How we use search engines to deal with death and loss—Link to unique observation

Modern grief —Compulsive Internet Searches After the Death of a Loved One

DID YOU KNOW: The internet, specifically search engines, are a part of modern humanity’s grieving process

Here is one sure way to know you’re an addict

I was obsessed with drugs even in prison when I couldn’t get them and the thoughts were irrational and counterproductive

I Was Called Fat. Twice. Different Occasions. Devastating

Being made fun of for being fat showed me how dependent I still am on external validation for being pretty, though it shakes me to admit I am not above it all.

Hope, Not A Bottom

No drugs? Where’s the joy? I’ll have nothing left. Long term addict and streetwalker “Ivory,” six months before her death at age 48, doubting the wisdom of getting clean. If we are going to live with the relentless obsession about using drugs, if we are going to overcome screaming urges, we need a reason. SomethingContinue reading “Hope, Not A Bottom”

The Obsession of Addiction–as explained in an interview.

The obsession of addiction is like a voracious fire in the mind, devouring all other thoughts til there’s nothing left inside but ash that gives no indication of the mentality that once existed on site.

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