue. They hate us here but they don’t try to kill us for being black. Over here I think misogyny in the form if domestic violence is more of an issue than racially motivated hatred. Just so you know. This is written a few hours after I discovered cops killed the biracial man in Minnesota and cops tased the black man in uniform for a routine traffick stop. There are body cam videos of both events.

The more things change the more they stay the same

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Rape, Abuse, theft, abortion–we all know people who do the taboo

Rape–do guys discuss it with each other? I’ve asked many men who have all denied even hearing a conversation between guys about rapes they’ve done or wished they’d done. Statistically more women have been raped than not. I must know many rapists. But no one discussed it. I talk about “issues” in the abstract but in truth the people who have done taboo things are all around us. Guess what? Many people:

1. Regret having children

2. Dislike their children

3. Beat up the smaller and weaker. For fun, for a rush.

4. Abuse animals. Especially unpopular animals like cats.

5. Commit rapes. Plan to or wish they’d seized an opportunity to rape. Especially if the person is no virgin and is passed out drunk.

6. Molest children, have sex with underage kids who are mature for their age and can handle it.

7. Have abortions. Help people have abortions.

8. Help terminally ill people die.

9. Steal from the elderly or people with dementia who won’t miss the items or spend the money.

10. Allow men (husbands, boyfriends, strangers) sexual access to their children in exchange for status as a wife, a place to stay, drugs. They hate the kids bc they are jealous the guy wants the kid.

11. Make people do stuff bc they have money or a place to live or something someone wants. They power Trip and they like it.

None of this is rare, although people will not admit to anything in the list unless there is a reward for doing so. We all know people who’ve done these things, and more. We have done some it all of these things, or more. Just bc no one talks about something doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

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Breasts and Beauty Accompany an Idea: Felony Murder–is this (sometimes) used as a tricky way to get cops off the hook for shooting someone

Felony Murder Defined

Felony Murder is not usually called that in the law, but is classified as a form of 1st Degree Murder, that is, murder that is premeditated or planned. Felony Murder occurs when someone commits a felony that is dangerous and someone gets killed during the commission of the felony. so If you are involved in doing something seriously illegal and dangerous and someone gets killed, you could be charged with murder. It does not matter if you meant to kill anyone or if you were the least involved in the activities our of a group committing a crime. For example, If you were the lookout during a bank robbery, and your partner in crime shoots the bank teller, you can be charged with felony murder.

Felony Murder Covers the Police

If you are involved in a crime and the police shoot and kill someone when they are called to the scene of the crime, you would be charged with the murder. It’s assumed that you should know that doing something this dangerous could result in a violent death and although murder was not on your mind, it really should have been. But in my cynical mind, I wonder if this charge is a way to get cops off the hook. Maybe an officer should not have taken the shot. As long as someone is charged with the murder and there is a notion that someone is held responsible for that death, maybe people don’t look too closely at the actions of the officer. Now I want to be clear that this post is not ripped from the headlines. I do not have a particular incident in mind. This is just a random thought that I want to record for all of posterity.

Beauty and Bare Breasts
Yes, I am Cynical, but I am not closed minded. Tell me what you think and I will take it into consideration.