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Honolulu has many judgemental drug dealers

The Fun of Condemning Others I have noticed that when people engage in behavior that’s not socially acceptable, they readily point out others who are, in their opinion, “worse.” They concede that their actions are not ok, but their behavior is not as bad as it could be. In truth, the very thing they sayContinue reading “Honolulu has many judgemental drug dealers”

Inside an Addict’s Head

    Everything Red Light Hawaii [ | by Caroleena, An inside look at addiction and recovery This blog began as a discussion of addiction as it manifests itself in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. Addiction is a process that puts a name to the changes in the brain that make people think they must haveContinue reading “Inside an Addict’s Head”

How To Handle The Addict You Love Who Steals From You: There’s Hope

How to deal with the addict you love who steals from you.

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