My Threesome (3Some) Error

Even though I was engaged in Non-traditional sex, I had to be on the lookout for biases, assumptions, and other forms of mental rigidity. Threesome participation does not guarantee an open mind.

X-Hooker Life Hack #37: Never Take Opinions About Your Appearance As Total Truth

X-Hooker Life Hack:Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the beholder may be a pervert, do don’t trip out if he doesn’t find you attractive. This incident I experienced as an escort drives home the point that we need to divorce our self worth from what he says. It’s hard but you can and should develop independent self-esteem.

You Can Find All Sexy Pictures if you Search “Follow Me On Twitter,” and

Here is the search methodology for locating sexy images

Nipple Acceptance is The Way To Go. A Nude Picture is Not a Dirty Picture

Nipple Acceptance, SemiNudity, Bare Breasts and Beauty


BARE BREASTS AND BEAUTY WITH AN IDEA–THE FAN RESPONSE I looked at my stats after I fooled around with the format of the blog and wow! There was such a huge spike in views that WordPress noticed. WordPress is the app that hosts my blog (if that is the correct terminology). I received a notificationContinue reading “YOU DEMANDED SEXY PICTURE HISTORY AND HERE IT IS”

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