Photo: Homeless Christmas in Honolulu, Hawaii 2020

Every woman should have a little black dress that goes with everything. Especially the Christmas shopping cart. Never should your outfit clash with the cart you’re pushing. Here we see an informed model who is willing to show the world a snapshot of Christmas for some in Honolulu, just 2 miles away from world famousContinue reading “Photo: Homeless Christmas in Honolulu, Hawaii 2020”

My Threesome (3Some) Error

Even though I was engaged in Non-traditional sex, I had to be on the lookout for biases, assumptions, and other forms of mental rigidity. Threesome participation does not guarantee an open mind.

X-Hooker Life Hack #37: Never Take Opinions About Your Appearance As Total Truth

X-Hooker Life Hack:Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the beholder may be a pervert, do don’t trip out if he doesn’t find you attractive. This incident I experienced as an escort drives home the point that we need to divorce our self worth from what he says. It’s hard but you can and should develop independent self-esteem.

You Can Find All Sexy Pictures if you Search “Follow Me On Twitter,” and

Here is the search methodology for locating sexy images

Nipple Acceptance is The Way To Go. A Nude Picture is Not a Dirty Picture

Nipple Acceptance, SemiNudity, Bare Breasts and Beauty


BARE BREASTS AND BEAUTY WITH AN IDEA–THE FAN RESPONSE I looked at my stats after I fooled around with the format of the blog and wow! There was such a huge spike in views that WordPress noticed. WordPress is the app that hosts my blog (if that is the correct terminology). I received a notificationContinue reading “YOU DEMANDED SEXY PICTURE HISTORY AND HERE IT IS”

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