I am special if he sees me as a sex object—right?

I was wrong I thought I was special if a man wanted to have sex with me. I thought men were choosy. Men are indeed choosy but not in the way I thought. Men are quite often willing to have sex with anyone, and if no one is going to find out that group expandsContinue reading “I am special if he sees me as a sex object—right?”

Street Prostitution: a logical outcome in a way

In a way my life made perfect sense given the reality that there are few happy endings outside of a brothel. Most kids born into bad situations have lives that show exactly that. Both parents seriously mentally ill with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder–lots of hearing voices and self mutilation through cutting. Then you have historyContinue reading “Street Prostitution: a logical outcome in a way”

X-Hooker Life Hack #37: Never Take Opinions About Your Appearance As Total Truth

X-Hooker Life Hack:Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the beholder may be a pervert, do don’t trip out if he doesn’t find you attractive. This incident I experienced as an escort drives home the point that we need to divorce our self worth from what he says. It’s hard but you can and should develop independent self-esteem.

I Was Called Fat. Twice. Different Occasions. Devastating

Being made fun of for being fat showed me how dependent I still am on external validation for being pretty, though it shakes me to admit I am not above it all.

The Long Story: Birth Mother: Why a Lonely Kid Wanted to Find Her

If you understand the desperate isolation produced by my childhood with strangers you’ll know why I was compelled to find my birth mother

“VSCO girl” is a style trend I had to learn about via Urban Dictionary, and here’s the opinion of x-streetwalker

I got my breasts enlarged to see how a new body would fell and now what must I do to discover fitting in, as if I were an VSCO girl.

Escort Rejected. Feel my pain as it happens through YouTube video

rejection in real time as escort is stood up in hotel bar on YouTube

What do I have in common with a cannibal?More than I care to admit

I have found common ground with a famous cannibalistic serial killer. Me and Jeffrey Dahmer… Who would have thought?

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