If you’re 100% sure you haven’t been seen remember 🌺xhookr life hack #17: It’s Not Who You See That Matters, but THIS

Xhookr Life Hack #17: Never forget this important aspect of being successful at stealth

Beat Photo Recognition, An Example

Beat Photo Recognition, An Example http://expertescort2018.com/2020/07/30/beat-photo-recognition-an-example/ — Read on expertescort2018.com/2020/07/30/beat-photo-recognition-an-example/

Money and Status: Old Money, New Money Vs. Quiet Money

old .Oney and new money is wealth others know about and they judge you by these types of wealth. Quiet money is very different from old and new money.

“How did you know you’d never have an abortion?”

I decided in 7th grade I’d never have an abortion and I was true to my word by continually expanding my definition of Pro-life

Trump Impeached? The American Public is not virginal when it comes to public figures President Nixon, The Vietnam War and Other Scandals Have Jaded Us and the News Coverage of the Impeachment Proves Our Hardened Hearts

Trump’s impeachment, the blood of Jesus, the mysterious death of a 2 year old and the Vietnam war–these topics are woven together to show the present American Zeigeist (spirit of the time)

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