Geriatric Hookers–Aging, Addiction, and Sex Work

I never thought aging on the streets of Honolulu and dealing with disability and death would be issues I would have to face one way or another, but I was wrong. What is my obligation and will anyone be obligated to me?

Prostitutes List Tricks as Their Emergency Contacts

Relationships are Complex I had preconceived notions about people engaged in off track behavior when I first entered the world of drug users. These ideas were shattered to hell by realities I could never have guessed. The process of replacing wrong, long held and immutable stereotypes with new information that differs from person to person,Continue reading “Prostitutes List Tricks as Their Emergency Contacts”

Video: Streetwise Life Hack #22: Life is a Good News Bad News Story

The Fear of Rejection Is a Motivating Factor for both sex worker and client. (Inspiration Post: Fear of Rejection: 3 Simple Tips to Overcome)

Street prostitution looks like a superficial exchange for both provider and client but it might be meeting a deep need to be free of terror

Experienced Hookers Know There’s a Promise They Will Never Have to Keep

A Hooker’s Client Explains Why She Should Not Text Him–It’s not the wife

Don’t Text Me! That’s what he said to the working girl.  She was offended.  She never texted him.  She answered his texts but she never initiated first contact.  She had her pride.  Yes, when the business of prostitution moved online, there was a new way to get in touch with potential clients that never existedContinue reading “A Hooker’s Client Explains Why She Should Not Text Him–It’s not the wife”

The Haughty Kid I was would Never Respect an Adult With My Past

#1 #1 #1 As kids we are taught that being first was the best possible outcome. We were never taught that helping others was just as or even more important. Don’t believe me? What’s the name of the person who graduated first in his high school class? Valedictorian. What’s the name of the kid whoContinue reading “The Haughty Kid I was would Never Respect an Adult With My Past”

From Streetwalker to Escort–How One Woman Made the Transition

Interview with veteran sex worker: A Streetwalker is easy to describe. She walks the streets that are known for prostitution and gets into the car if any guy who pulls over for her. The workers on the street are usually homeless and addicted to several substances. For a woman to be on the street inContinue reading “From Streetwalker to Escort–How One Woman Made the Transition”

Older Hookers whose dates call them Auntie, local style in Hawaii

GENERATION GAP Older Hooker’s experience with dates half her age Follow the above link to 2018 post from the early days of this blog when the author was more precisely focused on the topic of Everything Red Light Hawaii.

Is a hooker’s trick sad or sick. Probably neither

      Neither! You can click on the link or cut and paste into your browser to obtain Caroleena’s 2018 take on this question. Sad or sick? Possibly. More likely horney and/or lonely. Fairly often the men and providers become friends who spend time together outside of anything transactional. Sometimes they become part ofContinue reading “Is a hooker’s trick sad or sick. Probably neither”

Thousands Viewed this YouTubeStreet Sex Sites in Honolulu’s Tent Cities YouTub

  This low quality film was posted to YouTube as an afterthought. I had to Disguise the front of the cell phone from the anonymous residents of the diy tents haphazardly lining Honolulu’s Streets just 3 miles from what was once the 6th most lucrative commercial street in the world.  In post-COVID Hawaii, the goldContinue reading “Thousands Viewed this YouTubeStreet Sex Sites in Honolulu’s Tent Cities YouTub”

Why do older men allow themselves to be “used”?

It used to amaze me when I watched people, older men, allow themselves to be “used.” I have seen men put up with working girls who stole from them, without even trying to hide their actions. Or maybe they lived with the older man but could not resist the call of downtown Honolulu (locals callContinue reading “Why do older men allow themselves to be “used”?”

Hookers have something people envy

The common perception about prostitution is that men pay women they find attractive for sex, possibly because these men are such losers the only way women will have sex with them is with a financial incentive. A less common, but still persistent belief is that the women are so incredible anyone would have to sweetenContinue reading “Hookers have something people envy”

Dead Woman Walking

KoHttp:// From The Ivy League to Honolulu’s Streets: Stories+Pix of The Red Light Life    Men Who Take Pleasure In A Dead Woman Walking ___ By Caroleena, the author with a point of view like no other Saturday, January 16, 2021, 17:42 hours Honolulu. Hawaii INTRODUCTION “Dead man walking!” is a phrase I learned inContinue reading “Dead Woman Walking”

How Did Downtown Prostitution Work in the Year 2000

When I started using drugs in my early 20’s, for the first time my demands exceeded the money I allotted for “recreation.” Recreation was my personal accounting term for drugs. It is important to keep a budget. Making lists made me happy, especially since I was flawless in my personal finances. Then I had toContinue reading “How Did Downtown Prostitution Work in the Year 2000”